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How does Grandmaster Mantak Chia do Energy Transmission?


Today we would like to share with you why students of Grandmaster Mantak Chia think his workshops are special. Before we dive into Master Chia’s powers, let’s talk a little about the pineal gland.

The pineal gland is a pea-sized gland shaped like a pine cone located in the middle of the brain. What was once an essential tool for all future seers, lineage masters, and spiritual figures, the pineal gland’s primary function and divine purpose in today’s world are almost forgotten and lost. 

Also known as the third eye, the pineal gland is an incredible gift to connect us to the source — the Tao. By awakening the third eye, one can gain supernatural powers like telepathy, psychic vision, and an intimate connection with the Tao.

Opening the third eye takes many years of practice. For this purpose, junior monks or priests from all walks of belief – from Christianity to Islam, from Hinduism to Taoism – stay in darkened caves until their senior or master believes the student’s third eye is open.

The students who have participated in Master Chia’s classes – whether online or onsite – say that Master Chia can help activate the third eye and therefore assist the student in experiencing the luminescent violet light. The violet light is the foundation for most of Master Chia’s teachings. As he says in an interview, “This light is the ‘only’ light connecting everything into each other, it can be programmed and sent to anyone needing healing.” 

Many students practicing with Master Chia not only witness the power of violet light but also begin their initial healing processes. He carefully goes through each student in Tao Garden individually, and when finished, he sends this energy to the online attendees. 

🙏Here is what Han Serhan Keser —Master Chia’s long term student— have shared with us:

“I have been studying with the best masters of our time for the last ten years, and I have only witnessed ‘none’ who could do what Master Chia can perform through a simple camera. It is magical to receive his energy transmission online in the comfort of our homes. 

When I did the course at home, my room was full of smoke with a bit of pressure on my forehead for a few days – a sign that qi had been transmitted to the pineal gland.”

⚡You can join the workshops with Mantak Chia online or in Tao Garden and experience this unique Energy Transmission yourself: