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Cosmic Healing Chi Kung Retreat

by Master Chia

First you must build an energy field with the six directions (diagram). To build the energy field gather Nature’s Five Elements (bell (metal sound), lake, forest, sun, earth) in the Cosmic Inner Smile using the creative cycle.

Sitting Practice: Inner Smile

Extend arms and mind into the ground by pushing and pulling focusing on your lower Tan Tein, Heart, and Mideye not on the palms or fingers because the energy will get stuck and not going anywhere. Sucking in the energy from the universe. Draw back to the Tan Tein.

Extend arms and mind in front of you to the universe by pushing and pulling focusing on your lower Tan Tein, Heart, and Mideye not on the palms or fingers because the energy will get stuck and not going anywhere. Sucking in the energy from the universe. Draw back to the Tan Tein.

Extend arms and mind to the left and right horizons by pushing and pulling focusing on your lower Tan Tein, Heart, and Mideye not on the palms or fingers because the energy will get stuck and not going anywhere. Sucking in the energy from the universe. Draw back to the Tan Tein.

Place hands on your thighs into your bone marrow all the way down to your feet then to your heels and all the up the back of your legs to the sacrum, door of life (feeling kidney energy), to the navel.

Start the 1st Form:

Tiger Mouth activating the lung/large intestine, pericardium, and small intestine. Grabbing the moon right over left activating the elbow point (P-3) with a beam light from your index finger. Form and holding the chi ball

Grabbing the moon left over right activating the elbow point (P-3) with a beam light from your index finger. Form and holding the chi ball

Open Index Finger Practice activating the channels.
Close practice and collect energy.
Afternoon: Instructors-Review


We are surrounded by different levels of energy: creative original force – sun, moon and stars – 5 elements (nature forces) – the own energy field – Earth force

To build up the energy field necessary for the healing one should gather the energy from all 5 levels.

To collect and hold the energy, use the mind power (= I = eyes + heart + mind) & Chi.

The way the energy comes back to us depends on our intention and our own practice (if we send out Chi, our Chi pattern will be automatically sent out too).

This kind of healing does not work if someone: does not believe in this treatment – is forced to do it – does not like you – is skeptical – or if the will for life is not there anymore.

It is important to send the sick energy into the earth (Dig a grove – tell the Sick energy to create a square “grave” below your feet in the earth) where it will be transformed back into good virtue energy. If sick energy gets stuck in the body, it goes into the bone marrow, from where it is very difficult to be eliminated again.
Always use polarity for energy flow (e.g. mid eye – base of skull, crown – perineum). If concentrated only on one point, energy does not flow so well and gets stuck easily. If organ is treated use push – pull technique (go far into other side of space) from point to point.

Group healing eliminates a lot of side effects because everyone draws in a different kind of energy from the universe and by expanding the own aura and taking in from the group energy, people give to each other.

Feel the elements in the group. If e.g. the fire is dominant, use more water energy etc.

If a group sends out chi, the energy comes back much stronger.
If you present yourself as a healer, people will depend on you and suck on your energy. Better to help the people to help themselves. Therefore it is good to give the person homework and always have the person or group of people work actively with you.

Teach them:

How to connect with the energy and the 6 directions – how to draw in energy from earth and space
– how to let energy flow through eyes, ears, nose, mouth and organs – how to lead sick energy into the square “grave” below feet.
Guide the person to do the same on him/herself , while you do it on him/her (e.g. if you treat the stomach, have him/her smile into his/her stomach, or send energy with their own hands into their stomach.

How to prepare for healing:

  1. Draw circle around yourself and people you work with.
  2. Smile, relax, rocking like the ocean (all together).
  3. Connect your sole of feet with the earth and be centered in the Tan Tien.
  4. Create vortex and build up the energy field (all 5 levels!).
  5. Imagine a star above the crown of the other person or in case of a group of people imagine an energy body above their heads and work through the crown and the body of that energy body.
  6. Ground yourself and others by creating a square “grave” (for the sick energy) below feet into ground.
  7. Connect with the original force and white or light purple light.

Always be aware of all the 7 points (Universal Force, grounding, guiding, etc)
Use mind, chi & hands to guide the chi from Universal source into star/crown of energy body of the group and through the whole body. People can follow with their mind.

Never treat one symptom only. Always treat whole person first, by letting the energy flow through the whole body and using push – pull technique: all the senses (eyes, ears, nose, mouth) – all organs – spine, also left (yang) and right (yin) channel – limbs and joints – lower Tan Tien – fill it and distribute into all organs

– solar plexus – create sun and shine into all organs – heart center – upper Tan Tien.

Then treat individual organs as needed: fill with energy – circulation -expel illness – restore good function.

Energy flow is most important to dissolve tumor. Also positive thinking (the “patient” must stop complaining, because every time a copy of this negative message is made and stored in the organ and there is no more room for positive experience. But everyone can change their mind at any time!) Use a lot of inner smile.

Thought and Chi together becomes very powerful. Use messages while treating (e.g. tumor shrink, or energy flow through, etc).

Colors are very powerful in healing: green (tree, forest) – detoxifying, energizing, expels sick energy, to prevent from overheating (when using red color) – blue (water, lake) for strong pain – orange for cleansing, flushing, do not use in head or heart – white or light purple – always use at the end of treatment to restore and recharge.
If you do not know which color to use, use WHITE.


Solar Plexus/Spleen can always be treated. To clean the Solar Plexus is to clean the emotions which strengthens the Immune system.

For men: to treat kidneys – with push pull, until energy flows easily
Use green – orange – white (= detoxify – cleanse – recharge)
For women: treat liver, use green – orange – white
Broken Bones: yellow – white, yellow – white, etc
Fever: blue -direct energy down to soles of feet. Do not use red!

Immune System (Bones) – Defense system (lymph and glands):

  1. Main connection is sacrum – coccyx. This should be treated first: push – pull arms, white – yellow – red (for cleansing). Don’t use in case of sexual decease or fever.
  2. Navel: main energy center, helps the bones very much
  3. Solar Plexus
  4. Heart center: is connected with sternum (produces white blood cells), rib case, thorasic vertebrae and thymus (t-cells)
  5. Throat Center
  6. 3rd Eye

Always include opposite energy center with white & red color and green to prevent overheating. To work on the hips also influences the legs. The elbow influences whole arm and to work on the knee influences the leg.

Lymph System

  1. Navel
  2. Throat center (activates Thymus)
  3. Solar Plexus (for all 3 use white and light purple light)
  4. Spleen – lots of push and pull
  5. Under Armpits and side of throat (chaw bone)
  6. Abdominal area/Groin

Infection: use steps for lymph system (because lymph are always affected too)

Use green – white – light violet and always clean the lungs with green and orange

Pain: push – pull directly on the spot, blue – green – orange – green – white

Main source of illness is emotional stagnation – appears in the Aura as cloudy red. Happens mainly in Solar Plexus, T11, and spleen. The spleen is linked up with navel, Door of Life, and liver = EMOTIONAL LINK.

Hypertension: do not use red color! Right side of heart is affected – overactive Ming Men, Solar Plexus, Spleen and Liver.

  1. Send Chi through from Crown to Sole of Feet with green and white (blue in case of pain)
  2. Push – pull on each point to attune the whole system
  3. Clean with green and blue and energise with blue
  4. Solar Plexus, Spleen & Liver push – pull with green

(Give People homework: let energy flow through and push – pull on each organ)

Poor Circulation: (left part of the heart) To treat left or right side of the heart, use one finger to be able to work more on the point.

To work with one finger: have space between the spot to be treated and your finger. The space is needed to increase the energy (with your intention).

Eye – Ear: Clean Solar Plexus, Spleen, & Liver. In case of infection clean the lungs: use green and orange – good to work on the back – do not point to the head when use orange!

Energize with green and violet(light) – Do 2 to 3 times a day

Right ear & eye: 3rd eye – base of skull, push – pull (can use only one finger) – green – blue – light violet , but NO orange for any part of the head!! – For the eyes only use Chi, no colors! -Temples -Ears – At the end just fill with Chi – Over 45 years continue with throat center, navel, sacrum, all with white light – Always connect with opposite points

Noise in the ear (Tinitus): determine which ear is affected and clean behind that ear (more towards the back of the head) with one finger, push – pull, fill with Chi – 3rd eye and crown – chaws, heart and kidneys – upper part of body use violet and green – lower part = green – violet – white

Respiratory infection: first treat whole body – tune up all organs, strengthen Immun system – work locally (individual problems) – nose, chaw, throat, lungs, solar plexus – teach people to help themselves (clean intestines, brush skin)

Gastro-intestinal Infection: navel – solar plexus – spleen – liver- abdomen (at all points let the Chi flow through, use green – blue – orange). In case of Gas: – don’t use orange – Use green – violet – fill liver with Chi.

Liver Infection:
Solar Plexus, Spleen, Liver – Clean very well, spend more time – Purify lungs – orange (take care of the head, do not point at it while using orange)
Urinary System (bladder, sexual center): ovary, green – orange – uterus/prostata, green – blue – violet
In case of sexual disease energize first with blue, do not use red.

General side effects:
rush, diarhoea – seems to get worse, but actually it is cleansing – forces are fighting tonify with green – blue – violet Skin; Solar Plexus, Spleen, Kidney, Liver, Lungs Sacrum (show person how to work with sacrum, circle sacrum and wrists) – Use green – blue – violet. For Allergy treat pineal gland and follow steps for skin.

Heart: Is most easily affected by Solar Plexus and Liver. Every emotion influences the heart.
Heart and sacrum control blood vessels.- cleanse with red light (use image of water with it) – scan the energy field of the heart with one finger – energize and stabilize with blue – green – white
Addiction: clean everything, especially Solar Plexus and Adrenal glands/Kidneys

Partial Heart Block: scan Heart (lower left part) – left and right part have different energy, try to feel that (scanning needs a lot of practice) – clean out totally also Solar Plexus, Navel, balance heart – kidney – energy (needs lot of experience) – points of the head – in case of fever, do not beam on sacrum

too active on door of life, Solar Plexus (too much stress, emotions) – tune down Door of Life with blue – sweep head and spine down with blue – clean Solar Plexus, Liver, Spleen – sweep down front from chaw – finish with sacrum and white color

clean out whole system, – after cleaning use red mixed with blue (sun shines on water) on Navel and Solar Plexus – on upper body use violet after cleansing – on sacrum white color