Level I – Basic Foundation of UT Practices

1. Basic Sitting Energy-Mastering Meditations (Nei Kung)

A. Awaken Cosmic Healing Light

1) Cosmic Inner Smile (M)
With the advent of the new millennium, the Cosmic Inner Smile serves as a more powerful beginning practice for new students and experienced practitioners alike. In addition to the fundamentals taught previously, one learns to connect the positive virtue energy of the vital organs with corresponding universal energy by using the simple smile that we learned as a baby. This has the effect of increasing our positive power for health, happiness and spiritual evolution.

The Cosmic Inner Smile is a powerful relaxation technique that utilizes the expanding energy of happiness, love and of nature as a language with which to communicate with the internal organs of the body, the ‘Second Brain’ in the abdomen – and the universe, as well. By learning to smile inwardly to the organs and glands, the whole body will feel loved and appreciated. Stress and tension will be counteracted, and the flow of Chi will be increased from within and from the universe. One feels the energy descend down the entire length of the body like a waterfall.

2) Wisdom Chi Kung (M)
Using the power of the Cosmic Inner Smile, one learns how to rest the brain when it is not needed and to use the Second Brain in the abdomen, which is the seat of awareness. Once the brain in the head comes to rest and is emptied of restless energy, the organs will become filled with chi. With the power of the Cosmic Inner Smile the organs’ chi will become transformed and full with positive chi. The transformed chi will then fill the brain with better chi with which to develop the brain and increase one’s wisdom.

Over thousands of years of experimenting with the life force energy, the Taoist sages discovered the power of our inner smile and that energy could be stored in the Tan Tien (abdomen) and the organs, but not in the brain. By emptying the attention of the mind down into the Tan Tien and filling the Tan Tien with chi from the brain, we can activate our inner awareness in this way. Once the brain is not active, the awareness in the abdomen and the consciousness in the heart will be activated. When the mind is empty and the Tan Tien is full we continue the process by emptying the mind down to the specific organs as we smile to them. At the same time we maintain our awareness in the Tan Tien. We charge and fill the brain with the transformed energy of the respective organs. When the brain is filled with this improved Chi, we can open ourselves to the Universal energy and thereby combine our chi with the higher universal energy and let it multiply. We repeat this process several times until the mind is filled with higher life force. This will open the capacity for increased understanding and wisdom.

3) Cosmic Healing Sounds (M)
A basic relaxation and self-healing technique, the Cosmic Healing Sounds meditation utilizes skills developed in the Cosmic Inner Smile. They are used for connecting with the Second Brain and extending the positive chi of the vital organs out to the universe. These skills are combined with simple arm movements and special sounds to produce a cooling, balancing effect on the internal organs and the emotional energy that is stored there. These special sounds vibrate specific organs. The arm movements, combined with posture, guide heat and pressure out of the body.

The results are improved digestion, reduced internal stress, reduced insomnia and headaches, more balance in our emotional energy, and a greater vitality. The Chi flow increases through the different organs and the connective tissues surrounding these organs. The Cosmic Healing Sounds method is beneficial to anyone practicing various forms of meditation, martial arts, or sports in which there is a tendency to build up excessive heat in the system.

4) Awaken Cosmic Healing Light (Microcosmic Orbit) (M)
Opening the Microcosmic Orbit inside you is one of the corner stones of your Universal Tao practice. An open Microcosmic Orbit enables you to circulate the Chi (life force) through your body and to expand outward to connect with the forces of Nature, the six directions of the Universal energy and with the Earth power. Through unique relaxation and concentration techniques, this practice awakens, circulates, directs, and preserves the generative life-force, or Chi, through the first two major acupuncture channels (or meridians) of the body. The Functional Channel runs down the chest, and the Governor Channel ascends the middle of the back. You will also learn to activate the three internal fires and open the three Tan Tiens.

5) World Link Meditation (M)
Through the World Link practice you learn to empty the upper brain so your awareness and consciousness can be awakened. You link your own awareness and conscious centers, connect your personal star to other people’s stars around the world and join an effort to link with the Universal/Cosmos/God Force. This will create an endless source of Chi that can be used for healing and spiritual development for yourself and others.

The universe has abundant energy to enhance our life. All that we need to do is to be connected to the source. It helps to understand the principle of fusing the three minds. The first mind is in the brain. The second is called the conscious mind in the heart. The third mind is the awareness mind in the lower abdomen. The three minds combine to fuse together in the abdomen, creating one mind, called Yi in Taoist teaching. This World Link Healing Meditation takes around 15 to 30 minutes. When people from all around the world link together at the same time with this meditation, the meditation is greatly empowered. This meditation can be practiced easily even by those who have never worked with the UT practices.

Times to link: Thailand 12:00 Noon; New York 12.00 Midnight; Europe 6:00 am. in the Morning . (Find your Time Zone, and it can be one hour before or after these morning and evening times.)

For this meditation we surround ourselves with the Protective Ring, Sacred Circle of Fire and the Golden Dome so that we are protected by the divine love.

The Sacred Circle of Fire has the power to protect us from all evil, whether it is sickness, misfortune or negative thinking from those around us. It allows us to connect with the power of the universe. It helps us remove doubts in our own worthiness, so that we might reclaim the best that life has to offer. Additionally, the Protective Ring connects us with the elemental essences of Forces in the Universe which both strengthen and protect us.

6) Chi Self-Massage (M)
Chi Self-Massage is a method of hands-on self-healing work using one’s internal energy or Chi to strengthen and rejuvenate the sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, tongue), teeth, skin and inner organs. Using internal power (Chi) and gentle external stimulation, this simple yet highly effective self massage technique enables one to dissolve some of the energy blocks and stress points responsible for disease and the aging process. Taoist rejuvenation dates back 5000 years to the Yellow Emperor’s classic text on internal medicine.

Completion of the Microcosmic Orbit, the Cosmic Inner Smile, the Cosmic Healing Sounds, and Chi Self-Massage techniques are prerequisites for any student who intends to study the more advanced practices of the Universal Tao.

B. Healing Love, Multi-Orgasmic Energy (HL)

The pillars of Healing Love are cultivating, conserving, transforming and circulating sexual energy. Doing so enables us to use this energy (Ching Chi) for healing and nourishing our body and mind. It is also necessary for our spiritual development in the higher practices of the Taoist internal alchemy.

Although the principle of conservation applies to both men and women, the actual practice of conserving Ching Chi differs. The main way men lose Ching Chi is through ejaculation. Women, by contrast, lose little sexual energy through orgasm, but instead lose it primarily through menstruation and childbearing.

In studying the nature of sex, Taoist masters found a way to control and use sexual energy without celibacy through the practice of Testicle and Ovarian Breathing, Breast Massage, Power Lock and the Orgasmic Upward Draw. Men and women learn to have a total body orgasm without indiscriminate loss of Ching Chi (vital energy). The conservation and transformation of the sexual energy acts as a revitalizing factor in the physical, mental and spiritual development of both women and men. Cultivating, conserving, redirecting and circulation of the generative force from the sexual organs to higher centers of the body invigorates and rejuvenates all the vital functions and activates the higher forces. Mastering these practices produces a deep sense of respect for all forms of life.

Healing Love is one of the main branches of the Universal Tao.

2. Basic Standing & Moving-Energy Mastering Meditations(Chi Kung)

A. Iron Shirt Chi Kung I (I1)

The Iron Shirt practice is divided into three parts: Iron Shirt I, II, and III. Iron Shirt Chi Kung is the martial aspect of the Universal Tao system. It develops internal power and structure and a well-conditioned body through simple techniques that build and store Chi. The body becomes open and relaxed. The joints are strengthened, the muscles, tendons and ligaments become soft and strong, and the bones and bone marrow become strong and healthy. Iron Shirt Chi Kung helps us to become rooted to the earth, thereby keeping our body centered and balanced. In the long run, Iron Shirt offers a way of perfecting our inner selves, allowing us to reach higher spiritual levels. The grounding practice provides a firm rooting for the ascension of the spirit.

The core of Iron Shirt I consists of the chi packing and breathing process and the Iron Shirt postures. By using certain standing postures, muscle locks and breathing techniques, one learns how to draw and circulate energy from the earth, nature and the universe and how to pack the chi into the vital organs and connective tissues, the spine and the bones. This will strengthen and rejuvenate them, as well as the tendons, muscles, and bone marrow.

As the internal structure is strengthened through layers of Chi energy, the problems of poor posture and circulation of energy are corrected. The practitioner learns the importance of being physically and psychologically rooted in the Earth, a vital factor in the more advanced stages of Taoist practice.

B. Tao Yin (TY)

In the old days when people still lived close to nature, the heat that was released by the body was absorbed by the woods. These days, the artificial environments that we live in don’t provide us with this kind of release. Heat is more and more trapped in the body, causing it to overheat and to damage the internal organs. This may cause various diseases including heart attacks.

Tao Yin lying and sitting positions for exercise contain a set of postures, breathing exercises, and meditation that are designed to move the excess heat out of the body. They stretch, detoxify and revitalize the muscles and the tendons. While in the relaxation period after the active phase of movement and stretching, we guide the Chi with the breath to that particular part of the body affected by the exercise. This yin phase of the practice expels the heat and opens the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints that are emphasized in the postures.

In general, the combination of active and passive phases of the practice conditions the spine, tendons, ligaments, muscles and diaphragm – and in ways that cannot be achieved in standing and moving positions. A balanced session of practice opens chi flow throughout all the meridians, removes toxins and tension throughout the body and engenders a deep sense of relaxed peace and calm – yet wonderfully energized at the same time.

In particular, Tao Yin focuses especially on the Psoas muscle because of its central role in our body. The Psoas muscle connects and moves the hips, spine and legs; all movements of Tai Chi Chi Kung come from the Psoas muscle. The kidneys are connected to the Psoas muscle, and the nerves move it from behind. While doing Tao Yin, one also trains the Second Brain in the abdomen as the control and coordination center of awareness for the body. Practicing Tao Yin is very helpful for the practice of Iron Shirt and of Tai Chi Chi Kung.

C. Internal Power & Internal Gym.

The Internal Gym along with Tao Yin and Tan Tien Chi Kung helps to improve the practices of Iron Shirt and Tai Chi Chi Kung. It helps to open the body to the flow of energy and to strengthen the muscles and the internal power. In performing the exercises we make use of our internal structure, Tan Tien power and the breath to work smoothly and gently, with amazing results of increased health and vitality.

D. Tan Tien Chi Kung (TT)

Tan Tien Chi Kung consists of specific breathing and animal exercises. It is one of the Taoist practices used to develop the power of the Tan Tien and the Perineum. We have a constant air pressure in our body that we call Chi pressure. In the Tan Tien Chi Kung we learn to develop and enhance this Chi pressure.

We can actually increase our vitality, strengthen our organs and promote self- healing by increasing the Chi pressure in the organs and body cavity. The circulatory system, the lymphatic system, the nervous system and the endocrine system will be activated and Chi and blood will flow more easily through the body. It is also the Chi pressure (internal power) in the Tan Tien that roots our body and mind. It is like an electric wire in the earth. Tan Tien Chi Kung is therefore very important for our Iron Shirt and Tai Chi Chi Kung and even for the sitting meditation practices.

3. Cosmic Cleansing

Every day our bodies are affected by environmental pollution, improper diet or eating habits, medication, substance abuse and stress. Our body is the house in which we live. The kind and the quality of the food we put into our body is of vital importance to every phase of our existence. Good nutrition not only regenerates and rebuilds the cells and tissues which constitute our physical body, but also is involved in the processes by which the waste matter, the undigested food, is eliminated from our body to prevent corruption in the form of fermentation and putrefaction. When the mineral elements which compose the foods we eat are saturated with oil or grease, the digestive organs cannot process them efficiently and they are passed out of the small intestine into the colon as debris. When “demagnetized” food passes through the body system with little or no benefit, these foods leave a coating of slime on the inner walls of the colon like plaster on a wall. In the course of time this coating may gradually increase its thickness until there is only a small hole through the center, and the matter slowly passes through containing much undigested food from which the body derives no benefit. The consequent result is a starvation of which we are not conscious but that causes old age and senility.

This detoxification program is designed to cleanse all the eliminative organs in a systematic way, helping the body to effectively rid itself of these toxic substances and recover vibrant health.

We take our detoxification program step by step until at last the all-important lymphatic system is cleansed and your body is rid of toxins on a cellular level.