Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort provides the basic of detoxification and healthy activities to the purpose of the optimal health. Welcome to Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort and congratulations advance for choosing to take an active step in improving your health.

“Fasting Detox Program” we will provide Juicy for Fasting to you all day without chewing. 5 types of juices will provide to you, beginning after wake up until going to bed, You will be taking so many detoxifying drinks, cleansing herbs and nutritional herbs which is benefit to detoxify your body.

9 Days Standard Holistic Detox Program Price** THB 33,500

  • 4 Days Fasting
  • 3 Days Non-Fasting
  • 4 Days Meal
  • Treatments

4 x Herbal Steam
1 x Full body infrared sauna 30mm
2 x Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Detox 50mm
3 x Colon Hydrotherapy Open System 30 min
1 x Five Elements Aromatherapy 80mm
1 x Life Force Massage 50mm

** Accommodation not include.

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