Dear students, friends and supporters of Tao Garden,

Good news is that Thailand is opening up and the Covid regulations are easing out everyday for visitors of Thailand.

As of 1 June, 2022, our latest Covid regulation comes to this.

For Thai passport holders, the application of Thailand Pass is no longer required. Please do carry your vaccination certificate with you in case the officials at the airport ask for it.

For fully vaccinated non Thai visitors, neither quarantine and nor Covid tests are required.

1. Fill the easy and simple Thailand Pass form. The approval is instant with the QR code generated. You will need that QR code to get on the flight and to enter Thailand. Please apply and upload the documents here.
2. In that form, you will need to upload the certificate of vaccination, of being fully vaccinated. Thailand accepts all of the vaccines, 2 doses even with different types. Johnson and Johnson is the only one whose one single dose is accepted.
3. Get health insurance of minimum coverage of 10,000 US$ which could be bought directly from the Thailand Pass website
4. Make sure that your passport and visa are valid. Most countries do not require a visa to enter Thailand but Visa on Arrival. Please check this with the Thai consulate in your country.

For the partial vaccinated and unvaccinated visitors, the requirement is the same but a COVID-19 RT-PCR test as well as ATK or Lateral Flow (self test) result issued no more than 72 hours before departure, uploaded that onto Thailand Pass application, is also required. No quarantine is needed.

If the partial vaccinated or unvaccinated does not have the Covid test result in the Thailand Pass form, you can get one at the airport upon arrival. Bear in mind that if the result is positive, quarantine will be needed.

All of the documents should be well prepared and clearly uploaded. The more prepared you are, the less time you will spend at the airport. A lot of tourists are coming back and the Visa on Arrival line is quite long already. Covid tests at the airport will take more than half an hour with the requiring time for the test result.

We will keep up dating the most recent regulations as soon as possible until the day when we are completely back to normal.

Please wait also for more updates of the services of Tao Garden that are coming back.

Tao Garden will slowly open with a soft opening for the Summer Retreat 2022. Participants will be able to attend the workshops both online and in person in Tao Garden. The 13 rooms of the MC guest house will soon be ready to take our first guests.

This is all very exciting that everything is returning to normal.

We look forward very much to welcome you all back to Tao Garden and to Thailand.

Registration please contact: [email protected]