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Inner Alchemy Level VI – Greatest Enlightenment of Kan and Li


Reunite with the Internal Alchemy Primordial Force Still More. Establish another cauldron in the heart centre and expand the body to become a Cosmic Being, billions of light years from head to toe.

Become an immense being of the universe whose Crystal Palace is the North Star with constellations and planets for vital internal alchemy organs. Be this being that beams down its exquisite rays to one cell of its being, the human on planet Earth meditating up to the stars. Cosmic consciousness opens the three internal alchemy tan tiens to receive primordial force from their heavenly counterpart.

By manifesting the intention to connect the relevant heavenly bodies to the appropriate parts of one’s body, we attract the cosmic primordial forces needed for our internal alchemy to further develop our energy (soul) body and spirit body. This more refined alchemy in the heart cauldron enhances and furthers the steaming processes of water and fire, yin and yang, energies begun in the lower cauldrons.

The autumnal equinox at the beginning of the fall season is when the yin and yang energies are balanced between the hot fire energy of summer and the cold water energy of winter. Again, the days and nights are balanced as the days become shorter. As the heat of summer yang moves to the cold of winter yin, it’s a good time to get extra benefit in the Greatest Kan and Li practice of drawing the missing heavenly primordial force into the body. In resonance with the tendency of the weather, the cells of the body are contracting and drawing inward from the cool dry weather after the expanding heat of the summer.

The soul body is yin energy, and the spiritual body is yang energy. The soul body (yin) serves as an earth cable and absorbs the yang energy from the heavenly ‘wire’ to the soul body and down to the human body. It also absorbs the earth energy to balance the yang energy absorbed from the heavenly (spirit) body.

This internal alchemy formula is Yin and Yang power mixed at a higher energy center. It helps to reverse the aging process by re-establishing the thymus gland and increasing natural immunity. This means that healing energy is radiated from a more powerful point in the body, providing greater benefits to the physical and ethereal bodies. The formula consists of: Moving the stove and changing the cauldron to the higher center. Absorbing the Solar and Lunar power. Greatest mixing, transforming, steaming and purifying of sexual power (generative force), soul, Mother Earth, Father Heaven, Solar and Lunar power. Mixing the visual power with the vital power. Mixing (sublimating) the body, soul and spirit.