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Leg & Back Muscle Exercises

Physiotherapy Muscle Exercises by Tony Jones

Spine & Lower Back

  1. Lay on Back-Knees up together-Stretch Arms out-Draw Hand to other Hand-Touch Figures-Opposite (5x).
  2. Lay on Back-Knees up together-Draw Leg out-Toe to Floor Shoulders Down-Other Knee push Leg Back (5x) Reverse.
  3. On all 4s-Stretch Arm Up & Back-Same Arm draw under ChestReach out turning with Shoulder touching Floor (5x) Reverse.
    Leg Muscle Craps
  4. Sit up-Hands between Legs & Side of Knee-Strengthen Legs-Stretch Toes back-Push Heel out-Lift (8x)-Switch Legs (8x)

(Each Leg Counting Down 8x to 1x each time).