The Karzai Nei Tsang practitioner uses a sensitive touch with deep, direct pressure and small circular movement to dissolve the sedimentation in the circulatory system, releasing the toxicity in the organs, and assisting the student in the past area. Karsai Nei Tsang, who is suffering from sedimentation in the veins.

Our sexual organs play a major role in our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Because every part of the body is connected, one in one area has an impact on the rest of the body. This is true for the genitals. When the genitals suffer from blockages, the jing chi is not free to circulate through the body. The body is then deprived of this powerful healing energy. We need arousing, orgasmic energy for the healthy functioning of our bodies. When the blood flow becomes blocked, the human sexual arousal is affected. Karsai Nei Tsang addresses the common problems associated with our sexual organs, impotency, frequent and difficult urination, painful menstruation, painful scar tissue after giving birth, painful intercourse and low sexual libido.

Karsai Nei Tsang is one of Tao Garden’s famous signature healing treatments. This massage, which massages the internal and external organs in the pelvis, is recommended for both men and women. Our sexual organs play a big role in our physical and emotional health. Negative emotions, traumas, and unconverted stress block the pelvic area in the bottom of our body, where toxins accumulate that cause tension in the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. This creates an imbalance in the meridians and organs.

However, our sexual organs have a powerful energy, the jing chi, the source of healing energy when this energy is released. This massage works on common problems and can treat impotence, painful menstruations, ovarian cysts, painful
intercourse, low sexual desire, frequent and difficult urination, and reduces swelling on the prostate gland. The Karsai Nei Tsang massage relieves back pain and sciatic pain, improves body alignment, strengthens the pelvic floor, balances hormones and improves overall vitality. The therapist’s work involves locating and unblocking tensions in the pelvic floor, nerves and ligaments of the hormone-producing areas. The therapist massages the pelvic floor, the legs, the hips, the reflex zones of the vital organs, as well as the internal and external organs in men, the massage goes on to the testicles, the anus, the prostate and in women to the external genitals, the vagina and the anus. At the beginning of this massage can reveal hidden tensions and toxins, causing it can feel a bit sensitive and painful.

According to the diagnosis and recommendation of the therapist, this massage should then be repeated several times until all tensions have been completely resolved.

A Karzai Nei Tsang Massage will help you restore your inner energy by removing stress and toxic crystal formation from the body. This improves health and well-being in a clearly remarkable way.