by Master Chia

The Universal Tao System was created by Master Mantak Chia and has been taught for over twenty years. Master Chia has been practicing his spiritual development since the age of six, and began his experiences in meditative practices of Buddhist monks, Tai Chi Chuan, Aikido, and Kundalini Yoga. These practices he learned from a variety of teachers.

His pursuit of Taoist teachings led him to meet the White Cloud Hermit, a Taoist originally from Central China, Master Yi Eng. At the time, Master Yi Eng was living in the mountains not far from Hong Kong. Over the course of five years, Master Chia was taught the most sacred and closely held Taoist practices, formulas, and methods of internal alchemy. It is Master Chia’s mission to pass these ancient formulas to all who have interest. For the first time in recorded history, these practices are available for anyone to learn.

Master Chia also has a background in Western medicine. Realizing that these practices, as he was taught, would be hard to absorb in the West, he has set out to integrate these teachings with his studies in western physical anatomy. Through this process, he created a unique view of the ancient Tao system. With the Universal Tao System, Master Chia has created a way for any individual to quickly learn the essence of the subtle practices that have been passed down from Master to student for thousands of years.

The Universal Tao is a practical system of self-development that enables individuals to complete the harmonious evolution of their physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Through a series of ancient Chinese meditative and internal energy exercises, the practitioner learns to increase physical energy, release tension, improve health, practice self-defense and gain the ability to heal one self and others. In the process of creating a solid foundation of health and well being in the physical body, one also creates the basis for developing their spiritual potential. By learning to tap the natural energies of the sun, moon, earth, stars and environmental forces around us, the practitioner attains the ability to develop and nurture a solid spiritual body. The ultimate goal of Taoist practice is to transcend physical boundaries through the development of Taoist practice is to transcend physical boundaries through the development of the soul and the spirit within man.

The Universal Tao practices are derived from ancient techniques rooted in the processes of nature. They have been gathered and integrated into a coherent, accessible system for well being. Universal Tao is not a religion and does not require the belief in any set of deities or gods. The techniques work directly with the life force, ‘Chi,’ flowing through the meridian system of the body. The aim of the Universal Tao is to restore the individual to a condition of harmony with the flow of the forces of nature. Master Chia’s method of teaching is direct and practical. Years have been spent developing and perfecting techniques for passing these traditional practices to Western students. The emphasis is always on mastering the actual practice. There are Four Healing Arts of the Universal Tao System, beginning with the most basic practices of the Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds and Microcosmic Orbit, leading all the way to the Reunion of Heaven and Man.

In the basic practices, one is taught the Living Tao, which deals with the emotional body. These techniques aim to harmonize the internal energies and cleanse the system of everyday stresses. These teachings deal with the five major organs in the system, and these very basic, yet powerful techniques are easy to ·earn and can be practiced for as little as 30 minutes a week. By practicing these techniques, one is able to transform stress into vitality, and the benefits include more energy, better health, controlled emotions, relief of chronic pains, and a better quality of life. Through these basic practices, one learns the inner functions of the organs and becomes aligned; mind, body and spirit. For many, just the basic practices are enough. These basic exercises harmonize the internal energy of the practitioner and are a great self-healing technique that can be used on their own or to enhance other therapies. After the Living Tao, the Universal Tao System moves into the Physical Body, and the teaching is Chi Nei Tsang. The technique of Chi Nei Tsang is a hands-on way of detoxifying and rejuvenating the vital organs. The Third Healing Art of Universal Tao teachings is Cosmic Healing, dealing with the energy body. This practice involves directing universal energies and integrating it with the internal energies to build the energy body. The Fourth Healing Art, Immortal Tao, deals transforming the physical body into the spirit body. Very few have mastered these techniques, and for many it may take a lifetime(s) to learn. And for those who are interested, the Universal Tao System offers these teachings.

Master Chia teaches the Universal Tao personally, as well as through the Certified Universal Tao Instructor/Practitioners throughout the world, which number over two thousand. Master Chia teaches directly from Tao Garden in Chiang Mai, Thailand twice a year and also has an extensive world-tour.