by Minke de Vos

Fill the body with breath from feet to heart. Draw in golden light, high octane energy.
Hold the breath; let it distribute where it is needed, i.e. in the organs, chi belt, or whole torso. Smile into the body, affirming the virtues. Absorb the chi.

To exhale, relax the diaphragm as it lifts, makings smooth, slow transition. Breathe down the length of the body, letting go of tension and negativity. Let out gray, cloudy, toxic energy. Out of the emptiness allow the breath to enter.Rhythm can be kept up with a clock, metronome, or heartbeat. An equal inhale, holding, and exhale helps to balance receiving, becoming still, and giving. Allow for at least eight counts to fill up. The counts can be extended to what feels comfortable to you. Do not strain, although packing breath into the body with the force needed to lift a heavy weight will enhance inner strength, and open a deeper space inside.
Explore and massage the body with the breath. Stretch your limits. The holding and exhale can gradually be extended i.e. inhale 8, hold 16, exhale 16, to 8:24:16, then 8:32:16. An ideal ratio is a 1:4:2 balance of the inhalation: holding: exhalation. What is considered the mild form of this practice is the ratio of 12:48:24, the middle range. 24:96:48, and the advanced and completion levels where the body is said to levitate, 36:144:72.

The longer the holding, the more chi is absorbed, the deeper the penetration of the mind/body, and the mind moves deeper into stillness. Holding concentrates light in the energy centers. The deeper the balance of simultaneous relaxation and effort/attention, the more powerful the mind will become, and the holdings will increase. The more you empty, the more you will fill. Since exhalations emphasize activity ie. speaking, singing, or heavy physical labor, long smooth exhales develop control of our will; simultaneously requiring relaxation and letting go, they integrate activity, attention and quietude. The increase of internal chi pressure pushes out impurities, opening and strengthening contracted or deficient areas. The warmth of raised sexual energy also helps to dissolve dense tensions with penetrating, healing, and rejuvenating life force.
Silent Ground considers this to be one of the most powerful and effective practices available in esoteric yogas: both for heating, empowerment, and the development of genius or insight.


Bone Breathing

Posture: It can be practiced In any position; laying down, sitting, standing ie. in a Chi Kung posture. Standing allows for channeling gravity through the bones to strengthen bone mass.
Practice: Venting: Breathing in light and warmth through the skin, joints, protrusions, finger tips and toes. Breathing out ‘melted’ toxins and fat like an exhaust. Bones expand and contract. Paradoxical breathing helps to push out stagnation.
Bone Packing: Pull up sexual energy into bones, padding it into bone marrow. Paradoxical exhale penetrates and distributes ‘chi pressure’ throughout structure by sending and squeezing it -along bones. Pickup high frequency starlight with the bones. Draw in thermal power of the earth. Wash the marrow and soften surrounding tissues with molten golden smiling energy.
Internal Bone Compression: Pack, condense arid contract bones. Hold. Exhaling, the pressure expands warmth into surrounding tissues.
External Bone Compression: pack, wrap and squeeze muscles against the bones. Hold. Exhale and slowly release, allowing the chi to run between the muscles and the bones. Feel the pulsing of blood in the bones, fingers, toes, crown, perineum.



Let go of all control areas such as the eyes, jaw and solar plexus. You can touch the temples, cuing the brain to relax or yawn into the back brain, signaling involuntary movement. Breathe deeply into he body, letting go with the exhale. Allow the wisdom of the spirit to unwind the body mind and be creative. Sense the pulsating, organismic, essential movement.

Simply go with the flow. Movements may express personal: ie. individual holding patterns, tensions, and memories, collective ie. Chi Kung, yoga, dance, inspired ie. creative, new forms of movement.


Brainwave Frequencies

Beta Waves
Beta waves are quick, low amplitude waves of 14 to 40 times (beats) per second (Hz). Beta
Brain wave patterns are generated naturally when we are in an awake, alert state of consciousness. They are linked to stress and anxiety when they form a particular brain wave pattern.


Alpha Waves

Alpha waves oscillate between 8 and 13 Hz. Alpha waves occur during sensoral rest (e.g. in a quite room with the eyes dosed), intellectual relaxation, deep meditation and quieting of the mind. Alpha waves are the desire results of meditators. Traditional methods of meditation may require up to 10 years of practice to produce good alpha waves. Alpha brainwave rhythms produce peaceful feelings, warm hands and feet a sense of well being, reduced anxiety, improved immune functioning. U is believed that some of the most creative geniuses, such as Einstein, were in a semi-permanent alpha state. Most of these insightful people had poor grades in school and wore thought to be slow learners. Perhaps they were too busy being creative to pay attention in class.


Alpha/Theta Border

At the Alpha/Theta Border (7-8 Hz), exceptional insights and personal transformative experiences happen. Anger and resentment from buried, troubling memories of childhood or past trauma dissolve more quickly.


Theta waves are between 4 and 8 Hz. This is commonly referred to as the dream or “twilight” state. Theta is associated with hypnagogic states, REM and dreaming. Memory development is enhanced in this state. In the Theta brain wave state, memory is improved (particularly long term memory), and access to unconscious material reveries, free assodntion sudden insight and creative ideas Is increased. Ifs a mysterious, elusive state of mind. For a long time, researchers couldn’t study this brain state because subjects had difficulty maintaining this state of mind for any period of time without failing asleep (which also generates large amounts of theta).


This rhythm is observed while sleeping. As we fall asleep the dominant natural brain waves become Delta. Delta waves are slowest of brain waves spanning from I to 4 Hz in frequency. There is growing evidence that individuals can maintain a slightly conscious state while in Delta.
All brainwave states serves important mental functions. However research has shown that the brain has a tendency to naturally resonate in the 10 Hz (alpha) state of consciousness. The alpha state is connected to peaceful feelings and has probably been the natural mind state since the evolution of mankind. In today’s lifestyle, the return to a peaceful mind/body way of being has become difficult to achieve and maintain for any period of time. This often results in disease in the body/mind and that is the one relearn why it is so important for us to relearn and produce the alpha state on a daily basis.

Information taken from the book “The Rediscovery of Light and Sound Stimulation” by David Siever C.E.T.
Three Thrusting Channel Exercise
Cleansing the Thrusting Channels of psychic toxins and empowering their potential qualities.


Left Channel

Clear out blackened, burgundy red. Exhale any disturbing qualities out of left nostril, fingertips, toes and skin, or send Into the cauldron to be “fused” and transformed.
Qualities: attachment, addiction, seduction, worry, anxiety, scarcity, compulsion, obsession. neediness, stickiness, grasping, resistance to change, sentimentality.
Cleanse to ruby red. Inhale and hold breath to empower inherent ennobling qualities.
Qualities: female, receptive, open, magnetic.


Right Channel

Clear out darkened, smoky navy blue. Exhale any disturbing qualities out of right nostril, fingertips, toes and skin, or send into the cauldron to be “fused” and transformed.
Qualities: aggression, struggle, fight, intimidation, defensive, aversion, anger, agitation, frustration, dominance, manipulative, coldly intellectual.
Cleanse to sapphire blue. Inhale and hold breath to empower inherent ennobling qualities.
Qualities: male, initiative, force of change, electric.


Core Channel

Clear out smoky gray. Exhale any disturbing qualities out of both nostrils, fingertips, toes and
skin, or send into the cauldron to be “fused” and transformed.
Qualities: ignorance, delusion self-righteousness, pride, judgmental, blame, avoidance,indifference.
Cleanse to radiant gold or white. Inhale and hold breath to empower inherent ennobling qualities.
Qualities: illumination, fulfillment, Integration, wisdom, electromagnetic.