by Master Chia

In short, the ancients considered sexually desirable a woman with a profusion of Yin and very little Yang. In modern terms, the sexually desirable woman had abundance of female hormones. Yang without Yin is joyless, and Yin without Yang is unexcited. The man wants to copulate but the woman is not happy the woman wants to copulate but the man has no desire.

When two hearts are not in tune, the essences are not aroused….Love and pleasure are not elicited. But it the man woos the woman and the woman woos the man, their sentiments and their minds will merge, and they will delight each other’s heart. The woman’s passion will be aroused, and she will fondle the man’s stalk. She will make it powerful, so it can rap at her jewel terrace, and bring an abundance of secretions for both partners. The jade stalk will be greatly enlarged and will move, sometimes slowly, sometimes rapidly. The jade gate will open, easing the entry of the strong adversary and absorbing its essence to irrigate the scarlet chamber. When the woman responds to the man’s Yang she exhibits these symptoms: Her ears are hot, as if she has drunk rich wines. Her breasts protrude firmly and fill his hands. Her neck moves about; her legs shake agitatedly. She tries to restrain her lascivious motions, but suddenly she clasps his body.” Peng Tsu’s counsel here is especially intriguing. His words “press her body deeply and palpate it gently” accurately describe a basic technique in ancient Chinese massage aiming at accupoints. The erotic variety of this acupressure can be a most effective aphrodisiac. The tutor then explains to the emperor why the man must await the Four Attainments: “If the jade stalk is not angry, his harmonious essence has not arrived. If it is angry but not large, his muscle essence has not arrived. If it is large but not rigid, his bone essence has not arrived. If it is rigid but not hot, his spirit essence has not arrived.” Even if a man has an erection, he cannot perform the act with flying colors unless all four conditions are attained.

The emperor then asks about the woman’s Nine Essences:
What are they, and how can he tell when they have been aroused? The Arcane Maid answers: “Wait for the Nine Essences in order to learn about them. When the woman sighs deeply and swallow her saliva, her lung essence has been aroused. When she utters little cries and sucks his mouth, her heart essence has been around. When she enfolds and clings to him, her spleen essence has been aroused. When her Yin gate is slippery and damp, her kidney essence has been aroused. When she obligingly gnaws him, her bone essence has been aroused. When she hooks her legs around him, her sinew essence has been aroused. When she caresses his jade stalk, her blood essence has been around.” (The link between a slippery Yin gate and kidney essence is due to the fact that in traditional Chinese medicine, the term for “kidney” denotes also “gonad.”

The Elemental Maid enumerates the Five Desires as follows: “If the woman bates her breath and restrains her energy, her mind wishes it (sexual union). If her nostrils and mouth are dilated, her vulva wants it. If she abruptly embraces the man, she wants to ejaculate. If her perspiration drenches her clothes, she wants her heart filled. If she straightens her body and closes her eyes, she is near ecstasy.”

Describes the Five Symptoms in the woman and prescribes the appropriate male responses. “When her face is flushed, gradually begin the intercourse. When her breasts are engorged and her nose perspires, slowly insert the jade stalk. When her throat is dry and she is swallowing her saliva, leisurely rock the jade stalk. When her grotto is slippery, slowly penetrate her to the depths. When her fluids flow to her buttocks, slowly pull out the jade stalk.” Although the Elemental Maid appears to be advising the male, her instructions apply only to the early stages of the encounter, before it becomes passionate.

The Elemental Maid also describes the Ten Movements of a woman in the throes of passion, and the urges that impel her: “If she clasps him with her arms, she wants to press their bodies together and have their genitals touch. If she extends her thighs, she wants to rub her upper vulva against him. If she constricts her belly, she wants to ejaculate. If she shakes her buttocks, she wants to be sliced deeply left and right. If she raises her body to press against his, her lascivious joy is extreme. If she stretches her body lengthwise, her limbs and torso are pleased. If her sexual fluids are slippery, she has ejaculated. Observe these movements and you will know how great is her ecstasy.”

Somersaulting Dragons: The woman lies on her back with the man prostrate on top of her, pressing her thighs into the bed. She pulls at her vulva to receive his jade stalk. He thrusts at her grain seed and attacks also the upper part with leisurely, deliberate strokes. Eight shallow, two deep. The jade stalk goes in dead and returns alive, so that he grows vigorous and powerful. She is agitated and pleased, joyous like a singsong girl. He refrains from ejaculating. A hundred illnesses will vanish.

Stepping Tigers: The woman lies in a crawling position with her buttocks up and her head down. The man kneels behind her, clasping her belly. He inserts his jade stalk and pierces her innermost part as deeply and intimately as he can. They advance and retreat in mutual attacks. Eight thrusts, five times. This should be sufficient. Her jade gate closes and opens. Her fluids seep out. They rest when this happens. A hundred illnesses will not appear, and the man becomes more virile.(This is the rear-entry position natural to all mammals. The Arcane Maid calls it Stepping Tigers because the participants advance and retreat like a pair of tigers. In this position the jade stalk does not stimulate the clitoris, but it can penetrate to the flower heart. “Eight thrusts, five times” means a total of forty thrusts, with a brief pause after every eight.

Wrestling Apes: The woman lies on her back. The man supports her thighs, pushes her knees past her bosom, and raises her buttocks and back. He inserts his jade stalk, stabbing her scented mouse. She quivers and rocks. Her fluids are like the rain. He presses into their deeply, without moving, as his stalk grows strong and angry. He ceases when she rejoices. A hundred illnesses will cure themselves.

Cleaving Cicadas: The woman lies face down and extends her body. The man lies on her back and inserts his jade stalk deeply. He raises her buttocks slightly so that he can rap at her scarlet pearls. Nine thrusts, six times. She is excited, and her fluids flow. The inside of her Yin throbs rapidly; the outside spreads and opens. He stops when she rejoices. The seven injuries will eliminate themselves

(This rear-entry position permits only relatively shallow penetration and limited mobility. “Scarlet pearls” are the labia minora, and “Yin” is the vagina.)

Mounting Tortoises: The woman lies on her back and bends her knees. The man pushes her feet until her knees reach her breasts. He inserts his jade stalk deeply, at times poking at her infant girl. With measured deep and shallow thrusts he reaches her grain seed. She is moved to great joy, and shakes and raises her torso. When her fluids overflow, he pierces deeper. He stops when she rejoices. If he does this without loss of semen, his vigor will increase a hundredfold. (This position, similar to Wrestling Apes except that the man holds the woman’s legs instead of her buttocks, was another favorite ancient Chinese position for deep penetration and high mobility. “Infant girl” refers to the vestibular glands between the labia minora.)

Soaring Phoenix: The woman lies down and raises her legs. The man kneels between her thighs, his hands on the mat. He inserts his jade stalk deeply, piercing her mixed rock. When he guides it in rigid and hot, he asks her to begin moving. Eight thrusts, three times. With their buttocks swiftly attacking each other, her Yin opens and expands, pouring out its fluids. He stops when she rejoices. A hundred illnesses will disappear.
(Note that the coital movements here are carried out mainly by the woman. The “phoenix” in the name refers to the Chinese mythical feng huang bird. “Mixed rock” means four inches deep.)

Bunny Licking Its Fur: The man lies on his back and stretches his legs straight. The woman, above him, straddles his body, her knees to the sides. Her back faces his head, while she herself faces his feet. She holds on to the mat and lowers her head. He inserts his jade stalk and pierces her lute strings. She rejoices, and her fluids flow like a fountain. Joyous delight and harmonious pleasure move her spirit and her body. He stops when she rejoices. A hundred illnesses will not arise.

“Lute strings” means one inch inside the Yin. As the penetration is shallow, the woman needs a bit of practice to forestall the dislocation of their organs. The “licking bunny” here is the male organ.)
Fish Linking Scales: The man lies straight on his back. The woman, above him and facing his head, straddles his body with her things. She securely and slowly inserts him, stopping when he is only slightly in. He does not penetrate deeply, but instead imitates a baby sucking at the breast. The woman rocks by herself for a long period. He withdraws when she rejoices. This cures all clogging illnesses

Cranes Entwining Necks: The man squats. The woman rides astride his thighs, her hands holding his neck. She inserts his jade stalk, letting it pierce her wheat bud and stab her seed. He clasps her buttocks to help her rocking and rising. She feels great joy, and her fluids flow and bubble. He stops when she rejoices. The seven injuries will be cured naturally. (Another position with the woman above, which gives her somewhat less mobility and shallower penetration. “Wheat bud” means two inches deep, and “seed” is the clitoris.)

The Mystic Master intended that his thirty positions amplify the Arcane Maid’s original nine under the name of each position, he offered a very brief and at times cryptic description. His positions are strictly tableaux vivants-still pictures, devoid of motion. Immediately after the positions, however, he set forth separately the dynamic aspects of sexual intercourse in fifteen coital movements.

Silkworms Entangline: The woman lies on her back, her hands hugging the man’s neck and her feet crossing above his back. He knees between her spread thighs while clasping her neck. He inserts his jade stalk.
Dragons Twisting: The woman lies on her back, bending her legs. The man kneels within her things, his left hand pushing her feet forward until they are past her breasts. His right hand inserts the jade stalk into the jade gate. (This is a variation on the Arcane Maid’s Wrestling Apes and Mounting Tortoises.)

Fish Eye-to-Eye: The man and woman lie down facing each other and suck at each other’s lips and rongues. She raises one let above his body while he spreads his legs slightly. Whih one hand suporting her upraised leg, he inserts his jade stalk into her cinnabar grotto. (As the partners both lie on their sides, this position frees each of the other’s body weight.)

Swifts Sharing a Heart: The woman lies on her back, her legs extended. The man crouches on her abdomen, his hands embracing her neck. She hugs his waist with her hands. He inserts his jade stalk into her cinnabar grotto.

Kingfishers Uniting: The woman lies on her back with her knees raised. The man positions himself between her thighs in a Tartar squat. He embraces her waist with his hands and inserts his jade stalk into her lute strings.
The Tartar squat, a customary position of that northern people, here involves the man’s putting his knees on the ground while sitting on his left here.

Mandarin Ducks joining: The woman lies on her side, crooking her legs, with her upper leg on the man’s buttocks. He faces her back and rides on her lower thigh, raising one knee against her upper thigh. He inserts his jade stalk.
Butterflies Fluttering: The man lies on his back, his legs extended. The woman sits astride him, facing his head, her two feet on the bed. She uses her hand to insert his Yang peak into her jade gate.
Wild Ducks Flying Backward: The man lies on his back, his legs extended. The woman sits on him with her back to his face, her feet holding on to the bed. She lowers her head and holds the jade stalk to insert it into the cinnabar grotto.

Sheltering the Reclining Pine:
The woman lies on her back and croses her feet (behind the man’s waist) The man holds her waist with his hands, and she holds his with hers. He inserts his jade stalk into her jade gate.
Bamboos by the Altar: The man and the woman stand facing each other; they embrace and kiss. He pierces her cinnabar grotto deeply with his Yang peak, all the way to her Yang terrace.

Twin Phoenixes Dancing:
Two women lie one on top of the other, face to face. The one facing up crooks her legs and the other rides on her, their jade gates facing each other. The man sits cross-legged, exposing his jade object, and attacks both above and below.
Phoenix Holding Fledglings: If the woman is big and fat, she can add a diminutive mand to join in her intercourse. This is great excellence!
Seagulls Soaring: The man stands near the edge of the bed and lifts the woman’s legs high. He inserts his jade stalk into her baby palace.

Wide Horses Leaping: The woman lies on her back. The man lifts her feet and puts them over his shoulders. He inserts the jade stalk deeply into the jade gate.

Steeds Galloping: The woman lies on her back. The man crouches, one hand holding her neck, the other lifting her leg. He inserts his jade stalk into her baby palace.

Horse Shaking Its Hoof: The man lifts one of the woman’s legs and places it on his shoulder. The woman lifts her other let herself. The man inserts the jade stalk deeply into the cinnabar grotto. Highly stimulating!

White Tiger Jumping: The woman kneels and lowers her face. The man kneels behind her, his hands holding her waist. He inserts his jade stalk into her baby palace.

Dusky Cladas Cleaving: The woman lies on her abdomen, her legs extended. The man positions himself between her thighs with his legs bent. He holds her neck with his hands. He inserts the jade stalk into her jade gate from behind.

Goat Hugging the Tree:
The man sits with legs extened. The woman sits on his lap, her back to his face. She lowers her head to look at the insertion of the jade stalk. He suddenly hugs her waist, bridling and thrusting.

Jungle Fowl Approaching the Arena:The man squats Tartar style on the bed. A young maid servant holds his jade stalk and inserts it into the jade gate of his partner. Then the maid stands at his back, tugging the hems of the other woman’s skirts to enliven her legs. Highly exciting!

Phoenix Sporting in the Cinnabar Grotto: The woman lies on her back and lifts her feet with her hands. The man kneels next to her, his hands holding on to the bed. He inserts his jade stalk into her cinnabar grotto. Very elegant!

Roc Soaring over Dark Sea: The woman lies on her back. The man puts her feet on his uper arms. He stretches his hands down to clasp her waist, then inserts his jade stalk.

Humming Ape Embracing the Tree: The man sits with his legs extended. The woman straddles his thighs, embracing him. He uses one hand to hold her buttocks, and the other to hold on the bed. He inserts his jade stalk.
Cat and Mouse Sharing a Hole: The man lies on his back, his legs extended. The woman crouches on top of him, thighs spread, with his jade stalk deep inside her. Another man lies on her back, also inserting his jade stalk into her jade gate.

Donkeys of Spring: The woman holds on to the bed with her hands and feet. The man stands behind her, embracing her waist with his hands. He inserts the jade stalk into the jade gate. Very elegant!

Dog of Autumn: The man and the woman both hold on to the bed with their hands and feet, back to back, their haunches pressing against each other. He lowers his head and uses one hand to push his jade object into the jade gate.
Spider Trapped in Its Own Web, in which the woman dangles from a set of ropes that hang from the ceiling, as if on a swing, or rides on a horizontal bar, with her thighs spread; and Feast of Peonies, in which the man lies on his back with one woman riding him and another sitting on his face. The trio position, it should be pointed out, was in those days a respectable family union in traditionally polygamous China.
The Sexual Duel of Pluck-and-Nurture : Battering for the Elixir of Life

Like AN UNDULATING DRAGON, the white wall with its wavy, tiled top enclose the secluded garden. On the far side, bamboos sway in the refreshing breezes of a summer evening. Goldfish swim languidly in an irregularly shaped pond fringed with greenery and spanned by a narrow, arched bridge of brilliant vermilion. On one side is a low, rambling house with curved eaves and upswept roof corners. The fragrance from a clump of jasmine bushes lends an intoxicating sensuousness to the air. A man and a woman sit by a table near a giant boulder. They sip warm rice wine from little porcelain cups and sample delicacies from several plates. The maidservant who brought the dishes has promptly disappeared. The man and woman converse in hushed tones. As the man continues talking, one of the long, loose sleeves of his muslin robe brushes against a pair of chopsticks, sending them off the table. He stoops down and crouches under the table. He stoops down and crouches under the table to retrieve them. Instead his hand touches her small, dainty foot. “Oh!” The woman gasps in apparent consternation. The man be gins to fondle her feet. Her face blushes a shocking pink . He stands up and walks to her side. Holding her cringing shoulders with his hands, he puts his nose next to the nape of her neck to sniff-kiss her. “Please! Please! Don’t!” She whispers protestations. Then, as his sniff-kisses reach her cheek, she suddenly turns her face and kisses him full on the mouth. She always has appeared demure and ladylike, hut he knows better. These women are all alike, with their hold shoulders and hot lips, their so/t glances and hard nipples. Often he has sensed a hidden voluptuousness in this beautiful young widow, and he has worked for months to trap her. Their mating dance has been protracted. Veiled with traditional etiquette and expressed in subtly coded words, their time consuminq exchanqes of signals finally made her consent to this dinner in his elegant garden. After he made a pilgrimage to a Taoist mystic high in the mountains a few years ago, his life has never been the same. He has been transformed from a decorous, book-wise scholar to a master in bedroom kunq fu-the kind that makes women die without killing them. The mountain reluse taught him the secrets of Taoist sexual alchemy, priceless for health and a delight to practice. The most potent elixir of life, he learned, is the essence that the opposite sex secretes at the height of sexual ecstasy. If one can pluck this essence at the crucial moment, one can nurture one’s own sexual potency and longevity perhaps even become an immortal. The secret of pluck-and-nurture, the mystic told him, lies in exciting a woman sexually and bringing her to a climax, more than once if possible, then a6sorbiyq her orgasmic fluids. But he was warned: “Most important: Never emit yourself. It would be a great calamity.”

Since then he has used his skills on women of various vintages. He plays with them; leads them on; pushes them over the brink. While the women enjoy their ecstasy, he gets their elixir: He has succeeded with all the women he has taken to bed, driving their wild with his nearly perfect self-control. This has, given him a certain reputation. He is no lecher, just a zealous lover of the ultimate health food. The man and the woman walk into the house, murmuring to each other all the way. Soon they enter a bedchamber. Dominating it is an enormous traditional bedstead, almost a miniature room by itself. An intricately carved ebony latticework frame, guards three sides of the bed. Inside the latticework harqs a wraparound muslin curtain; its two front flaps are secured with a pair of large silver hooks, from which dangle beads and semi precious stones. As soon as they sit on the bed, the man and the woman resume their kissing. He slowly disrobes her-the sash around her waist, her silkgown, her chemise, her bodice, finally her trousers. The woman’s half-resisting, half yieldinq responses only excite his ardor. When they are both naked, he casts his eyes on the luscious feast of tonic food spread before him: her almond eyes, her cherry mouth, her hare arms that remind him of clean-scrubbed lotus roots. Her breasts are like two mounds of newly congealed tofu, each topped with a freshly peeled lotus seed. Now Ire is about to sample the delicacies. In so doing, he will enrich her essence for his purpose. This will be the most sumptuous dish of feast of longevity. He pays homage to every part of her delectable body with a hundred fingers and a thousand lips, alternating subtle tenderness with brazen boldness. She retreats like a fleeing animal, but every once In a while stops to tease and taunt him. For a long time their whole world is a tangle of lets and loins, of soft warm fresh and dripping tongues. He pauses to look at this amazing woman. Her translucent, porcelain skin, moist with perspiration, exudes a delicate female aroma. She is breathing deeply, giving little sensual tremors to her dimple o% a navel and her willow waist. Just beneath these, her cinnabar field bulges ever so slightly with its abundant essence. She spreads before him a freshly opened pomegranate with crimson pulp. Now that Yin and Yang are in perfect harmony for a joyous union, he begins his sacred mission into the grotto of love-the mystic grotto out of which babies come, and into which grown men strive to enter. As he begins his journey, her dark eyes, up to now half closed in a velvety languor, suddenly open with a glazed stare of sharp desire. His swordsmanship has been called magnificent. His thrusts, parries, and ripostes have vanquished the deadliest of boudoir adversaries.

Soon she responds-“No! No! No! No!”-and, gasps to his rhythm. The silver hooks of the bed curtain tinkle ever so faintly as the dance of life goes on. To him this is an exercise in pleasure, but one of supreme importance. It is even better than ginseng, and much more fun. He tumbles her around in various positions taught by the masters, to bring the desired effect on her. He recites silently to himself the secret passages from that amazing book on sexual alchemy: “The white tiger swings hither and you. The blue dragon moves up and down. The moon grotto closes and opens. The heavenly root thrusts and strums…. I must contract my rectum, hold my breath, close all my orifices. Now the dragon seizes the tiger buttocks, presses the tiger bosom. Sucks the tiger tongue, clasps the tiger waist, and raises the tiger knees… Let the tiger move. Let it sway. Let it emit. When the tiger’s golden eyes float upward in ecstasy, it is emitting.” It seems to work well, he tells himself. The sedate chrysanthemum is turning into a dew-drenched peony quivering helplessly in the wind. When the tiger’s golden eyes float upward, he can pluck her elixir. Soon. Very soon. She will drown in her own juices. She must be the most wanton woman this side of the Great Wall. The peony is dripping with dew, but it is not yielding its elixir. This delicate, lovely woman is stronger than he thought. The battle might be a long one. The best repertoire of his bedroom kung fu must be invoked. He moves on to the devastating technique of variegated thrusts. From nine shallow, one-deep he shifts to eight-slow, two-fast. It must be working. Her voice and movements betray a string of tiny sensual ripples in her, but the big explosion does not come. She remains at the edge of the precipice but does not fall off. He must work harder. The harvest will be bountiful. Suddenly, shrill alarms sound throughout his body . He himself is on the brink. Immediately he stops and holds on to her to check her motions.

Now they are like two status frozen in a weird dance. He will resume the battle after this respite and, in the next round, surely push her over the cliff. Her body, like his, is now perfectly still, but he feels some little tremors in her moon grotto. The tremor grow into spasms. The cinnabar grotto of this lascivious woman seems to have a life of its own. It is opening and shutting and squeezing in a most unnerving manner. In seconds, the Yellow River is breaching its dikes. He finds himself ejaculating. His jade stalk, hitherto an invincible conqueror in the arena of pluck-and-nurture, is being milked helplessly by the pulsating wall of her moon grotto, while the flower heart deep inside her is voraciously draining his essence. His defeat is total-and humiliating. He collapses onto the bed, feeling like a fly sucked dry by a voracious spider. Weakly he moans: “What have you done to me! Years of cultivation and nurture, all gone!” She replies quietly:” As a man, sir, you have a reputation for plucking us women. For more than two hours you did your best to extract my nectar. Instead, I got yours.” He groans in despair. She continues:” So what’s wrong for a woman to pluck a man? In the battle of pluck, my dear friend, one must accept defeat as well as victory.” “You’ve ruined me,” he whimpers. “You-you wanton fox demon!” “Nonsense! Don’t you believe those shamans. You’re not ruined-unless you do it too often. We both enjoyed what has happened. And it will keep us both young.” Responses are observed in the other, and concentrate on whatever best excites the latter. People exhibit a wide variety of reactions to erotic stimulation, whether it be external stimulation of the body or internal stimulation of the mind-or both. Some moan, some whisper, some talk a blue steak, some ululate like banshees. Others, instead of vocalizing their reactions, express them in body language, from epileptic thrashing to apparent rigor mortis.

A sensitive lover can gauge a partner’s reactions to love-play. The various reactions, or symptoms o arousal, range from physiological, reflecting the sensory input experienced by the body, to cerebral, reflecting thoughts and emotions exciting the mind. Men often readily to physical stimulation, while most women are put in an erotic mood more easily by psychological stimulation of thoughts and emotions. The relative power of physical and psychological stimuli, however, varies among individuals and over time within the same individual. Love-play starts, or should start, long before a kiss or an embrace. It may begin with a subtle innuendo, an erotic code word, a brazen sexual invitation. Or the body may speak with a glance, a smile, a toss of hair or heave of bosom. Or the opening signals may begin amid an erotic ambience of low lights, sensual music, the scent of flowers or natural perfume of the body. Familiar partners, especially long-married spouses, often telescope or even skip love-play, but an occasional return to romance could banish bedroom blahs and lend a piquant touch to lovemaking. The physical phase of love-play should be approached with caution. Since love-play and coitus arc the most intimate acts shared by two individuals, personal hygiene is of paramount importance

As men are more genital-oriented than women, a man might tend to go directly to his partner’s genitals at the start of love-play. This may dampen the ardor of a sensitive woman. Since any sudden sexual act could be either elixir or poison to a sensitive partner, especially a female, one should respect all the dos and don’ts, and watch for the various traffic signs-“slow,” “yield,” “stop,” soft shoulder,” “curve ahead,” “slippery when wet.” If one wants to venture into uncharted territory, a good tactic is to zip in tentatively and zip out immediately, to test the partner’s reaction. If the reaction is clearly negative, change course. If the resistance seems halfhearted or a mere ritual, use the Taoist tactics of two steps forward, one step back. With this strategy in love-play, one may discover untold delights that both partners secretly yearn for but are reluctant to admit verbally.

Anytime and anywhere could be good for love-play. Although some lovers, out of either inventiveness or desperation, are attracted to unconventional, even dangerous, locales, most prefer a more romantic environment-a secluded, moonlit beach, or a cozy, dimly lit living room, with the flowing cadences of a piano in the background, or a candlelit bedroom, perhaps with the bed strewn with rose or jasmine petals.

Love-Play Has a prelude
The prelude to love-play may be deliberately programmed or entirely spontaneous. A nervous laugh, significant glance, double entendre, or similar gesture or comment from either partner could touch off a train of delightful events-whether a brief exchange of sensual affections or lengthy lovemaking in the form of repeated, passionate coitus. The signals may be romantic. By stroking the partner’s palm very lightly with a tiger or sucking a fingertip, one can ignite an all-night conflagration. Occasional butterfly kisses-quick, Iight, flirtations-here and there on the partner’s arm, face, and neck titillate. Nibbling an earlobe is one way to excite a partner. After all, some of the accupoints on the ear are love points. The natural fragrance of a clean woman is intoxicating to some men, especially during; an erotic encounter.

Olfactory sensitivity is a major clement in Chinese erotic poetry, as seen in the celebrated poem “Ten Fragrances,” mentioned earlier. It is also important in the West. The French, for instance, use the term cassolette (perfume pan) to describe the fragrance from a woman’s body-lips, hair, skin, armpits, vulva-as well as her fingertip. This natural feminine fragrance is best enjoyed with the sniff-kiss, or so-called Chinese kiss, done by putting one’s nose next to the selected area of the partner’s body and sniffing away soulfully. The Chinese use the nasal kiss mainly as an affectionate gesture with little children and as a flirtation act between sexes. Lip-kissing is strictly an erotic bedroom act in China.

lf partners are dining privately, perhaps with candlelight and soft music, feeding one another may be stimulating. The feeding can progress from spooning food into one another’s mouth, to mouth- transfer of soft food. Ideal erotic foods for this purpose include peaches, jelly, raw oysters, and clams. Mouth-to-mouth feeding of wine is an age-old sensual act that tantalizes many lovers. Some people delight in pouring a little champagne into the navel of the partner, and drinking from-as well as Iicking and kissing-the fleshy cup. The chilled, fizzing champagne stimulates the partner onto whose nave it is poured. Warm rice wine, such as Chinese Shaoshing or Japanese Sake, is a good alternative. One of the great preliminaries to sex is dancing-touch dancing. Many forms of dancing, in fact, are evolved from stylized, symbolic representations of the sexual act. Touch dancing may permit one to sense a lot physically about one’s partner through rhythm, movement, and body contact-even with the clothes on. A discerning individual can appraise intuitively the sexual style of the dancing partner. Dancing in private while half dressed or undressed is a spicy prelude to love-play. Signals of this prelude are often playful. Sporadic, fleeting gestures carried out in a seemingly accidental or absentminded manner have a built-in safety cushion in case of resistance, yet they may be very tantalizing to a receptive target. Some signals are especially effective, whether one is dealing with a sexually inhibited partner or a familiar but hitherto platonic friend. One is the “dead hand,” by which a person “absentmindedly” and lightly places a hand on another’s upper arm, shoulder, waist, or thigh. If the reaction is negative, the hand is promptly withdrawn; if there is no negative reaction, it remains there without any movement, as if dead; if the reaction is positive, the dead hand comes to life and becomes progressively friskier. Another playful ploy is a pinch, applied on some firm, fleshy part of the body such as the shoulder if one is shy, or the thigh or buttocks if one is bolder. The surprise smack, administered in the form of a single resounding slap on the recipient’s rear, is a great ice-breaker at an opportune moment, for instance when the person targeted is picking something up from the floor. Tickling, popular with teenagers, is also great for grown-ups, because the sensation is definitely sexual. The armpits, the undersides of he knees, the soles of the feet, the nape of the neck, the sides of he torso, and the inner thighs are most sensitive to tickling. An infallible erotic prelude is friendly wrestling. Since this playful tussle require neither a referee nor rules, a handcuff hold by the stronger part may easily lead to more interesting activities. A preliminary with great physical potential is the pillow tight. This bedroom game may dissipate any latent sexual hostility and at the same time bring partners to enjoy erotic playfulness. Down pillows with no buttons or other hardware attached are the ideal weapons. One can hit the opponent at various strategic spots with great gusto, without causing any real injury, as long as no heavy blows reach the face, breasts, or genitals of either partner. As a vigorous pillow fight may result in a mess of flying feathers, one might want to consider pillows with synthetic or rag stuffing. As for clothing, a couple may start their love-play dressed, partly dressed, or undressed, according to their personal taste and the whim of the moment. Disrobing oneself rapidly bespeaks either great urgency or lack of finesse. Sometimes partners’ undressing each other can be a potent source of erotic arousal, seductive and titillating. This can be done slowly, in for example a game of strip poker, in which the loser of each round must divest one or more articles of clothing.

Pressing on at Love-Play
Whether the prelude lasts the wink of an eye or an hour, or even days, the unmistakably sexual love-play that follows often evokes all the senses of both partners: This phase of lovemaking consists mainly of kissing, hugging, and caressing. These activities can be enjoyed with endless variations. They involve the entire body and eventually focus on the genital area.

Kissing is an effective and essential part of love-play. The mouth, lined with soft, pliable tissues including keen tactile and taste sensors, is an erotic organ. lt is extremely responsive to sexual stimulation. The sensitive nerve endings on the lips and tongue and elsewhere inside the mouth can react erotically to the touch of a lover’s lips, tongue, and in moments of passion, teeth. The tactile sensation varies with the amount of suction used. Since the olfactory nerve cells in the nose are near the mouth, the scent of a partner’s breath, mouth, and the surrounding skin is highly arousing, especially when combined with the very personal taste of lips and tongue. In erotic mouth-to-mouth kissing, one touches, tastes, and smells a member of the opposite sex; this intimacy is analogous to coitus. The erotic kiss may be as light and fickle as a flitting butterfly, or as deep and enduring as the celebrated French kiss, indulged in by the young people of Pays de Mont in Brittany, in which lovers use their tongues to penetrate and explore one another’s mouth, sometimes for hours on end. Deep kissing is usually the first undeniably erotic act between lovers. Depending on the degree of intimacy and the mood of the intimacy it often leads to other forms of touching, namely caressing. Experienced lovers who want to arouses and pleasure their mates have quite a store of information on this: modern sexologists have enumerated erogenous zones, and ancient Taoists mapped various love points on the body. Any part of the body, actually, could be an erogenous zone. Stroking the nape of the neck lightly, kissing the sides of the neck, probing the car opening with a stiff tongue, nibbling the earlobe might bring a partner to a high pitch. Other erogenous zones are the armpits; inside the elbows, thighs, and knees; at the lower spine; and of course, in the genital areas. Some of the love points identified by the ancient Taoists coincide with the erogenous zones, while others do not. The sensitivity of the commonly accepted erogenous zones differs among individuals; some people, in fact, are completely without sensitivity in certain areas. Some women’s breasts are so sensitive that when caressed the woman may reach an orgasm; other women may be unarousable when so caressed. In zones generally Iess sensitive than the breast, the reaction is even more unpredictable. But most people’s erogenous zones arc erotically sensitive. A careful lover first explores and experiments on these areas in love-play to find the most effective way to arouse and pleasure the partner. Sensitivity to erotic caresses usually increases from the extremities of limbs to the torso, and from the peripheral parts of the torso to its middle. Caressing a partner in the peripheral areas and progressing to more sensitive areas tends to create a crescendo of desire.

Kissing naturally merges with caressing in love-play. With some exceptions, a good lover does not zero in on the partner’s genitals in the beginning, something not even on the breasts. An inexperienced or inconsiderate lover, usually the male, is often guilty of heavy-handed love-play. A rough squeeze or two of a woman’s breasts, a Firm grab of her buttocks, and he is ready for penetration and discharge. Such a crude style turns many women off. What turns them on, at least in the beginning, are gentle and tender caresses. Energetic, vigorous love-play is effective when the partner has been highly stimulated already. Even many men are aroused more by love-play that titillates and tantalizes. And it should he remembered that the sight, sound, and scent of an aroused mate are often potent aphrodisiacs.

Most women are highly stimulated by having their breasts caressed and kissed. There is an important nerve link between a woman’s lips and her breasts, and mother between her breasts and her genitals; thus mouth-to-mouth) kissing often makes her nipples become erect, and stimulation of her breasts by a lover often causes her clitoris to become erect and her sexual juices to flow. A good kiss is, therefore, the start of a delightful “downhill” journey. In some passionate women more psychological reactions ma make their nipples erect. But most are aroused by a combination of psychological factors and the physical love-play at their breasts. A good lover therefore, after kissing and caressing his partner s face, neck, and shoulders, will go on to her breasts. When done with tender passion, this will greatly arouse his partner. Most women enjoy having their breasts cupped and hefted with the palms, lightly stroked around the nipples, rhythmically and gentle squeezed. They love having their breasts kissed, and their nipples rhythmically and playfully licked with the tip of the tongue. The tongue’s underside is smooth, like the lips, and its top is rough. By using the smooth and rough sides alternately, a man can give varying sensations to a woman. Only after such exquisitely stimulating preliminaries should he go on to lower areas-buttocks, groin, perineum, vulva, clitoris.

Genital Carressing-And Beyond: Love-play progresses naturally to the genital area. Caressing a lover’s genitals-with the hand, the mouth, or another part of the body-is the most passionate and intimate form of noncoital erotic communication between lovers. It may end right there, to be repeated some other time; it may result in orgasm; it may lead directly to coitus. Genital caressing may involve any of a number of techniques: stroking, pressing, rubbing, vibrating, tickling, thrusting, kissing, nibbling, licking, sucking-all carried out with varying pressure, speed, and rhythm. Some people delight in continuous, relentless caresses, while others prefer a teasing, repeated stop and-go approach. As all these genital organs are made of tender, sensitive tissue, genital caressing is best begun with slow, light touches; it may then progress to more active, speedier, heavier caresses. Such a gradual buildup prepares the participants not only emotionally but also physically; among other things, it promotes genital lubrication, without which any heavy, passionate caress would be uncomfortable, even painful. Different techniques of caressing suit different zones of the pubic area. Light strokes and soft kisses are most arousing to the insides of the thighs and groin. The cinnabar field and a woman’s mons veneris respond favorably to the massaging palm. The fleshy derriere can with stand much heavier caresses, such as kneading, squeezing, and light smacking. Stroking the buttocks with an occasional side excursion to the perineum is quite arousing. Oral-genital play ranges from lightly kissing a lover’s genitals to using the mouth and tongue as sexual organs in simulated copulation. Some people find this thrilling, while others arc repelled by it. According to recent polls conducted by Redbook and other magazines, a large majority of Americans in higher education and income groups experiment with or regularly practice cunnilingus, fellatio, and such play.

One of the most erotically sensitive zones, and often one of the most neglected, is the perineum, the site at a cluster of sexual nerve endings. It corresponds to the hui-yin acupoint, which stimulates male erection as well as female desire. Caressing the perineum lightly with the fingers or the tip of the tongue is very stimulating.
Many think of the anus as surely an excretory organ. Actually, it is connected with sexual nerves, some of which are highly aroused when the anus-washed very clean-is caressed. The French use the term postillonage to describe pressing and poking it with a finger, and feuille de rose (rose leaf) to describe licking it and probing into it with the tip of the tongue. Anal caressing is a matter of personal preference.

Genital Segretions
The caressing; and the kissing of the genitals inevitably involve genital secretions, nature’s ingenious preparation for coitus. By lubricating the sexual organs, these secretions facilitate intercourse. As a
pheromune they also act as a sexual attractant, arousing partners greatly. The ancient Taoists considered ample lubrication of paramount importance for pleasurable sex. So do modern sexologists, who suggest substitutes such as saliva or artificial lubricants in case of emergency. As with food, natural ingredients are always the best.

From a scientific point of view, genital secretions are similar to saliva. The genitals, if carefully cleaned, have a lower bacterial count than the mouth. Genital secretion from an aroused male comes as a clear, slippery liquid oozing from the mouth of the penis. It originates in two pea-size glands just beneath the prostate, and several smaller ones in the urethra. This secretion is not semen, although if the man becomes highly aroused it may contain a small amount. In the woman, a similar liquid is emitted from four vestibular glands around the vagina opening. Under sexual excitement, the wall of the vagina also “sweats” out a liquid, which at times can be copious. The semen ejaculated during male orgasm comes from the testicles and the prostate. This sticky, milky fluid becomes more liquid sexual exposure to air. As mentioned earlier, sexologists report that some women ejaculate a fluid when they have a deep uterine orgasm. This transparent liquid serves no biological function and is believed by some sexologists to enhance sexual pleasure.

Warning: Unless a couple has had a strictly monogamous relationship for years, and each partner knows of thc other’s sexual history, and has tested negative for HIV, it is not safe to indulge in any love-play or coitus that involves the exchange of bodily fluids.

Caressing The Moon Grotto
Kissing and caressing by her lover normally are sufficient to arouse a woman so that her moon grotto is lubricated and her clitoris is erect. Her partner can easily ascertain this by occasional quick forays to the vaginal area when he is fondling; her thighs and buttocks. The clitoris is very sensitive to touch. Its shaft rather than its sensitive tip should be caressed; in some women the tip can stand only the lightest touch, and a heavy caress could be uncomfortable. Next are the labia minora, or inner lips, at the vulva. By alternately caressing the clitoris and the vulva, first Iightly, then moderately, a man may intensify his partner, pleasure rapidly. By stroking along the labia minora and then around the rim of the vagina opening with his middle and index fingers, he can induce more lubrication to flow. If he scoops up these secretions with his fingers, he can rub the shaft of the clitoris with them. If the woman spreads her thighs wide, the classics indicate, she is responding favorably to the manual love-play. When her partner gets this signal, his fingers can probe deeper into her moon grotto. He can intensify her sensations by using one or two fingers to go deep, touch her flower heart, and stroke it lightly.

If the love-play is aimed at the woman’s orgasm, the man can bring her to climax by stimulating her clitoris. Some women are capable of multiple orgasms through clitoral stimulation. A few passionate women can go from orgasm to orgasm for a considerable time. The man can bring her to a much more intense uterine orgasm by caressing her G spot; many women, however, appreciate a deep orgasm better during coitus, if the man knows the right positions and dynamics. He can find the G spot by inserting his middle and index fingers about two inches inside the opening of the grotto. With his finger pads facing the front wall of the grotto canal, he massages exploring]y. He can tell from the woman’s reaction whether he has found the bean-size spot, which may protrude slightly upon stimulation. Once there, he can press the spot lightly and rhythmically. By pushing down on her mons veneris with the palm of the other hand at the same time, the man can increase the pressure on the spot

Caressing The Jade Stalk
Caressing the male genitals can be tricky, depending on whether the man is to ejaculate or not. If he is not, either he should be conversant with the techniques of orgasmic brinkmanship, or there should be prior agreement in what signals he should live the woman to stop as soon as he senses the appruaelr at his crisis. An experienced woman can sense which the man is near the brink even without his signalinl;, and beat a hasty retreat. But since a man’s power to hold back may vary from time to time, it is always safer to prearrange some signals.

Fondling the jade stalk is best done by first lightly stroking the perineum with the fingertips. The woman fingers then move softly to the back, bottom, and front of the scrotum with half tickling, half-soothing caresses. As the scrotum is the most vulnerable part of the man’s body, the woman should stroke and tickle the testicles delicately. Pinching, squeezing, or nipping; them is not love-play; it may cause excruciating pain, injury, or disability. After fondling the man’s testicles, the woman’s fingers move to his erect stalk. By gripping firmly near the tip with her palms and fingers, and moving her grasp toward the base, she makes its skin more taut. This exposes and tightens the engorged glans, or crown, which she can stimulate with the fingertips of the other hand, with short, light to-and-fro friction. The underside of an erect stalk is more sensitive than the upper side, and the glans and the ridge around its base are even more sensitive. The most sensitive part of the male stalk is the triangular knot-shaped frenulum at the underside of the ridge.

If there has been lubrication of the glans, the woman can smear the secretion with a fingertip in a rotary motion around the glans she can do the same with her own saliva. The woman can vary the caress by pumping the shaft up and down with her grasping hand but she must take care not to bring the man to ejaculation, unless this is intended. This stop-and-go technique can help the man de lay or avoid ejaculation, while giving him great pleasure and rousing him tremendously.

If she desires, the woman can supplement her caressing wit kissing the stalk. While holding the shaft, she can tentatively kiss the glans, then take it from there hills and dales. This partner should lie totally relaxed, with eyes closed. Apply the springy tip of the brush to the partner’s body like a flirtatious butterfly-here, there, everywhere. ‘1’l~c tip of the brush first Hits lightly over hands and feet, then moves to arms, legs, and other parts of the body. The “artist” concentrates on such sensitive spots as the fingertips, the plams, the insides at the elbows, the armpits, the soles, between the toes, behind the knees, and especially the insides of the thighs. Various parts of the face, including the lips, are titillated next. Then down the neck to the breasts, the cinnabar field, and the groin. The butterfly touches are delicious to the closed-eyed partner-especially a, it is not know where they will Iand next. The tiny, electric spasms created on the skin are likely to bring forth a plea for firmer caresses. The artist should not give in to such a plea until the moist landing is ready.

For this exquisite stage, dip the tip of the brush in a little aromatic oil. On a woman, caress her areolas and nipples with the oiled brush; go around and around, and Hit between the breasts. Next, open her legs and let the butterfly flirt along her perineum and vulva. Then brush her clitoris, first in upward strokes, next in a circular motion. On a man, brush his perineum and scrotum and the exposed glans. You may give your loved one a marvelous, unforgettable hour with this extraordinary game.

A woman with long eyelashes can turn them into spring butterflies by blinking at her partner at extremely close quarters. A man can commandeer his moustache for the same purpose. Such maneuvers may prove exhausting, however, if the whole territory is to be covered.

Peacock Tease
This game was invented centuries ago, when the peacock feather became a decoration of meritorious service to the emperor. Noblemen who were interested in a different type of meritorious service used a peacock feather playfully on their women. Nowadays either partner, male or female, can use the feather on the other. Feathers from ostriches, pheasants, storks, and even chickens also can be used. Be advised that feathers do not have as wide a variation in pressure as an artist’s brush.

Spider’s Legs: In this French love-game, pattes d’aragnee, the fingertips and finger pads play on the partner’s body hair, and occasionally skin, with the lightest touches possible. Like the spring butterfly, the spider can go all over the body.

Silk Tease: For this love game, a scarf or lingerie of genuine silk is preferable; otherwise soft acetate will do. Do not use nylon, as it is too stiff. Crumple the scarf or other item slightly in your hand, and use it to caress various parts of your partner’s body. Silk gives a rich, luxurious sensation, quite different from that of brush-pens or feathers.

Sniff-Kissing: The sniff kiss is used here to its full extent if your partner’s skin is perfumed lightly with crushed jasmine or tuberose, or if your partner’s body emits its own sexual aroma. Begin by inhaling and sniffing the breath of your loved one. Nudge your nose on your partner’s checks, eyelids, and neck, and continue the scented pilgrimage up the peak and down the valley. The natural scent of aroused genitals is a strong aphrodisiac between lovers.

Tongue Sweep: This game may-and quite naturally does-start with a roving kiss. The tongue is lavished on a partner with touches ranging from the lightest tickling with the tip to a firm brushing with it rough surface. Zero in on the ear cavity, under the chin, and the palms and soles. Then target the navel, the breasts and nipples, in side the thighs, and the perineum. A thorough tongue tease will deplete your supply of saliva no matter how much you may drool. lntersperse the sweep wit sniff-kisses.

Love Points: Among the most fascinating but least known aspects of ancient Chinese erotica is the system of specific acupoints along the body’s meridians that when properly stimulated cause immediate sexual arousal, long-term boosting of sexual stamina, and/or tune-up of the autonomic nervous system controlling many sexual sensations and functions. Each of these love points is a carfully mapped acupoint in classical acupuncture. Each has an equivalent international code number used by Western and other non-Chinese researchers in acupuntcure. The hui-yin point on the perineum, for example, now carries the international label “CV-1” (number 1 point of the conception vessel). In traditional acupuncture, most of these accupoints have general health as well as sexual functions. The love points are presented here in a very simplified manner, and are selected according to the zones of the body rather than an apecific meridian. This is for the practical use of modern lovers who do not have the time or patience to spend months studying such acupoints. The love points can be located on the relevant maps on this page and the following two pages; individual names are given only for selected points.

Love points are scattered all over the human body, but the manjority are concentrated on the torso.
Acupressure, not acupunture, may be used on love points; indeed, some love points should never be pricked by needles. Some points may be stroked or gently pressed and vibrated with the fingertips, while others may be massaged with the palm. It is a t times difficult to locate love points and other acupoints on the body, but in many cases they can be found if finger pressure causes a sensation of tenderness. Partners who want to locate the points, and play the game, should study the maps and explore. The game of love points may be played as ongoing, long-term therapy for sexual energy, or it may serve as an interlude during love-play. Partners may want to combine love-point acupressure with erotic massage, discussed later.
The major love points are described below, with suggestions on how to stimulate them:

Perineum: The hui-yin (sex crossroads), one of the most important love points, is located at the midpoint of the perineum, slightly beneath the skin. In acupuncture, it is important in treating penile pain, vaginitis, irregular menstruation, and prolapse of the uterus. For sexual arousal in love-play, the perineum may be stroked and the point pressed with a fingertip for 4 seconds, then release and pressed again, 4o times or for 5 minutes. This point is one of the two known erection centers for men.

Cinnabar field: From the navel down to the pubic symphysis (at the front of the pubic bone, felt just above the genitals) is a line of seven love points. An approximate way to locate them is to consider thc distance between thc navel and the pubic symphysis as five segments, each a little over an inch long. The navel itself has a love point. One segment below it is yin-chiao (sexual junction). Half a segment below This is CIII-II~II (sea of gate), a major love point next to the cinnabar field. Half a segment below it is shih-men (stone gate). Below it, at the bottom of each of the next three segments are kuen-yuan (pass of primacy), chung-chi (ultimate middle), and chu-ku, the pubic bone. These seven front midline love points are intimately linked with sexual well-being and sexual desire. During love-play all of them should be stroked and pressed with the palm. They should be pressed or rubbed lightly-never heavily-with the fingertip, the finger pad, or the thumb. Press each time for about 3 to 5 seconds; then release and press again. By moving down from the navel to the pubic area, and giving gentle acupressure some to times to each point, one progresses to points of increasing arousal. A tirlnecd-up tongue-tip may be used in place of the finger.

Breasts: Love points on the female breasts are both for short-term arousal and long-term enlargement. Each of the nipples contains a love point . On the breastbone, at the same Ievel of the apples, is another, something called the middle cinnabar field. About an inch up from each nipple toward the corresponding shoulder is another love point. At the base of the breasts are two more pairs. Except for the point on the breastbone, the love points are to be pressed and stroked with the palm and palpated lightly with the finger.

Groin: About two inches down the crease between the abdomen and the thighs are a pair of love points. Touching them, by pressing lightly and stroking along the groin with the fingertips, may alleviate frigidity and importance.

Upper back: There are four pairs at love points in the upper back that may be stimulated for sexual energy. To locate then, imagine, on either side of the spine, two parallel vertical lines, one about I1/2 inches and the other about 3 inches from the spine. The top points of these lines align with the lower and of the second thoracic vertebra; the bottom ones align with the lower end of the fifth thoracic vertebra. Press each point firmly with the fingertips for a few seconds; then release. Move to the next point. Repeat the acupressure trip a few times.
Lower back: Immediately below the second lumbar vertebra, right on the spine and a little below the back of the waist, is ming-men (life gate), an important point for sexual energy and the second erection center for the male. Press this love point firmly with the fingertips for what should be satisfying results. At the same level as this point, on either side of the spine, are two more love points, about i ? and 3 inches from the spine. They should be pressed along with the life gate.

Sacral-coccygeal area: Press firmly with the fingertips on the eight love points lined up in a narrow V on the sacrum. A ninth point is on the tip of the coccyx.

Thighs and legs: On the front of each thigh, about midway between the kneecap and the groin, are two love points. About two inches above the kneecap, at the bulge of muscles slightly toward the inside, is another point. These may be pressed firmly with the thumb.

Lower leqs: The most important love point on the lower leg is san-yin-chiao (junction of three Yins), which is on the inside of the shin, about three inches above the apex of the medial malleolus, behind the tibia. Pressure on this paint may alleviate impotence, frigidity, and premature ejaculation.

Erotic Massage
One of the most sensual games in love-play is erotic massage. The three-thousand-year-old Chinese massage is aimed not so much at the muscles as at the chi meridians and the central nervous system, which controls both body and mind. This venerable classical therapy, when specially adapted for certain areas of the body by a beloved mate, can intensify the alchemy of desire delightfully.

Numerous volumes have been written on this therapeutic art, which requires complicated techniques and much practice to be truly effective. A book of this scope, therefore, will not pretend to cover whole-body erotic massage. Rather, a few simple techniques are presented, and several areas of the body where erotic massage works best arc highlighted. Couples who combine these massage techniques with the game of love points in the preceding pages will obtain even greater effects.

Some ground rules: Since massage is a from of nonverbal communication, an unspoken rapport established between two individuals through the intimate contact of hands and body. In erotic massage, the partners are preferably nude or almost nude, to facilitate the skin-to -skin exchange of life-force and sexual energy. All parts of the body, except the genitals, may be touched. Most areas may be massaged firmly except those vulnerable to injury (e.g., abdomen, female breasts), where gentle stroking is the basic touch. The partner being massaged should lie on a floor mat, a narrow table, a daybed, or a bed with an extrafirm mattress.
Massage can be done without lubricant or, if preferred, with scented water or oil. A good homemade lubricant is mixture of two-thirds soybean oil, one-third sesame oil, and a sprinkling of aromatic essence such as lavender, chamomile, rose, sandalwood, or yang-yang. Sesame oil is very good for the skin; yang-yang, from a tropical Asian flower, is considered an aphrodisiac and has a positive effect on blood pressure. Oils are available in Chinese groceries; aromatic essences from natural food stores and pharmacies.

An erotic massage can be a whole-body affair, beginning at fingers and toes and progressing alone the limbs to the rest of the body. This easily takes an hour. Partners may prefer an abridged version concentrating on the torso and thighs, which takes 20 minutes or less. The partner being massaged should try to relax, at times with eyes closed, and breathe slowly and deeply with the diaphragm. Manipulative techniques are numerous, and include effleurage (long, rhythmic stroking), protect the tender skin here from friction. A woman doing the massaging should use her free hand to push the man’s genitals slightly to the side.

Thighs: Grasp front muscles of the thigh with the fingers and then massage the entire perineum, from the edge of the vulva or the bottom of the scrotum. If this is done with finesse, the sexual life-force of the massaged partner will flare up, so that the partners can go directly to coitus, or to more intense love games such as Playing the Flute or Jade Fountain.

Three Fountains
The triple game of Three Fountains is based on the Art of the Three Peaks, which enables a man to obtain sexual nutrients from the three peaks of a woman’s body: the Red Lotus Peak (tongue), the Twin Lotus Peaks (breasts), and the Purple Agaric Peak (clitoris). On each peak is a fountain: the Heavenly Fountain, the Twin Fountain, and the Jade Fountain, respectively. The triple game may be played separately, or in sequence during love-play. It is described here as three individual games:

Heavenly Fountain: This love game, which can be played between partners during deep kissing, involves stimulating secretion of the partner’s saliva, and drinking it as an elixir. While kissing, use your tongue to caress your partner’s tongue. Then use the tip of the tongue to sweep over and titillate the roof of your partner’s mouth next to the molars on both sides, where ducts leading from saliva glands are located, and to sweep the floor of your partner’s mouth along the inside of the teeth and especially next to the tongue’s root, where numerous ducts Iead from saliva glands in the law. The tongue stimulation will produce a rich How of saliva in the Havenly Fountain of both partners. Ancient sexologists considered saliva a sexual elixir; modern scientists say it contains a sex hormone and substances called semio-chemicals whose taste is craved by the opposite sex. Drink it from the source.

Twin Fountains: Kissing the female breast is universally done, and a man can give his partner great pleasure by pretending to nurse at her breasts, as if he were a baby. Suck the nipples lightly and rhythmically, occasionally tickling them with the tip of the tongue Use a hand to “milk” mother while sucking. Unless your partner is a nursing mother, the milk here is spiritual. And even a dry run is fun.

Jade Fountain: Drinking directly from the jade fountain represented a serious quest for life-nutrients to sexual alchemists. As a modern love game, it is a most delightful experience for women. This is not the run-of-the-mill oral-genital play of kissing the vulva; it involves the more complex eliciting off jade essence from the fountain. The experience of the man in this game has been compared to eating a freshly split pomegranate, or “peach of immortality”; the experience of the woman is indescribable.

The game requires first of all complete cleanliness. The woman lies on her back with her knees bent, her thighs spread wide, her feet on the edge of the bed; she also may slump in an armchair, with her knees bent on the armrests. The man kneels down, facing her. (Alternatively. the partners may both lie in bell ml their sides, or one on top of the other, in reverse directions. These two positions are good for this game alone or, which combined with Playing the Flute, in the favorite French game of soixante-neuf, or 69–whose very name is a visual representation of mutal oralgenital play.) The man kisses the woman’s mon veneris, then opens the outer lips of her vulva with his fingers, and kisses the inner lips. He should use his tongue to caress the inner lips, which should already be blood-engorged. If you consider the vulva as the sides of a boat, the urethra, the vaginal orifice, and the four vestibular glands arc on the bottom of this boat. Sweep the tip of the tongue up and down the boat bottom. Thrust the tongue into the vagina, and pull it out, and repeat rhythmically. The tongue caress gradually goes to the clitoral area. Kiss the little button with your lips. Suck it very gently, and tickle its tip with your tongue like a butterfly. Use the rough surface of the tongue to lick upward from the base of the clitoris shaft. Alternate the caresses between the clitoris and the vulva, concentrating on maneuvers that elicit your partner’s most enthusiastic responses.

This game will inevitably cause the jade fountain to overflow with jade essence from the vestibular glands and the grotto wall. It may produce some surprising sound effects as well.

Playing The Flute: Like Jade Fountain, this game requires scrupulous personal hygiene as well as the utmost delicacy. Some woman love it; others dislike it, usually because of thc hazards involved: the gag reflex in cases of deep throat, and inadvertent swallowing of the semen if the man is unable or unwilling to practice orgasmic brinkmanship. Some practice and cooperation, however, can get things under control easily. The rest is a matter of personal taste. The game is best begun with the woman’s kissing the man’s perineum and scrotum. Then comes the flute-playing. By holding the base of the jade flute firmly with one hand, so that it stands vertically, the woman can control the situation. Give a series of light kisses to the glans, and then hold the glans in your mouth by surrounding the ridge with your lips. Lick the glans, and especially the tiny urethra opening, with the tip of your tongue. Next purse your mouth into a tight O and imagine it as the grotto opening. Move your mouth up and down, or let your partner move the flute in and out, while your fingers play on his perineum and scrotum. Remember that the most sensitive part is the top third of the flute.

Many men, more for psychological than for physical pleasure, like their partners to deep-throat them. When the tip of the flute touches the woman’s throat, it will normally-and unpleasantly-activate her gag reflex. By practicing with a gradually deepening approach, a woman can accommodate the intruder easily, if that is what she prefers.

Flute-playing, especially the deep-throat variety, can bring a man to ejaculate in his partner’s mouth. Some women avidly swallow the elixir, which scientists say is clean and harmless and which the ancient believed beneficial. Other women, however, do not care for this. If her partner does ejaculate, a woman can keep the fluid in her mouth and then spit it out. Or better yet, she can arrange with him beforehand to signal when he senses the brink is near. These bedroom games for grown-ups can be played with many variations, according to the desires of the individuals involved. The pace may range from the leisurely to the energetic, the adaptations from the traditional to the bizarre. Whatever the erotic fancy of the lovers, they should avoid any circumstances that might cause mental, physical, or emotional harm to each other.

Easier if the man is shorter, and can be made easier if the woman stands on a low stool or other slight elevation to be higher than the man. Two much more stimulating variations require a muscular man or a light woman. In one, the couple begins in the face-to face sitting position. The man stands up after insertion, holding the buttocks of the woman, whose legs are wrapped around his back and whose hands cling to his neck. If he is up to it, the man can walk around, making a thrust with each step. The other version is more strenuous for the woman and it possible only if she is lean and supple. Once she and the man are linked, the man stands up. She wraps her legs around him, then disengages her hands from his neck and, using them to support herself, leans back so that her head reaches to the floor.

Whimsy: Then there are more or less playful positions: variations on the standards. Here are a few, requiring certain degrees of athletic ability. One popular Chinese position is “old man pushing the wheelbarrow.” This somewhat strenuous posture usually begins with the woman’s kneeling on all fours by the edge of the bed. The man stands upright and enters from the rear. The woman extends her legs, and the man holds her thighs as if gripping the handles of a wheelbarrow. They remain united as her moves slowly backward away form the bed. Using her hands as support and facing the floor, she “walks” on her hands on the floor in a coordinated movement. The man pushes her forward around the room. Another odd position which might be called “scissors, scissor, “ has a horizontal and a vertical version. Both feature a novel angle of insertion. The horizontal version is quit restful: The woman lies on her side in bed and raises her upper thigh. The man, lying on his back and spreading his thighs, moves in between her thighs. Their heads point in opposite directions, and their legs interact like two pairs of scissors trying to cut each other. The vertical version is much more athletic: The woman stands on her head, her torso and legs raised vertically with the help of the man, who stands between her spread thighs. The woman supports her upright body with her hands, while the man thrusts by bending his knees and moving up and down.

Coital Dynamics: Inexplicably, most contemporary sexology books ignore or deal cursorily with movement, angle, speed, and rhythm in sexual intercourse. To learn the art of coital dynamics, one has to consult the ancient Taoists. The Mystic Master of the Grotto’s Nine Manners of moving the jade stalk and Six Styles of penetration (see chapter 8) are poetic descriptions of the motions of sexual union. In today’s bedroom, we can take a few hints from the Mystic Master’s flowery advice and work out some pragmatic techniques. Varied motions in sexual intercourse result in varied forms, degrees, and locations of stimulation. In addition to the stimulation of the usual erogenous zones involved in love-play, partners enjoy having their own genital areas stimulated by their mates and themselves. Nature has endowed men and women differently, so delectable sex depends mostly on the coital dynamics of the female in others. By experimenting with and controlling the various factors influencing coital motion. A couple can personalize their own pattern of coital dynamics.

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