by Master Chia

The “Universal Tao System” is a practice of body, mind and spirit. Its creator, Master Mantak Chia, comments on how our inner organs contribute to a physiology of forgiveness and transformation.

Perhaps the primary key to any process of self-transformation is the willingness to forgive oneself, as it opens the heart and sets in motion and frees the flow of Chi both from within and from outside.

Yet, forgiveness is not an act for once and for all, but a primary key in a continuous process of turning inward and practicing inner observation.

The refusal or inability to forgive, and thereby to love oneself and others, may be said to affect all our internal organs, affecting their chemistry and inhibiting cooperation and balance. Frequently this refusal is rooted in a victim conssciousness, which sets into motion negative emotions that tend to reinforce each other. this victim consciousness often has its roots in a presumption of betrayal that results in the heart closing, as others are made accountable for one’s own negativity and suffering.

As a result there is a refusal even to consider looking inward, as the source of misfortune is placed outward. Thus the heart’s natural tendency towards love and compassion is obstructed, and the wound is cultivated to legitimize one’s withdrawal from life. All traumas first of all settle deeply in our energy flows. They can be dissolvd only with patience and gentleness towards oneself. Only when internal energy is accumulating can it flow outward.

In the Taoist tradition, the strengthening of the organs has a vital role to play in mitigating and achieving control over the negative emotions. Forgiving does not mean that the wound needs to be closed. It may remain, but it is no longer active in generating toxins and preventing positive emotions from growing.

Also, forgiving does not mean that one forgets.

That may be too difficult and is not necessary. only the charge, which activates to toxins, needs to be defused.



  1. Love, joy, happiness; heart (fire; summer)
  2. Openness, fairness; spleen (earth; Indian summer)
  3. Courage, righteousness; lungs (metal; autumn)
  4. Gentleness, stillness; kidneys (water; winter)
  5. Kindness, generosity; liver (wood; spring)


Questions for Reflection
* What does the article suggest to you about the connection between individual and collective healing?
*Does your own experience confirm the physical,emotional and psychological dimensions of releasing resentment and unforgiveness?
*What do we discover about the dynamics of consciousness through the lens of forgiveness?

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–Adapted from Cosmic Fusion (Universal Tao Publications, 2002) by Mantak Chia. Copyright by North Star Trust. All rights reserved.