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Understanding Violet Light

by Grandmaster Mantak Chia


Violet Light


A Journey into Spiritual Harmony


Violet Light is an energy emanation that carries wisdom, higher dimensional knowledge, and healing beyond space and time. It’s a radiant, powerful force that flows throughout the Universe, connecting everything and everyone. Picture it as a cosmic glue, binding the entire cosmos together. This high-frequency energy possesses transformative abilities, helping people turn negative energy into positive vibes, healing physical and emotional wounds, and fostering spiritual growth. It is often described as a violet-colored flame that can be seen during meditation. It can be used as a tool for personal healing, as well as for spiritual protection and purification.

Located in the brain’s core and generally known as the third eye in spiritual traditions, the pineal gland serves as the cosmic recipient of Violet Light. During the transmission, the pineal gland absorbs programmed information, carrying wisdom, elevated knowledge, and healing that transcends the boundaries of space and time.

While individual experiences with Violet Light may vary, many people find it a powerful and transformative spiritual practice that can bring greater peace, harmony, and spiritual alignment into their lives. Many people witness Violet Light while meditating, doing inner-alchemical practices, or during intimate moments. This universal power is accessible to anyone with the diligence and desire to understand the true order of things and promote holistic healing.

In modern terms, Violet Light can be seen as a tool for releasing negative emotions, thoughts, and patterns that may hold us back from our full potential. It can help us transmute or transform negative energy into positive energy and bring greater peace, harmony, and spiritual alignment into our lives.

One doesn’t need complex visualizations to tap into the realm of Violet Light. Instead, it’s about good intentions and kindness. Start smiling at your heart during meditation, waiting for the loving-kindness energy to activate. With closed eyelids, gaze into the darkness; a dim light followed by a dark violet color will soon appear. Regular practice deepens your connection to Violet Light, turning it into a personal and planetary healing tool. Patience, love, and compassion are your companions on this transformative journey, and consistency is the key.


What is Primordial Sound?

Primordial Sound is the vibration underlying all creation, echoing from the Big Bang, and is the True Sound of the Cosmos. This ethereal sound is associated with harmony, balance, protection, and spiritual resonance. It holds transformative and protective properties, guiding individuals to attune to their inner wisdom and divine nature.


Are Violet Light and Ultraviolet Light the same?

No, Violet Light is not the same as Ultraviolet Light.

Ultraviolet (UV) light is a form of electromagnetic radiation that is not visible to the human eye but is present in sunlight and can be seen using specialized equipment or materials. UV light is a type of energy measured in wavelengths and frequencies. It is known to have beneficial and harmful effects on living organisms, depending on the dose and intensity of the exposure.

While both Violet Light and UV light are forms of energy, they are not the same thing, and their properties and applications are very different.


Has science proved Violet Light?

The concept of Violet Light cannot be tested or proven, as it relates to energy and consciousness, which are immeasurable by scientific methods. Violet Light is an energy associated with various spiritual and esoteric teachings, and its effects are said to be experiential rather than measurable. Many people who experience it report experiencing positive changes in their lives, such as greater peace, clarity, and spiritual awareness.

It is important to note that Violet Light is not intended to replace medical or psychological treatments for any physical or mental health issues. It is a complementary practice that supports overall well-being and spiritual growth.