At Tao Garden we use Adobe Brick for the accommodation’s construction. Adobe bricks are a fireproof, durable yet biodegradable, non-toxic building material which provide sufficient thermal mass to buildings to ensure excellent thermal performance.
Other benefits include low sound transmission levels through walls and a general feeling of solidity and security. Due to the production process and the nature of clay, Adobe bricks have good water resistance. Nevertheless it is very important to provide adequate weather protection of the earth walls, especially in exposed situations.

Natural and toxic free building

This is normally done with the provision of adequate eaves. Moreover, the process of making Adobe brick is environment safety which has no burn, just wait until it dries in the sun, also it can avoid using wood for fuel and no smoke as well. You will be living in the biggest natural and toxic free adobe brick building in the world Dirt suitable for adobe brick should have a high enough clay content to help the brick resist moisture and provide strength to the brick. The problem is that dirt with too much clay in it will crack upon drying. If dirt has too much clay, one must add sand to it or dried grass; sand is the better additive. Dirt with too little clay will mean that the dried brick will be too brittle to use. Experience has shown that cement added to a standard adobe mixture can all produce a strong brick. For Tao Garden, our composition are clay 70%, sand 15% and cement 15%.

Lau Tzu Meditation Hut

Surrounded by a pond, the Lao Tzu Meditation Hut is a small eight-sided pavilion used for meditation classes, lectures or exercises on mats. It is suitable for groups of up to 30 persons.

Ba Shen Hall

The Ba Shen Hall is a large rectangular hall with mirrors on the walls, a teakwood floor and ceiling fans. Depending on the nature of the activity, the hall can accommodate from 50 to 80 persons. The hall is used for practicing Tao Yin Yoga, Thai Chi Chi Kung, Chi Kung, and the Six Healing Sounds. It can also be used for mat work and meditation.

Immortal Meditation Hall

The Immortal Meditation Hall is a spectacular eight-sided pavilion with sliding glass windows offering either a closed or open space. At one end of the hall is a stage; at the opposite end is a staircase leading to a balcony where you may look down. The hall stands magnificently over a pond surrounded by nature with no streets, cars or houses in sight. Depending on the activity, the meditation hall can accommodate 60-80 persons.

Darkroom Complex

Tao Garden Darkness is enclosed and encased in a light and sound-proof sheath. This darkness building is constructed with bricks which made from the red earth of Thailand, containing all properties of natural rocks in a cave. The earth was mined and hydraulically pressed into bricks, thus preserving the constituent elements and minerals of the parent materials. The facilities consist of a large central meeting room for meditation and dining. Two floors of bedrooms surrounded the central area, with a private bathroom. The entire facilities are ventilated with fresh air intakes and air circulation by air-conditioned system. The 24 condominium style rooms can accommodate about 20 – 45 people. This darkness building will be available for rent during April – June and September – October.

Salt Water Swimming Pool

The salt water pool is in a beautiful setting surrounded by fruit-bearing trees and flowering plants. Adults and children love to play in the water cascading from the elephant sculptures in the large pool. Orchids cling on palm trees and blossom year round. Many guests spend the whole afternoon lounging peacefully by the pool reading, listening to music, drinking healthy juice, fresh coconut water, napping or socializing. Tao Garden also offers a small wading pool for toddlers and their parents.

The important distinction is that saltwater pools have low chloramines. Chloramines are the irritants that cause traditional pools to burn the eyes and smell badly. Electrolysis from salt burns off chloramines and leaves lovely soft, saline water.

Herbal Steam Bath

The benefits of steam bathing have been recognized for thousands of years. At Tao Garden, Thai traditional herbs (cassumunar ginger, lemongrass, camphor, kaffir lime and citronella) are added to the steam, making the experience an aromatic pleasure you will remember. The herbal steam bath seats three to four people comfortably at one time. It is recommended that you shower before entering the steam bath as moist skin is less likely to dry out from the steam. Please wear a bathing suit or use a towel wrap. It is unadvisable for children under six to use the steam bath.

Steam Bath Benefits

The benefits of steam bathing have been recognized for thousands of years. Today, steam baths are considered an integral method for purifying and detoxifying the skin and body, increasing circulation, stimulating the immune system and encouraging complete physical and mental well-being. Steam baths are relaxing and stress relieving. Those with muscle aches or arthritis may find that the heat relaxes muscles and relieves pain and inflammation. Asthma and allergy sufferers find that the heat dilates air passageways of the lung and facilitates breathing. Heat does not cure the common cold but may help to alleviate congestion and speed recovery time.

Steam baths are good for your skin as the blood flow to the skin increases and sweating occurs. Adults sweat about 2 lbs or water per hour on average while in the steam bath. A good sweat removes dirt and grime from pores and gives the skin a healthy glow. The loss is water weight is temporary as the body’s physiological mechanisms will quickly restore proper volumes.

Steam baths are highly effective is removing fat-stored toxins from the body.

  • Steam effectively washes toxins from the surface of the skin as you sweat.
  • Steam treatment improves vascular flow, enhancing oxygen, nutrient, and lymph exchange at the cellular level.

Steam baths can also be superior to body wraps in the treatment of cellulite due to much shorter time required to raise tissue temperature (1 hour in body wrap = 10 minute steam bath).

Home Theater

Whether you wish to relax, entertain or educate yourself, our Home Theater is the perfect place to be! It is comfortably furnished and equipped with an excellent sound system and large plasma screen. Guests may choose from three modalities to enjoy this multimedia space:

  • Watch satellite TV (live cable) with an international menu.
  • Watch DVD’s using our DVD/Mp4 player.
  • Access and watch movies, documentaries and videos related to health and vitality from our digital database.

Whatever you choose, you are sure to enjoy! You can pick up the key at the Welcome Center.

Tai Chi Field

Two open eight-sided pavilions, each with a large mirror extending along one side, are located in a large meadow known as the Tai Chi Field. On each of the pavilions, 50-70 persons can practice morning exercises such as Tai Chi and Chi Kung. Guests are encouraged to participate in morning exercises, which are an important part of maintaining overall good health.

Tao Garden Book Store

Steps away from the Welcome Center is the Tao Garden Store where you are invited to browse for a souvenir, find the perfect postcard, preview one of Master Chia’s DVD’s before purchasing, or simply relax for an hour with a good book. The lending library has a good selection of books you can borrow for a few days. You may also rent an iPod here.

Inside you will find a wide array of items to purchase from training materials, a Tibetan singing bowl, herbal teas/products, to all books, DVD and Audio CD’s by Master Chia and co-authors. You may purchase a Tao Garden tote bag, lovely bedcovers/scarves, jewelry, carved wooden bowls and many other items. You may even buy a T-shirt to match the Six Healing Sounds! Or you may wish to buy a Universal Tao, or art, poster. The Tao Garden store is open daily from 9-6. Please come and visit us! It’s a relaxing and very pleasant experience. You’re sure to find the perfect item for yourself, or for a friend.