Morakot Piyakesin
Certified Instructor

Morakot has been certified as a Universal Healing Tao instructor since 2011 and is also a certified cosmic healing practitioner.

Our mind can be used in many different ways to create healing for the body. In this private class, we explore possibilities of the mind through meditation techniques of the Thai Buddhists, Tibetans to Taoists.

Morakot Piyakesin is a cancer survivor and a UHT instructor who became one of the few Thai students of Master Mantak Chia since 2006.  She studies Diamond Body Meditation with Dr. Mano Mettananda Laohavanich and has been assisting him in teaching cancer patients in Bangkok since 2005.  She has also studied with Sogyal Rinpoche, the author of “ The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying ”

Healing Meditation 60 min offer for one THB 1,800 & two persons THB 3,000

She offers to teach private class in
– Basic Tao Practice : Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, Microcosmic Orbit meditation, Six Directions and Three Fires
– Iron Shirt Qi Gong
– Healing Love : Turning the Water Wheel, Ovarian Breathing and Jade Egg exercise
– Buddha Palm and Cosmic Healing
Traditional Buddhist Meditation
– Diamond Body Healing Meditation and other forms of Buddhist Meditation from both Vajrayana and Theravada tradition

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