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Pearl of Consciousness

by Han Serhan Keser





The Condensed Essence of the Organs


Taoist sages have been exploring and refining diverse techniques for thousands of years to achieve goals like longevity, well-being, happiness, and boundless vitality. Their quest for an unlimited fountain of energy led them inwardly to explore the mysterious realm of the life force within. Through their exploration, they uncovered a universe within the human body, mirroring the vastness of the Grand Universe. Recognizing the immense force deep-rooted in the cosmos, they sought to build a connection between this external power and the inner universe dwelling within every human being.


Connection With Grand Universe

Taoist masters discovered that they first needed to gain control of the inner universe to connect to the Grand Universe. They discovered an energy flow in this inner universe, running up the spine and down the front of the body —called the Microcosmic Orbit. They perceived that the Microcosmic Orbit connects three bodies —physical, soul, and spirit— and ultimately fuses these into one immortal body. It was with this perception that the study of Internal Alchemy began.

NeiJing TuThe Neijing Tu (內经图) is a Taoist “inner landscape” diagram of the human body
illustrating “Internal alchemy”, Wu Xing, Yin and Yang, and Chinese mythology.



THE PEARL: The Essence of Yin Organs

Taoist sages discovered that the vital life-force energy emerging from the yin organs could be harnessed and consolidated through an advanced Taoist meditation technique known as The Fusion of the Five Elements. This practice enables the amalgamation of this energy into a concentrated form, often visualized as a crystal-like pearl, carrying the consciousness of the Yin organs: the Heart, Spleen, Lungs, Kidneys, and Liver. This condensed essence is referred to as the Pearl of Consciousness.

Throughout the practice of Fusion of the Five Elements, negative energies are pulled out from each yin organ and gland of the physical body, amalgamated, and purified within the Pakuas, transforming into a pearl of revitalized life-force energy. This process neutralizes the negative qualities of these energies, thereby harmonizing the overall energetic landscape of the body.

The formation of the pearl marks the initial stage in the journey towards the creation of an immortal body in a timeless dimension. As the pearl is cultivated by gathering life-force energy from the organs and compacting it into an energetic crystal-like sphere, it is then guided into the Microcosmic Orbit, where it begins to circulate and engage with the Universal and Earth Forces. Utilizing these forces, the pearl strengthens, cleanses, and purifies the physical body, particularly focusing on the organs, glands, and senses. Later, the pearl is further strengthened, enhanced, and refined by adding the virtues of the organs, calling forth the power-animals, earth forces, and planet and star forces for empowerment and protection, representing a purified version of yourself. Utilizing these components helps to absorb more energy and refine the pearl.

Sustaining balanced energy levels is necessary for the well-being of the organs, glands, and senses, thereby playing an essential role in pearl formation. Consequently, balanced energy serves as a fundamental component in this process. The pearl’s function in opening, cleansing, purifying, and safeguarding specific energy channels holds profound significance in Taoist practice.


Micro Cosmic Orbit
Microcosmic Orbit


What is a Pakua?

A Pakua is a three-dimensional crystal that can pull energy from the organs, glands, and senses, refining, transforming, condensing, and storing this energy. The energies extracted from these organs, glands, and senses through fusion and conversion are transmuted into pure life-force energy. Characterized by its inherent purity, this energy possesses a bonding and magnetizing quality, enabling its condensation into a refined energy pearl.


Yang Pakua
Yang Pakua


Pakuas, along with energy collection points, function to balance, interconnect, and extract negative emotional energies residing within the organs. Emotions such as fear, impatience, anger, sadness, and worry undergo a transformation process wherein they are converted into usable energy, condensed into a pearl, and subsequently circulated within the Microcosmic Orbit.

Four PakuasThe four Pakuas around the navel


The collection of energy from the organs does not deplete the organs’ strength; rather, it enhances it. The essence energies gathered from the organs are fused, purified, and fortified through the practice. Following each session, the improved energy encapsulated within the pearl is dispersed, enriching all organs and glands, particularly those needing additional energy. This dispersed energy also serves to safeguard both the physical and soul bodies.


Fostering and Cultivating Good Virtue Energy

The pearl is crucial as a catalyst in fostering the growth and amplification of good virtue energy within the organs and glands. By guiding the pearl through the Five Element Creation Cycle, individuals can cultivate virtues such as gentleness, kindness, honor, respect, love, joy, fairness, openness, courage, righteousness, and justice. The deeper the cultivation and expansion of these virtues, the higher the quality of energy one can access. A new form of energy emerges through the synthesis and harmonization of these virtues. It is Compassion Energy, which is considered the pinnacle of all virtues. Compassion energy embodies and represents the essence of the senses, glands, organs, and the mind.

The process of nurturing and enhancing good virtue leads to accumulating larger quantities of energy, enabling the creation of a new pearl infused with compassion energy. This pearl surpasses its predecessors in brightness and beauty, radiating light like a crystal or diamond. Mastery of this pearl makes available the true essence of compassion. The evolution of the pearl of compassion energy, derived from the amalgamation of good virtues, enhances the overall well-being of the physical body. Furthermore, compassion energy serves as the fuel for nourishing the soul-body or energy body, which, in turn, sustains yet another aspect of being, the spirit body.


Harmonizing Energies: Embracing Virtue within Taoist Practice

Embedded within Taoism lies the belief that the interplay of opposing forces in the universe sustains the dynamic harmony of all existence. The Pakuas serve as symbolic representations of this endless and eternal motion. To blend and harmonize energies, they are spiraled into the Pakuas, where the central symbols of Yin and Yang reside. Taoists recognized the importance of incorporating positive quality energy to achieve equilibrium.

Acknowledging the dualistic nature inherent in all aspects of the universe, Taoists understood that both negative and positive emotional energies coexist within the organs. Just as each source of negative energy is localized within the body, so is each source of positive energy. Delving into the depths of these sources, Taoists accessed what they termed virtue energy. They unearthed a profound revelation: just as negative energy can be balanced and neutralized, positive energy can be nurtured and intensified.

Within the Creation Cycle of the Five Elements used in the Fusion II practice, positive energy is gathered and circulated, ultimately resulting in a more radiant and vibrant energy state.


Virtue Energy in Cosmic Fusion

Through the more refined Cosmic Fusion level, another dimension of energy emerges. This is Virtue Energy, which represents the positive emotion. Just as negative emotional energy originates from the organs and glands of the physical body, so does virtue energy come from the same source.

However, the essence of virtue energy differs significantly from what we experienced during the previous level, the Fusion of the Five Elements practice. You can feel the difference between two kinds of emotional energy because they affect you in distinct ways. Virtue energy can be nurtured and amplified internally, providing healing properties to the organs and glands.

The cultivation of virtue energy stands as one of the primary objectives in the practice of Cosmic Fusion, alongside the endeavor to unlock four new energy channels within the body. Good virtue serves as nourishment for the energy-body and spirit, offering nourishment and vitality on a profound level.


Compassion is like a Soup of Virtue

According to Taoist teachings, compassion is likened to blending all virtues—a sort of ‘Soup of Virtue.’ It consists of ingredients like love, kindness, gentleness, courage, respect, and fairness, each mixed in proper proportions. As virtues vary in intensity within each individual, compassion manifests uniquely for each person. Proper comprehension of compassion evolves, as it cannot be derived from a single virtue alone. The energy pearl crafted through Fusion practice symbolizes the internal energy residing within your body—it is your consciousness.

This consciousness serves as a potent tool for creation and transformation. It can be used to create change.

Like an artist bathing and filling their painting with consciousness, individuals can implant and project their virtuous energy into their surroundings. Those who come into your surroundings will be positively affected by it. You can do anything you want to do with your consciousness energy. By projecting your energy pearl, you can neutralize lingering energies in your surroundings and shape your environment to better them, creating comfort and balance. The more compassionate energy infused into a space, the greater its equilibrium and strength.





Purpose of Centering Awareness in the Pearl

Experiencing the pearl varies among individuals, with some perceiving it visually, others sensing it as heightened concentration, and others feeling heat condensation.

Practically, the pearl anchors our awareness, preventing external influences from shaking us. Mastering the initial formula establishes a firm foundation for aligning with the Universal Force.

As our Fusion meditation practice deepens and we refine our ability to center awareness in the pearl, we unlock the potential to attune to higher energies. Our intuitive mind will grow sharper and clearer, more creative ideas emerge, and our capacity to love will increase dramatically.

Through consistent practice, we can go beyond negative patterns and emotions, ensuring the continual presence of our pearl. Any adverse influences from the organs or environment will dissolve within the pearl’s center. Maintaining daily awareness of the pearl strengthens our connection to the Tao, fostering happiness, harmony, and effortless living.


Final Thoughts: Embracing Taoist Wisdom

In conclusion, Taoist philosophy highlights the importance of quietly aiding the world around us. When we cultivate love, joy, kindness, and gentleness within ourselves, we naturally radiate these virtues outwardly. The more we extend Virtue energy to others, the more it flourishes within us. Giving without expecting anything in return becomes a source of boundless abundance.

By offering support and compassion to those who are sad or angry, we touch their hearts with love, joy, and kindness. In doing so, we become conduits for the Universal Force, experiencing its divine flow from the heavens.

As the energy of virtuous organs grows, it transforms into valuable currency for transferring consciousness —an asset with great eternal significance.


Note: Fusion 1, 2 and 3 levels are being taught by Grandmaster Mantak Chia in Tao Garden or online twice yearly.