by The Professor

75% of the “wastes” in the human body are lodged in the intercellular spaces of the soft tissues and in the body’s fat. Elimination of these wastes requires that they be brought into circulation and moved out of the body via the liver with the bile as the carrier. In the process of moving tissue waster, liver and gallbladder stones are purged. This is a “painless” procedure, and the single most important thing a person can do to regain control over their body terrain. Many people are able to avoid gallbladder surgery using this method.

The process should not be confused with other methods that do not expel the brown, black, and red stones (in addition to the most common and numerous green stones). Again, 75% of the wasted exiting the body with this purge are in liquid form. Stones represent only 25% of the wastes exiting the body! A liver purge stirs the entire body and must be preceded by several weeks of preparation. Yucca herbal blend brings body waste into circulation and increases bile flow (bile is what turns the stool brown and is the liver’ s primary waste product). Yucca capsules and yucca concentrates are not in racemized form and should not be used. Epsom salt definitely should not be used. Enhanced PAC are used to buffer the system while toxic wastes are moving through the body on their way to the toilet. Stone Softening Solution softens the stones so they can exit without danger or pain. Colon Prep Formula dislodges mucoid matter from the colon, walls, increases the size of bowel movements, and stimulates the liver to dump more bile. Acid wastes from the sort tissues of the entire body are carried into the intestine alone with the bile. The bile enters the small intestine 2 inches below the stomach and often causes temporary nausea, waste are easily reabsorbed as it move through 20 feet of intestine on the way to the toilet. Some people dump hundreds of stones on the first purge; others people expel few. Each flush is different. 75% of the wastes exiting the body are in liquid form! If you are older, or fat, or sick, the body releases its stones more slowly are nausea occurs frequently. Children and teenagers release stones and wastes more easily. The first stones are usually green, followed by brown, black and finally red stones, red stones being the most toxic. Most stones float and are irregular is size and shape. Sometimes yellowish/greenish cholesterol like “lard” passes before the body releases its coloured stones.


Overview Detoxification of the liver and sort tissues is central to a youthful body and a long and happy life. A liver flush is a crucial first step in the rejuvenatory process. It underwrites and enhances all other healing modalities and products. Avoid losing your gallbladder since diabetes usually follows the surgery within 20 years. (the pancreas becomes overworked and gives out. Also, as the fat piles on, the amount of oestrogen produced in the female body drastically increases creating a dangerous and vicious cycle of “unopposed oestrogen dominance.”) Use of racemized hormone precursors to normalise and complete a woman’s monthly cycle – regardless of her age – is extremely important and goes hand in hand with the purge process. Women who have ever used birth control pills, or who are using or have used any form of oestrogen replacement therapy must undue the dangerous, long term effects of those drugs.

Q: What are gall and liver stones?
A: They are combinations of metabolic and environmental waste that form and slow the flow of bile from the liver. When they leave the liver and lodge in the gallbladder, they are called gall stones.
Q: Do all people have liver stones and parasites?
A: Rare is the person without them! they are often expelled in the thousands, most the size of green peas.
Q: why is three weeks of preparation necessary before doing the initial flush/purge?
A: To prepare the body so it will “release” its wastes. Preparation is VERY_important.
Q: How long does the process take to complete?
A: About 8-10 weeks. Lead a normal life during the entire, except for the actual day of the purge.
Q: How many purges are normally done by an adult?
A: Six purges is the norm for adults. One to two for children and teenagers.
Q: Will the purge process help out intestinal parasites?
A: Yes. This is also a good time to use Parasite Purge to clear parasites from the brain, heart, glands, organs, etc.
Q: How do you know if you have parasites?
A: Parasites are a 99.9% bet for anyone of any age. In middle aged and older people, look for those tell -tale Howdie Doodie lines running from the corners of the mouth to the sides of the chin.
Q: How will I feel after a flush?
A. You may feel off for a few days as the body “settles.” Colonics are most helpful for sluggish bowels.

Instructions For Tissue & Liver & Gallbladder Purge

Follow these instructions exactly Do not short cut procedure(s). Do not use Epsom salts.

NOTE: The ideal time to balance the hormones and open the body’s hormonal receptor sites is DURING the purge program. Racemized hormone precursors ACTIVATE body systems, where liver and tissue purges move wastes and synthetic hormones out of the body

PREPARATION FOR PURGE # 1 allow 3 weeks p reparation for the initial purge preparation indudes taking 6 pac a day (chew 2 pac 3x daily or chew 3 Pac 2x daily): 1 tablespoon of Yucca with each meal meal (best taken during each meal accompanied by 2 DiSORB Aid and 2 R/HCI): and 1-2 Colon Prep Formula before each meal. If you are toxic, obese, have a poor bowel history, are over 45 years of age, or are fighting a serious disease condition. (‘own therapy is highly recommended do your own colonies (easiest and least expensive) or go ton colon therapist (ask local health food store for someone in your area) lead a normal lifestyle and work schedule incryase your water intake beginning with a quart of water immedlately upon rising. Drink another cup of water at each urination ad 5 – 10 drops of racemized sea minerals to each glass of water.

During the 8 week purge process, you may experience headaches, your body may ache, you may feel under the weather. Or you may experience flu like symptoms. When wastes are allowed to circulate, you will feel poorly. The best solution for these cleanse symptoms is to move the wastes out of the body by doing a “colonic. Or a series of 3 5 enemas (a woman’s douche bag with rectal syringe works best, is inexpensive, and is easily obtained) note a good colonic will take 1.2 hours and will use 5-20 gallons of water. An enema uses less than a quart and repuires tremendous effort. It is strongly recommended that you do a “colonic” the afternoon or evening of the purge and the following morning after each purge.

DAY OF PURGE: The FIRST purge takes place the EVENING of the last day of your three weeks of preparation (you can adjust a few days either way). One the DAY OF THE PURGE, mix one bottle of Livphos in a quart of either apple, grapefruit, or cranberry juice and drink it regularly throughout the Entire day. Also, beginning at about 10 o’clock a.m. On the day of the purge, take 2 colon prep capsules and A glass of water every 2 hours the rest of the day. Eat only apples, greens, raw vegetables, or some of the Supper foods. Skip dinner completely! I repeat, skip dinner.

Liver purge is done at bed time! Pour 1/2cup of Yucca Blend into a cup: pour 1/2 cup of “fresh” lemon juice into a second cup: and pour 1 cup of olive or sunflower oil into a third cup. The purge:The yucca all of the oil and all ofthe lemon luice, then finish drinking the remaining yucca.

The Purge:

  1. Drink some of the Yucca, all of the oil and all of the lemon juice, then finish drinking the remaining Yucca from the first up.
  2. Most people find it helpful to pinch their nose: close their eyes, turn off the lights, etc. while taking the concoction. Tell you self how much you are enjoying this procedure and how wonderful it tastes and smells. In other words, do a mind trip on yourself & do not reduce the amount of oil or you will sabotage the process.
  3. Go to bed immediately! Lay on your right side in a modified letal position (knees somewhat up towards chest as best as you can) and go to sleep. Some people find it helprul to prop themselves up to ease the nausea that sometimes accompanies this procedure.
  4. During the night, drink another cup of Yucca Blend with some warm water and return to bed. Upon rising in the morning, drink another cup of Yucca Blend in warm water.
  5. Nausea occurs because of the toxic wastes dumping from the liver into the small intestine just below the stomach outlet. Some people will vomit during the night; some won’t, the emptier and clean & your stomach and intestines are, the less nausea you will experience. Your intestines are 20 feet in length, a sluggish bowel or full gut will allow the poisons dumping from the liver to be absorbed creating the nausea. When the poisons are strong, you cannot avoid the nausea. Don’t worry about it. Do the best you can.
    Note: vomiting does not interfere with the purge process after about 4 hours after ingestion of the oil. It is not the oil that creates the nausea, it is your own body wastes!
  6. Stay at home the day following the purge. Do a colonic or a series of enemas to empty your system. Continue the series of purgcs every week or so until the series is done. Please call (509)465-4154 afer your second liver purge. Your call will be returned.
  7. Purges 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6: Prepare for and complete each additional purge the same as you did for purge one, but for only six days. The 3 weeks of preparation is not repeated during the series.