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Jutta Kellenberger, Senior Instructor

Jutta: Female Healing on how to develop inner Beauty and outer Radiance

The Female Healing course focuses on female energy cultivation meditations and exercises that benefit women of all ages and life stages. In addition to being an energizing and spiritual practice, these practices also help balance hormones, normalize cycles, increase fertility, relieve menstrual or menopausal symptoms and enhance sexuality.eliminating premenstrual symptoms such as feeling bloated, swelling of the breasts, mood swings etc. The practices also help women to relax and transform deep seated negative feelings.

Jutta: Cosmic Healing I & Buddha Palm Retreat

Cosmic Healing is a practice of channeling pure Cosmic Chi for healing. It comprises the art of healing oneself and others through channeling colors from the universe through different parts of the body. Each color has a different effect on the body like loosening toxins up, flushing it out, cleaning, enhancing and energizing.

Jutta: Chi Nei Tsang Massage I Retreat with Certification

Chi Nei Tsang I is a Chinese term for an internal organ Chi massage which helps release stress and promotes healing by using techniques of massage directly over the navel and surrounding abdominal area where stress, tension and negative emotions accumulate and congest.

Jutta: Chi Nei Tsang Massage II with Certification & Elixier Chi Kung

Chi Nei Tsang II expands on the first CNT course focusing on techniques to release “trapped sick winds,” which can be stored and cause problems anywhere in the body, from TMJ in the jaw to heart problems to varicose veins in the legs.

Jutta: Chi Nei Tsang Massage III Healing Harmony

TokSen – Healing Harmony, Chi Nei Tsang III, a technique to clear blocked energy. Originally it was called Sen Sip in the Thai system of massage, which was used for numerous functions, including healing and maintenance of a healthy body.