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“Opening the Door of Ascensio” Dark Room Retreat by Daniel Mitel

“Opening the Door of Ascension“ Dark Room Retreat

Master of Meditation, Daniel Mitel and Agathi Chris are teaching again in the famous Dark Room Retreat at Tao Garden, Thailand. Experience a unique spiritual awakening!!

Introduction In The Global Tradition Of The Dark Room

All spiritual traditions have used the Dark Room meditations in order to balance the energy of pineal and pituitary glands and to decode the universal information carried from outer space to our dimension.

The Taoist system refers to the Dark Room as the Perfect Inner Alchemy Chamber. Tibetans used it for healing and Egyptians used the Dark Rooms in the Pyramids as connections with other dimensions. The Essenes used the caves near Dead Sea in Israel to reconnect with their hearts. The Himalayan Masters are using the dark caves of the mountains as places for ascension. The Hesychast Monks living in Mount Athos or Carpathian Mountains from Romania and Ukraine were frequently using the dark caves or dark rooms for praying in the heart meditation and connection with the divine spirit.

Why Is the Dark Room Retreat So Powerful?

When you are in the dark room your melatonin is building up more than usual and when it reaches 15-20mg your body starts producing pinoline (a very powerful superconductor). This is the time when the pineal gland is able to adopt a secondary function of producing the DMT known also as “The Spirit Molecule”.