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Summer Event 2020 Tao Garden

Summer 2020 Week 1: Supreme Inner Alchemy I Inner Smile, Six Healing Sound, Microcosmic Orbit & Cosmic Primordial Qi Qong
Lead by Master Mantak Chia & senior UHT instructor Team.
Sunday, July 5, 2020 – Saturday, July 11, 2020

The Basic Retreat Level I is training for beginners and intermediate level practitioners, and those desiring a review of first essentials. This week is devoted to reviewing & mastering the Awakening Healing of the Tao, Back to the Body Wisdom, Loving Energy that Heal, Microcosmic Orbit, Six Healing Sounds, Cosmic Inner Smile, 6 Directions, Iron Shirt Chi Kung I.

Summer 2020 Week 2: Supreme Inner Alchemy II Healing Love, Multiorgasmic & Iron shirt I
(Apply for Associate Instructor Certification week 1 & 2 when requirements fulfilled)
Sunday, July 12, 2020 – Saturday, July 18, 2020

This week is devoted to reviewing & mastering Supreme Inner Alchemy Awakening Healing of the Tao, Back to the Body Wisdom (Inner Smile & Creating Cycle), Emotions Wisdom, Sex Healing Delete, Compose & Recycle Negative emotions, Love Vibration that Healing, Healing Love that Heals, Healing Love that Heals, Iron Shirt, Tao Yin and Multiorgasmic.

Summer 2020 Week 3: Fusion I, Tan Tien Chi Kung and Tao Yin
Sunday, July 19, 2020 – Saturday, July 25, 2020

The Fusion practice focuses on balancing negative and positive emotional energy and channeling the earth and universal forces using the eight forces of the Pakua.

Summer 2020 Week 4: Cosmic Healing and Buddha Palm (Certification)
Sunday, July 26, 2020 – Saturday, August 1, 2020

Cosmic Healing I is a practice of channeling pure Cosmic Chi for healing. Master Chia will teach how to channel energy for healing the body and through working with a partner, how to heal ourselves and others.

Summer 2020 Week 5: CNT I Internal Organ Massage (Certification) & Micro Current

Sunday, August 2 – Saturday, August 8 / 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Taoist sages observed that humans often develop energy blockages in and around their internal organs that result in knots and tangles in the abdomen.

Summer 2020 Week 6: CNT II Chasing the Winds, Golden Elixir Chi Kung & CNT V Life Pulse Massage (Certification)
Sunday, August 9 – Saturday, August 15, 2020

Chi Nei Tsang II uses the Elbow Technique, working primarily with the trapped winds of the body. These can become sick or evil winds which can lead to heart attack if not released. Life Pulse Massage is a healing method for activating the vital pulses of your body. Summer 2020 Week 7: CNT III Healing Harmony Toksen & CNT IV Karsai Massage (Certification)
Sunday, August 16, 2020 – Saturday, August 22, 2020

Chi Nei Tsang III, a technique to clear blocked energy to relax the ten major energy channels. Learn to use the hand techniques and wood tools combine with abdominal detox massage Chi Nei Tsang, the hammers tool to clear blocked energy which focuses more on stretching and body alignment.