by Master Chia

Brain can not store energy – only about 1% but 80% of the body’s energy is in the brain and when you empty the mind you send out the 80% of energy to the universe, but when you draw it back into the brain, it only absorbs 1%.

For thousands of years the Taoist said you store the energy into the organs and the Tan Tien not the brain; but Religions teach their practices in the Head (brain) not the Body. In the Inner Smile practice you generate a lot of energy and you hold it in the body. The brain and organs are connected so you draw the energy into the organs from the brain then you hold the energy into the body. When 80% of energy in the brain emptys into the body (organs) then universal force fills the brain – the brain retains 1% and we stored 99% into the Tan Tien.

Sexual Organs and Energy:
Once you generate the energy it must be release, because can not store it in that area. You can either loss the energy out of the body (ejaculation and menstruation) or draw it into the body and stored into the organs. By smiling to sexual organs the energy will rise to the brain and then you can store into the organs.

Beta – Activity                 }   Meditative state in Healing Tao Practices              }   Balance right & left or synchronize
Alpha-Relaxation                (Sleeping) but awake and full of energy

Theta – keeping the brain asleep 
To increase brain capacity you need to strengthen the nervous system, so you can take in a higher level of energy. You increase the brain memory with the Inner Smile. You can increase brainpower by emptying the brain into Tan Tien & fill it up again; also sending 80% to kidneys by smiling.
4 Sets of Inner Smile: 
Two Sets – Old Set – New Set 
Third set – Empty brain Energy in organs 
Fourth set – relax & let go & empty & smiling warming the Tan Tien }
You can increase Original Force in the Tan Tien by placing your attention on Solar Plexus using Spinal breathing increasing 10x the Original Force: in 1 minute.

To create a Chi Field use the mind power like painting colors in a painting. Picture Mountain & Lake, then smile to the Mountain, the Lake, and Sunset. Blanket the picture colors and feel the connection with Galaxy always spiraling up & down, front & back, right & left; then spiral in reverse. 

Start all Meditative Practices with:

  1. Relax – Smile – Let go – Surrender & Become the Light
  2. Empty the Mind to Tan Tien
  3. Smile & connect with the Earth and Galaxy then draw into the body
  4. Empty the Mind to Organs

Master Chia – Los Angels 5/31/97 
Theory of Tao (Yin and Yang) – Brain generates energy but cannot store the energy, but organs can store the energy (orgasm) connecting with the following points (Fire in the Kidneys or the fire under the Sea), Door of Life (Kidney Fire), Adrenal Glands or Left Kidney (Fire) Right Kidney (water). Like the Sun shining on the Water which the water changes into steam (Life). Instead of having the steam drop down to create life, you can rise it up through Alchemy and give born to yourself (Born Again) by changing water into air (steam) and back into water (dew) for the life cycle or miracle of life.