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Inner Alchemy Level VII – Sealing of the Five Senses


Finally, we add another cauldron to the head, the upper tan tien.

This cauldron is located at the mid-eyebrow point. It unifies the five shen, the five streams of personal consciousness that operate through our senses, with the five forces of the collective Stellar Self. The body of our stellar mind can be viewed in the four quadrants of fixed stars in the night sky, originally symbolised by heraldic animals (Black Turtle, Red Phoenix, Green Dragon, and White Tiger). The fifth, the quintessence, is the Purple Pole Star in the center of the sky, with the Great Bear of the Big Dipper marking the progression of the seasons as its handles rotates like the arm of a cosmic clock.

These personal and stellar essences are fused in the upper tan tien in the cauldron at the mid-eyebrow point. This is the process of our Inner Sage attaining the celestial level of immortality. The pure open space connecting the three tan tien cauldrons (at the navel, heart and mid-eyebrow) is integrated. This stabilizes the celestial axis. Profound peace and different spiritual qualities continuously manifest from this activated core and radiate sonically into our physical becoming. We hear the current of inner sound. Our soul pattern expands its conscious destiny to include dimensions of life beyond the physical plane.

This very high formula effects a literal transmutation of the warm current or Chi into mental energy or energy of the soul. To do this, we must seal the five senses, for each one is an open gate of energy loss. In other words, power flows out from each of the sense organs unless there is an esoteric sealing of these doors of energy movement. They must release energy only when specifically called upon to convey information. Abuse of the senses leads to far more energy loss and degradation than people ordinarily realize. Each of the elements has a corresponding sense through which its elemental force may be gathered or spent. The eye corresponds to fire; the tongue to water; the left ear to metal; the right ear to wood; the nose to earth.

The Sealing of the Five Senses formula consists of: Sealing the five thieves: ears, eyes, nose, tongue & body. Controlling the heart, and seven emotions (pleasure, anger, love, hate and desire). Uniting and transmuting the inner alchemical agent into life-preserving true vitality. Purifying the spirit. Raising the spirit; stopping the spirit from wandering outside in quest of sense data. Eliminating decayed food and depending on the undecayed food, the Primordial force, is the True Breatharian.