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Inner Alchemy Level VIII – Congress on Heaven and Earth


This practice integrates the Early Heaven or formless Self with the Later Heaven (Earth) physical Self.

The Self here identifies itself here with two dimensions that co-exist and co-create: the “formless form” of our being and the “substantial form” of our becoming. These two polar dimensions of our greater Self engage in cosmic sex. They couple in order to re-open the portal to their Original state, or “Pre-Self”. This pre-state or Primordial Heaven is called hundun, the primal chaos-unity that preceded the “big bang” of the cosmic egg cracking open.

The Three Originals (san yuan) of Heaven, Earth, and Humanity are gathered in the three body cauldrons as original Ching (Jing), original Chi, and original Shen. This three-tone harmonic chord is resonated with the fundamental or original tone of time and space. Consciousness then stabilises in the axial center where our true multi-dimensional nature can now be embodied. This is symbolised by a tonal double vortex spinning faster than the speed of light within the void of space. Into this is fused our inner sage’s immortal presence, the quintessence of humanity meditating in the center of a cosmic torus (spiritual black hole). We must enter this portal to complete our journey of Return to the Origin.

This formula is difficult to describe in words. It involves the incarnation of a male and a female entity within the body of the practioner. These two entities have sexual intercourse within the body. It involves the mixing of the Yin and Yang powers on and about the crown of the head, being totally open to receive energy from above, and the regrowth of the pineal gland to its fullest use. When the pineal gland has developed to its fullest potential, it will serve as a compass to tell us in which direction our aspirations can be found. Taoist Esotericism is a method of mastering the spirit, as described in Taoist Alchemy Without the body, the Tao cannot be attained, but with the body, truth can never be realized.

This formula consists of: Mingling (uniting) the body, soul, spirit with the universe, fully developing the positive to eradicate the negative completely, and returning the spirit to nothingness.