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Student’s story: heavenly thunder opening energy centers in the head!

Today we want to share with you a story on an energetic phenomenon that occurred to Master Chia’s student Samatha after taking the Breathwork Online Course. She was doing Taoist abdominal breathing and deep meditation techniques.

Samatha shares:  «I heard a loud internal cracking/boom in my head (around the 3rd eye and the crown) almost like thunder. A jolt of Qi traveled from crown, down spine, to tailbone. Since then, the following changes have occurred:

My Tan Tien heats faster and larger.

The energy rises up to the heart in a wider column.

When my husband hugs me, he says Qi is now coming from my breasts.

I have more control about closing Qi exit points.

The Qi from my hands is hotter and stronger.

I also experience some negative side-effects: I’m more temperamental, and righteous, less tolerant of harmful behavior and quicker to respond…»

What Samatha experienced is actually a common phenomenon in deep meditative work. Our brain produces electromagnetic energy, which is transmitted in meditation, causing built-up pressure to be released. As you go deeper and deeper into meditation, your bones may crack and pop in your skull from the electromagnetic energy breaking up blockages. It is a sign of efficient energy work!

The positive results are similarly mentioned by people who have their Thrusting Channels (Chong Mai) opened, which is very good. When this happens, you should be sure that your central channel is open and transfers energy faster.

The mentioned side-effects are caused by loads of released Qi building up and accumulating in different parts of the body. For instance, when Samatha got less tolerant, it meant that there was a stagnation in flow or too much Qi in her heart region.

When this happens, a practitioner should concentrate on the lower Tan Tien and send all the Qi back to where it belongs. One also may spend some time with the Three Fires exercise to circulate the trapped energy after huge energy release.

If something similar happened to you during your spiritual practice, if you want to share some story about your Qigong/meditation experience, or you have some questions, please write us at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to read and help!

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