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Inner Alchemy Level IV – Lesser Enlightenment of Kan and Li



Reunite with the Primordial Force. The heart stores part of the primordial force (yuan shen).

The sexual organ also stores part of the primordial force. When these two combine together, they will form a more complete force. This process establishes a powerful ‘steaming’ effect in the tan tien cauldron at the level of the navel center. This is used to cleanse, purify and strengthen the organs and brain to better attract the primordial force. Our spiritual fetus is established in the Tan Tien.

Lesser Kan and Li – Taoist Internal Sexual Practice

Fusion Practice seals off body (energy) for K&L (Internal Energy Maps). K&L manages the polarity in physical plane (water & fire). Taoist Theory Of Energy Resonance Fields (Breathing in – Breathing out) from the Wu Chi to the Human. 1st Grade Healing Tao alchemy practice with the 3 forces :Yin, Yang & Neutral (center-stillness) in the act of rising & falling. There is a point in which is neither rising or falling (neutral part) that gives you a third channel or the core channel (neutral) which has no polarity.

In Tai Chi symbol there is a point or surface that both forces meet and it is this line (surface or point) that is the neutral line. When you slow your mind that becomes real or valid. The problem is the ego or false mind does not want to recognize it because when this appears the ego loses its identity or substance (polarity).

Alchemy is reversing the creation cycle from physical to emotional (energy) to the spiritual level on a conscious level going back to the Wu Chi (original force) through later heaven then early heaven vortexesThe main EIGHT CHANNELS are: Functional (Front-Yin), Governing (Back-Yang), Core (Central-Neutral), Belt, Bridge (Front Arm & Back Leg) & Regulator Channels. The middle thrusting channel is the core (neutral) channel of the body. The middle path they way of the Tao is the core channel. The Lower Tan Tien is the middle point of the core channel in relationship to the physical body length.

Lesser Kan and Li utilizing the emotional & sexual energy to steam or transfer the energy; then the key is that it connects back to the core channel or point which connects us directly with the Wu Chi through all the vortexes directly back to the source. The sexual energy is powerful because it is our sexual energy in the physical body & when we enter the physical plane we split or fragment our soul to form our gender.

Wood, fire, metal (lead & gold shrinking into air), water, earth (Core Channel -Neutral Force). The Key in Kan & Li Practice is to combine the wood (+,-) & fire (+,+) with triple yang (positive) & 1 yin as the wood burn creating the fire; then combine water (-,-) & metal (-,+) with triple yin (negative) & 1 yang as the metal cauldron holds the water so it can steam the internal body. Yang (fire & wood) descents & yin (water & metal) ascents. By reversing the flow to the cauldron in the Core Channels the neutral force ascents through with 3 legs or 3 forces; the steam is the neutral force which baths all the organs. Water & sexual fluids are cool (kidney & lung). Heart & Thinking (Fire) are warming

Lesser Kan and Li Practice: Reversing & Steaming the Water & Fire Energies

  1. Rub Kidneys-activate heart with palms on heart center & ming men PT with heart sound HAWWWW.
  2. Rock on hips with hands on belly. (Ask feelings of all students (45) after all exercises)
  3. Gather the Yang energy (Heart & Wood), Red Fire Ball with right hand down right side (Right Thrusting Channel)
  4. Gather the Yin energy (Kidney & Metal) Blue Ice Ball with left hand rise up left side (Left Thrusting Channel)
  5. Move Red Fire Ball to perineum (Middle Thrusting Channel) & Blue Ice Ball to solar plexus (Core Channel) connecting them at he navel then fire melts & draws the ice into steam-use the hands to feel the sensations.
  6. The Blue/Green & Red Balls (Pearls) come together along with the Blue/Black & White Balls (Pearls) and start to enlarge in cauldron & cook generating the steam (Neutral Force) to steam the organs.
  7. Setting up the lab or kitchen: Seal the body off with egg or bubble 1′ around the body-Sealed inside the egg by microcosmic orbit (top & bottom) & Belt Channels (sides) sealing the lab off likes a cocoon.
  8. Cup the pearls & fan the fire with Belly breath & steam or mist (neutral temperature) the kidneys, liver, spleen, pancreas, lungs & heart releasing the elements healing everything with neutral force (mist).
  9. Mind is the tool to observe & shifts into another consciousness in the steaming process.
  10. Pulsations: Move the cauldron into spine-Pulsate spine with cauldron-Connect pulsation with each of the organs’ own pulse rate-Tune into your inner symphony – listen to the pulsation lessening the heart’s work helping the heart & strengthen your life. Feel the Energy (Subtle) bodies breath or pulsate faster than the physical body-breatharian breathes totally from the subtle bodies. From Wu Chi (Essence-Original Spirit) a CHI BELT WAVE to the Subtle Bodies: Causal, Soul, Mental, Emotional, Astral, Physical, Ego, & back to the Wu Chi-the Cosmic Pulsation (Breathing in- Breathing out). Feel temperature pulsation (hot & cold).
  11. Feel the spinal cord steaming (breathing) neutralizing the spinal fluid satisfying all the desires
    & needs of the body no longer needing any external air utilizing the CHI in the body.
  12. Feel the steam heal the lymph system & fluids releasing & popping the lymph nodes.
  13. Inner eye: window to see & witness the ego manifestations integrated in our daily lives. Negative ego-reacts to events in the physical plane; Positive ego-promotes communicating to the subtle bodies. Inferior ego transmission relates to the ego not from the Soul. Immortal Ego creates from essence into anything.
  14. Self intercourse: focus on what you are looking for in a relationship; then create orgasm in cauldron growing the Immortal Fetus from (Hun) Green Dragon (3 Higher Souls) Wood-Liver-Thunder-Wind- controlling spiritual attachments, & (Po) White Tiger (7 Physical Souls) Metal controlling emotional attachments.