by Master Chia

Water and fire combine into steam, or Chi, My dream is that everyone in the world initiates the fire and goes through the born-again process. People increasingly have less and less fire and if we cannot have any steam, the world is finished. Same thing in our bodies, if we have no chi we have nothing. The most valuable thing we have is the soul and spirit, the soul and spirit have no form and they need to take a form. Every soul comes in as an infant or a child. We come to this world with no vision and no mission and we leave the world with a soul and spirit like a child if you do not develop it.

The center of the Tao faith is Chi, which is the link between the physical soul and spirit. In Taoism, the first step is to raise your soul and spirit. We need Chi to develop.

Some people may be reticent to adopt the practice of Tai Chi and the Taoist beliefs of soul and spirit energy. I would encourage these people to consider what Chi really is: the body’s energy. And even the most stalwart opponent of Taoism cannot argue that the body has energy. When we introduce people to Taoism, we always start with Chi, when we have lesser life force, the first thing we must do is create more Chi. Everybody wants more energy. We eat healthy and exercise to get more energy. But the problem is we don’t know how to conserve our energy and we are always looking for more. We need to learn to keep the one that we have; to conserve it and recycle it.

People have much, much more energy than they think and you don’t have to go looking for more, when people learn to conserve their energy, they use less energy.

My gold project at my meditation center is a dark room-and not of the photography kind. So people can do their practice inside and get the out of body experience. People think that out-of-body is something they only experience once in their lives when they die. And some people started to discover that you can take drugs or magic mushrooms and try to have that experience, but it’s very dangerous. That is what the practice in the dark is for.

May the Chi be with you
Master Mantak Chia