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Kan & Li Supplementary Practices

by Master Chia

Kan, Lead, True Sense

  • Yang within Yin
  • True lead, true sense
  • (Lady of the Kan in the Moon)
  • North, Moon
  • Water
  • (White Tiger)
  • Female
  • Kidney
  • Saliva
  • Semen, sperm
  • Black
  • Self
  • True sense mixed with arbitrary feeling

Li, Mercury

  • Yin within Yang
  • True Mercury, spiritual essence & virtue
  • Maiden of the Li in Sun
  • South, Sun
  • Fire
  • (Green Dragon)
  • Male
  • Heart
  • Chi
  • Blood, menstruation
  • Red
  • Other
  • Spiritual essences are adulterated with temper

What is orgasm? It is the essence of the whole body. There are different types: brain, senses, organ and glands (Taoists know of 36 types).

  • Kan (Water): Broken lines are yin, darkness. Solid line is light. Hence, the trigram is light within darkness (or fire within water, yang within yin).
  • Li (Fire): Darkness within light, water within fire, Yin within Yang.

Kan, Lead, True Sense, Life Essence, Orgasm Energy:

  • Lead is dense and heavy
  • True sense of real knowledge; when sexual energy cannot be moved senses will be restored.
  • True sense is outwardly dark but inwardly bright which is strong and unbending, able to ward off external afflictions. The Black Tiger’s strength and vigor are within.
  • The White Tiger’s energy is associated with metal.
  • Iron Man is not constrained by anything.
  • Golden Flower- pivot of creation.
  • North Star- it conceals brightness within darkness and metal within water.
  • Rabbit in the Moon- masculinity within femininity.
  • When sexual energy rises (does not leak out) it gets transformed into bliss.
  • Total Body Orgasm: First, Brain; Second, Senses; Third, Kidneys; Fourth, Liver; Fifth, Spleen; Sixth, Lungs; Seventh, Heart; Eighth, Soul; Ninth, Spirit.
  • The Orgasm comes from the material
  1. The material – the sexual organs, the senses, the glands, the organs
  2. When sexually is aroused, it transforms the aroused sexual energy into the immaterial.
  3. When it is aroused to the higher level of force, the orgasm has the power to connect with Universal Force (God) and bring the Earth Energy up to human body.

Li, True Mercury, Spiritual Essence, the Heart of Compassion

  • Mercury – lively and active, bright and buoyant, soft and yielding. It easily runs off like the spiritual essence of conscious knowledge in the human body.
  • Spiritual essence is outwardly firm yet inwardly flexible. Call and it responds; touch and it moves. True mercury goes in and out unpredictably.
  • Green Dragon – when passing through or tempering by fire, it changes to the Black Tiger.
  • Women – Yang on the outside and Yin on the inside.
  • Man – Yin on the outside and Yang on the inside.
  • Wood Mother – soft and loving.
  • Raven in the Sun – femininity within masculinity.
  • Mercury Within Cinnabar – its reality is hidden within fire.
  • Flowing Pearl – its light is penetrating.
  • The Fire of heart compassion comes from the material into the immaterial.
  • The material – the organs – heart, kidneys, liver, spleen, lungs.
  • Their pure energy transformed into virtue, the immaterial such as love, joy, happiness,
    gentleness, kindness, fairness, courage, which we cannot see or touch, but we can feel it.
  • When all these virtues combine at the heart they become the heart of compassion.
  • When they rise up to the mid-eye brow it becomes the spiritual essence.

True Earth, True Intention:

  • True Earth – true intent of the human.
  • Mind-true faith; the center, medicinal spool
  • Yellow Woman – can harmonize Yin and Yang, Kan and Li.
  • True intentions become mixed with artificial intentions.
  • Real truthfulness is in the center; the Yin and Yang of the sense of real knowledge and the essence of conscious knowledge cling to one another; the two energies combine and congeal spontaneously.

You can have everything but don’t let it control you. You have to know when to be satisfied. The human heart is like a snake that wants to swallow an elephant. When people have too much, they become greedy. When too little, they steal. Observe yourself. Don’t worry about past lives; just work on the present. The more you worry, the more you add weight to your tail. It’s like scratching your own wound.

Practice of Kan and Li involves learning how to achieve oneness with the Tao by harmonising and preserving our internal energy. When you become still until you can’t be still anymore, a yellow light starts to grow (Yang within Yin). When we are quiet and balanced, we become more aware and sensitive to the frequencies of the higher spheres.

  • Organs are the manifestation of the constellations, etc. So when the organs are cleansed, we connect them to the Universal Force.
  • All spiritual practices are directed to extracting your true essences to allow you to convey them back to the original force, the Wu Chi.
  • When you have not reached your destiny, do not abandon your boat (your body and the physical world). Keep your body strong, without “holes”. Chi is the steam that pushes the boat.

Acupuncture Meridians/Circadian clock (for steaming):

3 AM – 5 AM — Lung — Chest to Hand
5 AM – 7 AM — Large Intestines — Hand to Head
7 AM – 9 AM — Stomach — Head to Foot
9 AM – 11 AM — Spleen — Foot to Chest
11 AM – 1 PM — Heart — Chest to Hand
1 PM – 3 PM — Small Intestine — Hand to Head
3 PM – 5 PM — Urinary Bladder — Head to Foot
5 PM – 7 PM — Kidney — Foot to Chest
7 PM – 9 PM — Pericardium — Chest to Hand
9 PM – 11 PM — TW — Hand to Head
11 PM – 1 AM — Gall Bladder — Head to Foot
1 AM to 3 AM — Liver — Foot to Chest

Note: The opposite organs in the clock:
Lung-Urinary Bladder
Large Intestine — Kidney
Gall Bladder-Heart
Liver-Small Intestine
If one organ is at its peak, the opposite organ is at its nadir.

Gathering the Small Pill

  • First Light. When you see a light with your eyes closed in meditation, bring it to the Cauldron at the Navel (in Lesser Kan and Li). Pull up your sexual organs. The Light may be dim at first and look like a cloud. It may appear in the middle of the sky or start at the navel and come up to the eyes. Make it grow brighter. Feel the Light inside and outside. Create a Pakua in the Navel, Crown, Third Eye, or anywhere you wish, even in the palms.
  • Condense the Light through the Pakua. The bright light will disappear and will reappear condensed in the Cauldron.
  • Spiral the Light in the Cauldron and condense it into a Pearl. The Pearl, the distillation of the external and internal forces, becomes a thick energy ball.
  • Move the Pearl down to the Perineum and then to the Door of Life (Ming-Men) and to the Crown. Stop at the Crown for about 5 minutes. Then move the Pearl down to the Solar Plexus and into the Cauldron at the navel.

Note: The First Pearl produces the Small Medicine. This Pearl can heal many deadly diseases because it is the condensation of the life force. It has the power to rebuild the body and destroy foreign antigens.

Gathering the Larger Pill

  • With your eyes closed, see a Light inside. When you see the Light outside, mix the two together. The Light will become red. You may hear a sound. Seal all the senses tightly. You should feel something move in the navel area.
  • When a third Light appears outside, bring it down to the Cauldron at the Solar Plexus (in Greater Kan and Li). Seal the senses and the anus until you feel a stirring in the Cauldron, which stirring Will move up from the Cauldron to the nose. Let the energy build into a vortex. Self-intercourse (Bliss) may happen here spontaneously. The pleasure will be greatly multiplied.
  • Move the Pearl through the Microcosmic Orbit 360 times.
  • Guide the Pearl up to the Door of Life and rest. Guide the Pearl up.

Lesser Kan & Li

Different religions discovered the same truth. i.e., that we came from one Source; but they have different ways of getting there. To the Taoists, everything came from Wu-Chi, the Supreme Truth, from which the 3 Pure Ones came, and then the Yin and Yang and the 5 Elements. Taoists believe that human beings are the essence of the universe. The three sources of external energy nourish man. Universal Force nourishes the soul/spirit. Cosmic orbits nourishes the physical body. Earth orbits the sun. Earth tilts 22 ? degrees to the North Star.

Heart tilts 45 degrees to the North Star. Taoists say the North Star is the main gate to heaven (there are four in all). Southern Cross is also a gate. Eastern Constellation forms and gives birth to Liver and Gall Bladder. Western Constellation forms and gives birth to lungs and large intestine. Southern Constellation forms and gives birth to heart and small intestine. Northern Constellation forms and gives birth to Kidneys and Bladder. The Constellation involved then hands (turns) us over to the planet that influences us.

Organs and their Corresponding Animals:

  • Kidneys — Blue Deer and/or Black Turtle– Place it in the back (North)
  • Heart– Red Pheasant–Place it in the front (South)
  • Liver — Green Dragon — Place it in the left (East)
  • Lungs — White Tiger — Place it in the right (West)
  • Spleen — Yellow Phoenix — On top of the head.

Organs and their Corresponding Planets:

  • Kidneys — Mercury — place it at the back of the energy body.
  • Heart– Mars– in front of the energy body.
  • Liver — Jupiter– left side of the body.
  • Lungs– Venus — right side of the body.
  • Spleen — Saturn — on top of the energy body.

The Planet is the same as the Organ Sound.
Everything born is controlled by the planets and constellations.

Return to the Source: We want to go back where we came from. But we have to learn how to move away from the world —like priests, nuns, monks— and learn detachment or non-attachment. However, we have a lot of attachments —possessions, relationships, duties and responsibilities. How then do we learn non-attachment and at the same time fulfil our responsibilities, in the world but not of it? Not everybody can do it. But somehow we can find a “switch” for turning on and off to the things of this world.

Method of Arresting and Controlling:

Spontaneous arresting and controlling; Arresting without arresting; Controlling without controlling.
E.G.: cat playing with rat. Rat cannot get away. When it tries to run a little, cat arrests it a little. If you tense too much, it will get away. Control gently as a child should be controlled.

  • Artificiality confuses the real; essence and life are shaken day by day, year by year. The real disappears, all becomes false. The positive is exhausted, negative becomes complete; death comes near.
  • Go back to the original-preserve the essence and life.
  • Restoration starts with knowing the original true intents.
  • Know your true intents and give your mind to it.
  1. Instantly all existences are empty
  2. You will observe everything with detachment
  3. External things cannot move you.
  4. Sense energy gradually arises.
  5. Consciousness of reality is constantly present.
  6. Arbitrary feelings evaporate. True sense emerges.
  7. Always responsive and always calm, like true earth, grabbing true lead, so the lead does
    not sink.
  8. Once true sense appears, the spirit is always present and a discriminating spirit does not
  9. True lead controls true mercury so mercury does not fly up. True sense controls the
    spiritual essence of consciousness so the consciousness does not fly.
  1. The Method of Arresting and Controlling
  1. Spontaneous arresting and controlling
  2. Arresting without arresting
  3. Controlling without controlling.

When the Spiritual Essence and true sense of knowledge return to the earth:

  • Body (sexual), Mind and Spirit do not stir.
  • You will start to enter the state of empty silence.
  • Emptiness reaches the point where there is nothing to be emptied. Silence is zero.
  • When you reach nothingness, the primordial unity begins to emerge. The true positive comes back, white snow, white light arises in the empty room.
  • “Yellow Sprout”: the existence of movement within stillness (Yin/Yang). There are movements within stillness. Within black there is white. The energy comes back, the immortal foetus takes form.
  • “Jade Furnace”-calm serenity of the work. Not hasty or excited. The flexibility of earth.

Nurture the true sense and real wisdom.

  1. Fire process- not apathy, not force.
  • Gentle fire, cook it
  • Warmly nurture it
  • Without either obsession or indifference
  • Guarding against danger
  • Progressing from weakness to strength
  • Rawness to ripeness
  • When the fire is complete, the light of wisdom shoots out. The violet mist flies up from the cauldron.
  1. From the material into the immaterial– from form to formless.

Opening of the Consciousness:

  • When the Water (purification of organs and glands) condenses down to the cauldron.
  • The dripping forms the Golden Pond.
  • The lotuses bloom in the Golden Pond. It is the beginning of the opening of the consciousness.
  • The dripping of dew (nectar) or spiritual water symbolises the true essence. The purity of Chi-Life Force.
  • The Lotus symbolises the light of wisdom.
  • The golden waves symbolise objects of sense.
  • The spiritual sprout has been warmly nurtured and emerges from the golden pond. The flow of mind blooms and the light of wisdom arises.
  1. Worldly thoughts can be the control; the spiritual essence can be the ground.
  2. External things are not taken in and feelings are forgotten.
  3. The golden waves are quiet on the spiritual water.
  4. You can live in the midst of affairs. Your mind can be round and bright. The mind is like the full moon shining deep in the night on the golden pond.

If you lose something, can you live without it? Determine what your goal is, what you’re willing to lose. In a real sense, you get attached to the Source when you leave the physical. Taoism is finding a balance. If you want sex, have it, but seek moderation. Too much, you get tired; too little, you become greedy.

  • Sex Senses: Sexual
  • Speech-Taste
  • Sight
  • Hearing
  • Breathing-Touch
  • Smell
  • Over sensitivity to touch may trigger early orgasm: if a man cannot control his ejaculation or a woman her menstruation, then they cannot control their sexual desires.
  • If you can control your breath, you can control your temper.
  • The undisciplined mind is like a wild horse running in the forest.
  • Lead will capture mercury, will “ground” it out, will hold it down.
  • When the eye doesn’t look for temporary pleasure, the soul will remain in the liver. Don’t look at what you should not.
  • When the ear doesn’t listen outwardly you can listen inwardly.
  • When you can control your hearing, your sexual energy stays in the kidneys.
  • When your tongue doesn’t speak false, the essences will stay in the heart. The tongue is like fire or matches; it can burn mountains and cities.
  • A Chinese expression: “When a child falls down, don’t step on him. When an old man falls, you can step on him; he won’t change as much anymore.”
  • You never know what the child will become. Speak only to heal, comfort and teach.
  • Your spiritual essence will start to disperse when you speak to criticise or lie.
  • When you can control the sense of smell, “guts” or courage will remain in the lungs.

Essences of the heart start from the organ where the all the virtues combine together to make the compassionate heart.

  • Purify the organs by controlling their associated senses.
  • Purified organs will lead to a compassionate heart.
  • A compassionate heart will provide the fire for steaming.
  • When you steam the organs, the channels open.
  • Strong intention is a matchmaker: Spiritual essence is male; true sense is female and are joined together by strong intention.
  • Empty silence develops as an aftermath of the steaming process.
  • When you connect with the force and feel/hear the sound, you perceive/intuit something falling down. White snow is the mist of the burning.
  • When you “go out” you see first the earth, then the void, then the planet, then the stars.
  • When you go up, you connect with the star energy.
  • Fusion is practicing death. If you practice death daily, then death will lose its sting.
  • When people don’t practice, they are constantly leaking the essences of the senses, sexual organs the essence of life so at the end of life the spirit has no force to ascend to the higher plane.
  • There are 9 heavens with 4 levels each, a total of 36 levels.
  • Silence promotes gentleness.

Master Your Mind, Refine Yourself

  • Normal mind – Human Mind – Mechanical Mind- worries, plans and calculates, greatly enjoys to be in the midst of action and affairs. This land of mind is not filled with true love and compassion, but loves complicated arguments and heated discussions.
  • Universal Mind: Within the mind there is yet another mind: “Heaven’s Storehouse”- one
    fills it, yet it never is full, one drains it, yet it never is empty. “The one-with-heaven”
  • Pure Mind- can see the drunkard’s evil deeds of which he was completely unconscious as
    long as he was drunk himself-achieves a certain control over the tendency of the mind to
    constantly identify with outer reality and right and wrong; proper and false.
  • Emptiness is the fasting of the mind. Don’t listen with your ears, listen with your mind.
    Don’t listen with your mind, but listen with your spirit.

The Body-Vessel of the Tao

  • Man’s Iife is a coming-together of energy. If it comes together there is life, if it scatters it is death.
  • The body is only part of the continuous natural transformations of energy, “it is borrowed from heaven and earth”; a compound that is bound from dust and ashes.
  • The storehouse of inner nature – The habitation of the spirit-The body is the carriage of the spirit. The spirit comes from outside and takes up temporal residence within the body; it is the best of the spirit.
  • The body is also called the Root or the Vessel of Tao- one only needs to look inside to find the Tao. The spirit, inner nature, the Tao, and also virtue are residents of the body. They function as agents that make the body exist.
  • The body serves as the basis for the cultivation of the spirit or the Tao of inner nature or virtue, which resides naturally within.
  • To refine and control your self and to transform the emotions (anger, sexual desire) is to
    tame the tiger. When the discriminating spirit of the human mentally sees objects and
    encounters things, it flies up. The senses and sexual desire become active all at once.
    Feeling and emotions arise, like a gang of bandits stealing valuable life force.
  • Conserve and transform the sexual energy, store and cook it into life essence, so that it
    does not move and stir.
  • Take the human mind (mechanical mind) and cook it into the mindless consciousness of
  • When there are emotions and sexual desire, use the cooking process to refine them. They
    become essence and the consciousness of reality.

Thymus: Rejuvenating Gland

Connected to heart and virtue energy. Also called “virtue gland”. We have to regrow the glands to regrow virtue. In today’s society the pituitary and pineal glands are stimulated at the expense of the thymus gland; we think more than we feel. During the steaming process we emphasise the regeneration of the thymus so that it can regenerate and catch up with the pituitary and pineal glands. Steam the thymus gland 2/3 of the time and the pineal only 1/3 of the time.

With steaming, we have a technique to regrow (regenerate) the thymus. The thymus can be a fight commander-it produces special antibodies. Channels are the extensions of the organs. Stream Universal Energy into channels and then to organs. Or to organs and then to channels. When a channel is open, it’s warm and you can absorb energy from outside. Organs are like batteries, and meridians are the cables.

The Inner Eye-Observation

Observe the Root, free from impatience and struggling emotions, through practice to tame the mind, and detachment from affairs we let our outward actions diminish daily, calm the body structure and relax the mind. One bit of food or a wink of sleep usually becomes the source of some gain or loss. One step forward or one word spoken quite possibly lays the foundation for good and bad fortune.

True Observation

True observation, like a mirror of wisdom, is the quality examination of the man of ability; probing misfortunes and blessings, he succeeds in seeing ahead of life’s motions and arranges his or her acts accordingly. There are affairs that cannot be given up or that one cannot leave alone. They have to be cared about with humility, and should be attended to with clear perception. As soon as you give rise to anger and impatience because of some affair, the mind will be sick with agitation.

All human affairs, all food and clothing of man are merely a boat: if I want to cross an ocean, I need a boat. After the passage is completed, there is no longer a need for the boat. But why should one abandon it before even having gone on the voyage? Food and clothing (jewellery) in themselves are empty illusions and are without actual value. But as a means to free oneself from empty illusion, one must obtain provision with food and clothing. One should therefore never have any feeling of gain or loss about them.

Sensual Attraction

The attractiveness of the seductive woman is even more dangerous than that of the Fox Fairies. When the Fox Fairies seduce men, they arouse loathing and distress. The seductive beauties make humans fall in love and get attached to them (a temporary happiness), and will turn them away from the road of long lasting happiness. Realise that sensuality is not essential or appropriate for the personal body or the mind, but an enemy and thief to inner nature and life. Even if men have to die, they do not have to enter the evil way.

Observe Good and Evil

To see another do evil can give rise to anger and hatred in one’s own mind. The other person commits evil by himself; he does not ask me to do likewise. Why then should I reach out to take in another’s negativity and make myself sick? Don’t react with negativity upon seeing someone good.

Observation of Poverty

Who made me poor? Heaven and earth are equal and regular, protecting and supporting without personal aims. Parents desire to see their child with wealth and high esteem. Ghosts and spirits don’t even have enough energy to save themselves: how then would they have the energy to make you poor? Can’t find any one to blame for my poverty. ‘Heaven and earth cannot alter their routine, yin and yang cannot reverse their tasks. Delight in heaven and acknowledge your fate. When poverty and disease come, they cannot be kept out completely. Improve your energy and conserve the life force and sexual energy. This will give rise to wisdom and knowledge, which will eventually help to change your fate.

Observe the Suffering or Disease

If there is suffering or disease, one should first realise by observation that it originates in the fact that one has a personal body. Without a body the soul, spirit and virtue have no place to dwell. The body came from dust and ashes. Thus it can be old and sick, as breath and strength decline day by day.

Observe Life and Death

Know and understand that death is a change of residence for the spirit. Know where you want to go. The death of the personal body and departure of the spirit are mere changes of residence. However, when one cannot release from the world, one has fear and worry and all kinds of negativity before dying, and carries it to the next residence. The spirit consciousness will be confused and led into error. When one is facing death one can realise the equality of life and death and thereby produce good karma for the personal bodies to come.