We are glad to welcome you!

On December 8th we are starting the workshop “Taoist Secrets of Love” with Grandmaster Mantak Chia.

Would you like to get the most out of this workshop? We are here to help. Please check below the schedule and recommended products for this Workshop.

All workshops will be online LIVE, and we recommend joining LIVE  so you can ask all your questions about the practice. 

Energy Transmission will be performed on 9 December to help you open your energy channels – for the best results please join LIVE.

Zoom link for the workshop will be sent a few days before Day 1. Please note that you can use the same link for all classes.

Workshop date and timeWorkshop title
Day 1 | Friday, December 8
8:00-12:00 Paris time
Opening the spine, Inner Smile and Creation Cycle
Day 2 | Saturday, December 9
8:00-12:00 Paris time
Taoist basics, Energy Transmission and Intro into Microcosmic orbit 
Day 3 | Sunday, December 10
8:00-12:00 Paris time
Theory of Single cultivation. Energy transformation. 
Day 4 | Monday, December 11
8:00-12:00 Paris time
Closing 3 Yin. Testicle, ovarian breathing. Cool draw.
Instructor class
Tuesday, December 12
9:00-12:00 Paris time
Review Class with Walter Kellenberger
Most important exercises in Sexual Alchemy
Instructor class
Tuesday, December 12
13:00-15:00 Paris time
Iron Shirt class with Walter Kellenberger for online students
Instructor class
Wednesday, December 13
13:00-15:00 Paris time
Women’s practice class. Solo cultivation and exercises for women with Gillian Reid.!Note: you can attend both classes for women and for men if you wish
Instructor class
Wednesday, December 13
17:00-19:00 Paris time
Men’s practice class. Solo cultivation and exercises for Men with Jose Toiran.
!Note: you can attend both classes for women and for men if you wish
Day 5 | Friday, December 15
8:00-12:00 Paris time
Multiorgasmic men and women. Separating Orgasm from Ejaculation
Day 6 | Saturday, December 16
8:00-12:00 Paris time
Practice day. Upward draw, testicle breathing
Day 7 | Sunday, December 17
8:00-12:00 Paris time
Multiorgasmic Couple. 8 benefits. Sexual Reflexology
Day 8 | Monday, December 18
8:00-12:00 Paris time
Sexual Magic. Thumbdrive

If you can’t make it live, you can always watch recordings at your account at school.mantakchia.com (you have lifetime access to recordings).

We kindly invite you to check our Guide on how to find your login, password and recordings: https://school.mantakchia.com/how-to-study-at-mantak-chia-school/

2. Translations

Master Chia will teach in English. We do not have any translations confirmed for the moment. Some languages might be added if we have at least 7 requests per language before 7 of December. 

We recommend having these products by 10 December. Please note that delivery from Thailand to Europe might take 10-15 days.



Recommendation: Nephrite Jade, medium and drilled is an excellent choice for beginners. You can use a large one if you are a bigger woman or have had children. Please note, that small egg is not for petite women, but for more advanced in the practice.

You can also buy some of the products in Europe:

France/Belgium/Switzerlandhttps://benj-drouet.com/beaute-et-tao/[email protected]
Germanywww.tao-yoga.com[email protected]
Irelandwww.universaltao.ie[email protected]
Italyhttps://www.nuova-tao-italy.it/[email protected]
Switzerlandwww.universal-healing-tao.ch[email protected]

4. All participants of our Online Workshop will get a Confirmation of Attendance signed by Grandmaster Mantak Chia

If you need more information – please contact us at [email protected]