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How to look younger with Sexual Alchemy

In Taoist sexual practices both male and female practitioners learn how to bring the sexual energy up to higher energy centers, transform it into back the life-force and cultivate the internal Orgasm — continual rolling expansion of the orgasm throughout the whole body, healing and rejuvenating its systems❤️This orgasmic feeling can be extended in duration and repeated for hours.

By redirecting this orgasmic energy inwardly ― into the internal organs and glands ― people could have much more Qi to heal and rejuvenate their bodies and revitalize their brains. Unfortunately, many people carelessly lose their health and life-force in the quest for common outward orgasms.

Outward orgasms are mere pulsations of the genitals which occur only in the genital region. For men, such orgasms are short in duration and cannot be repeated once the seminal fluid is gone. Ejaculation causes a brief sensation in which sexual energy is passed out of the body and lost.

Although a woman’s experience lasts longer (Taoists say that women’s sexual system is more elaborated😉), there is not much benefit to her body if her sexual energy is left unattended only to be drained out during menstruation.

In contrast, an internal orgasm, cultivated through Healing Love practices, occurs throughout the entire body. It is a healthier and longer lasting approach with no loss of sexual essence.

The sensations actually travel through all of the organs, glands, and nerves, thrilling and revitalizing them with sexual energy (Jing Qi). This type of orgasm also retains the seminal fluid in men. This is the main secret why Sexual Alchemy practitioners look so young, compared to their real age.

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