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Pearl of Consciousness

[The Essence of Physical and Energy Bodies]
Compiled by Serhan Keser


Internal Alchemy

For thousands of years, Taoist masters researched and developed various methods to attain desirable achievements as long life, health, happiness and unlimited energy. In their endless search for an unlimited energy source, they turned their attention inwardly to uncover the mysteries surrounding their life forces. In their search, they discovered a universe within the human body and found it parallel to the Grand Universe. They knew that the Universe had a tremendous amount of force.  They thought that the inner universe of a human being could benefit from it if the two could somehow be linked.

NeiJing TuThe Neijing Tu (內经图) is a Taoist “inner landscape” diagram of the human body
illustrating “Internal alchemy”, Wu Xing, Yin and Yang, and Chinese mythology.


Connection With Grand Universe

Taoist masters discovered that they first needed to gain control of the inner universe to connect to the Grand Universe. They experienced in this universe a flow of energy, running up the spine and down the front of the body. That was the Microcosmic Orbit. They perceived that the Microcosmic Orbit connects three bodies —physical, soul, and spirit. And ultimately fuses these into one immortal body. It was with this perception that the study of Internal Alchemy began.


The Pearl —Essence of Physical and Energy Bodies

Taoist masters uncovered that the pure life-force energy of the organs could be collected and fused during an advanced Taoist meditation method —called The Fusion of the Five Elements— and could be condensed into an energy ball. This energy ball may be visualized as a crystal or diamond but typically as a glowing pearl. The pearl bears the consciousness of five major Yin organs, namely the Heart, Spleen, Lungs, Kidneys, and Liver, in a condensed form called the Pearl of Consciousness.

Forming the pearl is the first step toward transferring consciousness to creating an immortal body in a timeless new dimension. The pearl is developed by collecting life-force energy from the organs and condensed into an energy ball. It is then moved into the Microcosmic Orbit and put into circulation. There it starts to activate and absorb the Universal and Earth Forces. The pearl also utilizes the Universal and Earth Forces to strengthen, cleanse and purify the physical body. This is particularly for the organs, glands, and senses.


Micro Cosmic Orbit
Microcosmic Orbit


Balanced Energy

Balanced energy is vital for the health of the organs, glands, and senses and is essential to forming a pearl. Thus, balanced energy is a critical component. The role of the pearl in opening, cleansing, purifying, and protecting specific energy channels is of great significance.


Yang Pakua
Yang Pakua


Pakuas and energy collection points balance, connect and draw out negative emotional energies in the organs. Negative emotions like fear, impatience, anger, sadness, and worry are transformed into usable energy, condensed into a pearl, and circulated in the Microcosmic Orbit. 

A Pakua is a three-dimensional crystal that draws energy from the organs, glands, and senses to be refined, transformed, condensed, and stored. These energies and energies of the corresponding glands and senses— are fused and converted into pure life-force energy. The purity of this energy has a bonding and magnetizing quality that enables it to condense into a pearl of refined energy.

Four PakuasThe four Pakuas around the navel


Collecting the energies of the organs in no way diminishes their strength. On the contrary, the essence energies gathered from the organs are fused, purified, and become enhanced. After each practice, the improved energy in the form of the pearl disperses. This energy returns to enrich all organs and glands, particularly those requiring extra energy. The dispersed energy protects the physical and soul body as well.

Pearl ProjectionThe pearl is then projected to a space above and is formed into an energy body.
The first transference of consciousness is the Microcosmic Orbit and a protective shield around it.



Purpose of Centering Awareness in the Pearl

Every person experiences or perceives the pearl differently. Some may see the pearl when others recognize it as an intense sensation or heightened concentration. For some it is a feeling of heat.

The immediate, practical use of the pearl in daily life is to help us center our awareness so that our surroundings do not throw us out of balance. The deeper purpose of mastering the first formula is to create a solid basis for achieving unity with Universal Force.


The Result

As we advance in the practice of Fusion meditation and strengthen the ability to center our awareness in the pearl, we may see that it is highly possible to tune into higher energies. Our intuitive mind will grow sharper and clearer, more creative ideas will emerge, and our capacity to love will increase dramatically.

By diligent practice, we can overcome the arising of negative patterns and emotions, and our awareness guarantees the presence of our pearl. Any negative input from the vital organs or any negative feedback from the environment will dissolve in the center as long as our pearl is active. If we remain continuously aware of the pearl daily, our connection to the Tao will become more powerful, making our life happy, harmonious, and effortless.

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