Welcome to Master Mantak Chia’s Online 7-week Summer Retreat from July 5th to August 18th, 2024. A Complete Taoist Guide to a Better Life, the online class with Grandmaster Mantak Chia. Click here for book another weeks https://www.mantakchia.com/event/online-summer-retreat-2024/


Friday-Monday, 9:00-13:00 Paris time

Week 2. 12-15 July: In-Depth Sexual Alchemy, Healing Love +Energy Transmission


Sexual energy provides an extremely powerful means for physical rejuvenation and accessing a higher spiritual energy. Master Chia unveils how to recycle your life-essence in order to increase longevity, improve your quality of life and love-making. More sexual energy will help to attract and multiply the primordial Qi. 

Men learn how to control ejaculation and to transform the sexual energy into Qi and then transform it up to spirit force. Women learn how to control menstruation and transform the blood into Qi and likewise transform it up to spirit force.

The Single and Dual Cultivation practices in the Aroused & Unaroused State conserve and transform sexual energy while refreshing and rejuvenating the body’s vital functions. Ovarian and Testicle Breathing techniques, Scrotum and Ovarian Compression, Power Lock, Big Draw, and Valley Orgasm enhances sexual fulfillment and physical improvement as vital energy is exchanged with one’s partner with the indiscriminate loss of emotional and sexual energy.




You will receive a confirmation email on Wednesday (2 days before the workshop starts) from [email protected] containing information about joining the session. 

You can join with any device you have (a computer or a smartphone, tablet) with the Zoom app. Zoom is available for all devices and platforms. You can download Zoom here:

Here are our answers on the questions you might have:

How long will I have access to the Session Recordings?

— If you can’t join us online, you will have lifetime access to recordings after the LIVE event. 

Can I ask my questions during the session?

— You’ll be able to ask questions by text using Q&A in Zoom. Senior Instructors will reply back and during Q&A session Master Chia will reply to your questions.

If you can’t join LIVE please ask your questions about the Fusion I workshop till 2 August in this form