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Cosmic Healing Exercises

9 August 2019 /

by Master Chia


Use Cosmic Energy (Colors) with Hand Techniques to transform & heal the students energy. Check the student’s aura by sweeping (tuning up) their body using the palm technique. The head is hotter because the brain consumes 10x more energy than rest of body. Center of the body is warm (liver is cooler than the heart); and the lower body is cold.


Blue –Upper body — hotter; Green–Middle body–warm; Red–Lower body– cool or cold

General sweeping (tuning-up) from the top of the head down out arms, down the back & chest, and from the front and back of the abdominal area down the legs (18-36x). Circle out with the palm and always energize with white light working with each of the organs from front & back. Start at the center (solar plexus) with the blue color and the sound woooooo. Clean out all the stuck energy and emotions in the joints.


1. Stimulating nerve energy
2. Strengthens tissue, organs & bones
3. Mends broken bones
4. Improves skin problems
5. Repairs cells
6. Multiples & grows cells (yellow/orange)


Red Energy is Loving energy which is the healing power.

1. Energy strengthens, warms, & expands
2. Improves circulation
3. Vitalizes the blood, tissues, & skeletal structure
4. Strengthens weak organs
5. Improves general fitness
6. Prolongs life of dying patients
7. Dilates the blood vessels


Use colors with sound & organ energy – white light major color for healing

1. Breaks down blockages
2. Decongestion
3. Cleanses, Detoxifies, & Disinfects
4. Breaks down blood, colds, fevers, & clots
5. Localizes sweeping or decongested diseases & affected parts of the body
6. Softer color to use for energizing the organs


1. Use light orange chi to expel & loosen disease
2. Sexual energy is pink & orange chi in sacrum
3. Use green & orange to dissolve deposits
4. Use green & dark orange for cancers


1. Cooling down energy
2. Clears out blood clots
3. Removes pain
4. Reduces inflammation
5. Induces rest & sleep used with venting technique
6. Stops bleeding
7. Brings down fever (BLUE IN GREEN)


1. Violet chi has amplifying, multiplying & electrifying energy.
2. Light violet/blue & violet/green have multiplying effect regenerating & healing damaged organs & nerves.
3. Blue & violet or Green & violet heal flesh wounds.


There are energy fields all around us in nature; we can learn to absorb this energy but we live in artificial environments.

The magnetic field of the earth is an energy field and we can learning to feel & heal with this force. Earth energy origin is the magnetic field on its surface & its gravity at the center which holds everything together. The earth, moon, & sun create the water & oxygen cycle (universal & earth energy). The Feng shui of lake (water), mountain (wind) water & forest create this energy which are different energies balanced with harmony.

Cosmic particles (Cosmic Energy):

1. Look at horizon you can see small particles (cosmic star dust).
2. Look straight then at the sides of the eyes and you can pick up the particles.
3. To take in the cosmic energy which the lungs cannot digest it, so we must breath in through middle eye & mix with the salvia & shallow to assimilate the energy. We can also absorb it through the feet, toes, fingers, mideye & crown points by training the body to open & absorb it at these points.

Best breathing & Practice time is between 3:00am – 7:00am when atmosphere is full of cosmic particles (chi).

The CRYSTAL ROOM is connected to three points of the crown: Pituitary Gland to the Mideye, Hypothalamus gland to the Middle Crown point, & the Pineal gland to the Back Crown point.


  1. Standing structure – draw hips back – weight on heels not on back
  2. Draw arms up activating earth force & energy circuits which activate the meridians.
  3. Open mouth – large intestine lung at hips Middle finger – pericardium at hips Side hand (Baby finger) chi knife – small intestine at hips
  4. LT & RT Grabbing the moon
  5. RT over LT & hold chi ball (palm to palm)
  6. LT over RT & hold chi ball (all fingers straight with extended index finger)
  7. LT hand up – RT hand down – kidney energy ( switch hands ) Exchange of energy: blue color 3x with kidney sound then red color 3x with heart sound.
  8. Open index fingers technique


  1. RT over LT – thumb to thumb (3x in & out) at throat center then to mid eye. Down to collar bone separate hands (fingers straight) elbows up – palm pts at side pts-heart center (nipples), solar plexus, & navel – chi ball RT over LT.


  1. RT over LT at wrist point
  2. RT moving up thumb to LT palm ( chi ball ) navel (intestines), solar plexus, heart, throat and mid eye reverse
  3. Open hands side to side squeeze violet white chi ball – straight index finger – back and forward 3x
  4. DOUBLE VIOLET WHITE BEAM RT over LT ( palm to palm alignment ) – straight finger – inner hand first Navel to Ming Men, Solar Plexus to T-11, Heart to T-5, Throat to C-7, Mideye to Jade Pillow, Crown to Perineum
  5. Hold Violet/white chi ball RT over LT (vertical) 3x
  6. Squeeze chi ball side to side (horizontal) 3x
  7. LT over RT at navel follow same sequence.


  1. RT hand moves inside & up LT arm then spiral (straight) fingers into LT hand.
  2. RT hand over LT arm shoulder – Reverse.
  3. RT hand on navel (RT Foot out) & LT hand on Ming Men – Move hands activate belt channel (3x).
  4. Reverse hands (LT Foot out) – Collect energy at navel.



Taoists believe in the underlying unity that permeates the Universe. Cosmic Healing is a Chi Kung meditation that strengthens and opens us up to the forces and energy within Nature and the Universe. We are dynamically connected to the infinite and infinitesimal at the same time. “As above, so below” is an echo of wisdom heard from sages and mystics from all ages. When we can channel the energy that surrounds us, the pathway reveals the many splendors of the Cosmos.

This unity can be witnessed in many aspects of life. The fire of a candle burns and sheds light because of the intimate bond shared with the sun. Without the source of energy in the sun, the candle has no light of its own. The candle is a reflection, a mirror of the light in the sun. Like the candle, we are a reflection of the light and energy in the Universe, drawing in the life-force of the sun in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and through all of our senses. The magnetic field of the Earth is the source of magnetism in all the smaller magnets on the planet. Without the relationship to the Earth, magnetism would cease to exist. Our relationship to the whole and the Universe is much the same way. We exist because of the unique combination of forces that surround us. The Taoists recognized this connection, and created Chi Kung to enhance our relationship to the understanding of the Tao.


The Taoist practice provides us with the resources to extend beyond the realm of our senses. By tapping into our internal resources and channeling the energy around us, we can perceive much more than the senses normally report to the mind. For example, our senses tell us that the Earth is flat, that we are stationary, and that heaven is above us. In reality, the Earth is a sphere hurtling through space at thousands of miles per hour, and the heavens are above, below, and beyond the Earth in every direction. The goal of Cosmic Healing is to connect with the forces from the six directions – above, below, left, right, front, and back – and draw all these forces into the body. Eventually, with practice, one can draw upon all different kinds of energy and use them as needed, thereby, giving form to the formless. Cosmic Healing is just another one of the many resources the Taoist practitioner uses to connect with the Universe. When we are connected to the Tao, life ceases to be a struggle. Through the observation of Nature, the Taoists learned to flow with the stream of energy and forces in the Universe. Cosmic Healing uses a variety of hand movements and body postures to get connected to the energy around us. We draw the energy from the six directions into the body, activate the three fires, open the three Tan Tiens and circulate this energy in the Microcosmic Orbit.


  1. Rotate Sacrum: Activates Sacrum Pump – problem because we sit on tailbone.
  2. Spinal Cord Breathing: Activates Cranial Pump, Heart, and Thymus by pushing chin back.
  3. Shake the Tailbone: Relaxes & opens up the Sacrum and Tailbone.
  4. Swatting Down Straight: Sink Down to the ground (Grounding) reaching into the space beyond the earth by using the mind.


The Three Fires refer to the fore energy within the lower abdomen, the door of life and the heart center.

  1. Hold the palms down, lifting up on the fingers and connect with the Earth Force.
  2. Press the palms out slightly to the front (palms still face down), feel yourself connecting with the chi
    through the Earth and to the infinite space beyond.
  3. Lift the hands and hold a chi ball on the lower Tan Tien. Feel yourself connect to the space and the chi all around you and draw it into the lower Tan Tien behind the navel.
  4. Slowly move your arms to the back and hold a huge chi ball on the door of life or Ming Men. Feel the chi ball pulsing and breathing, drawing in energy from the infinite space behind you.
  5. Lift the hands up to the sides under the armpits. Point the fingers in toward the heart and direct the chi from the fingers into the heart center.


  1. Lift the arms and pour the energy from the Universe into the crown.
  2. Bring the hands down to the mid-eye and feel the chi open the upper Tan Tien in the center of the head (crystal room).
  3. Cut across to the top of the ears and feel the energy pour into the upper Tan Tien from the sides of the head.
  4. Move the hands to the base of the skull (jade pillow), and again feel the chi penetrae into the crystal room.
  5. Next, slowly move the fingers down the face, through the throat and stop at the heart.
  6. Feel the energy from the hands penetrate into the middle Tan Tien, opening the heart center.
  7. Cut across so that the fingers rest under the arm pits, and extend the chi into the heart center.
  8. Move the hands to the point behind the heart (T-5) and feel the chi penetrate into the heart.
  9. Next move the hands down to the navel.
  10. Feel the chi opening the lower Tan Tien.
  11. Cut to the sides of the body, and extend the energy from the fingers into the center of the lower Tan Tien.
  12. Move the fingers to the point behind the navel (the door of life) and feel the chi pour into the lower Tan Tien.


  1. Lift the hands up over the head, opening the crown center.
  2. Bring the hands down to the base of the skull (jade pillow) and feel the chi pour into the base of skull and penetrate into the mid-eye point.
  3. Bring the hands down to C-7, and feel the chi open all the way through to the throat center.
  4. Move the hands down to the point behind the heart (T-5), and feel the chi penetrate into the heart center.
  5. Move the down to the point behind the solar plexus (T-11). Feel the chi penetrate into the solar plexus.
  6. Move the hands down to door of life, behind the navel, and feel the chi opening in the navel center.


The goal of Cosmic Channeling is to connect ourselves to the forces and energies in the six directions. We want to extend our minds to connect with the infinite space and energy around us. Channeling the six directions allows one to extend beyond their bodies and minds and tap into our source of energy, the Tao.

  1. Press the palms down, parallel to the Earth.
  2. Feel the connection from the Earth to the palms.
  3. Extend your chi to connect with the forces below you.
  4. Lift the hands to the face.
  5. Press the palms out to both the left and the right sides.
  6. Inhale draw the forces in from the infinite space from the horizon into the body.
  7. Focus on the lower Tan Tien, not the palms. This allows the energy to be absorbed into the body.
  8. Bring the hands in front of the mid-eye.
  9. Press the palms out and connect to the infinite space in front of you.
  10. Draw the hands back and bring the energy from the infinite space into the lower Tan Tien.
  11. Next, lift the hands above the head, palms face down.
  12. Connect to the infinite space and Universal energy above your crown.
  13. Pour the chi from above into the crown. Keep your mind on the soles of your feet and feel the energy pour through all the cells of your body.

WEIGH REDUCTION: When mediating place your tongue between your teeth which burns excess weigh up to 5-10 pounds in 2 weeks and also focus on fatty areas.


  1. Hands and Arms are really an extension of your aura which is an extension of your energy in the front ,back, right, left, top & bottom.
  2. In the Fusion Practice the Inner Pakua connects with all 6 Pakuas out into Space, not from the 4 sides but the 6 directions drawing from all 6 directions front ,back, right, left, top(Crown) & bottom(Soles) to the Center in a Golden Pakua connecting with 8 Forces Mountain, Heaven, Earth, Wood, Wind, Thunder, Water & Fire and drawing in the senses and clicking off to the Universal Chi. (Churches connect only at certain times because the Church building is dead but the Earth is always moving)


  1. Touch navel and make the navel warm connecting with Door of Life.
  2. Lower hands and sacrum down to the feet in a squatting position.
  3. Raise sacrum up with hands on feet and lower back to feet (2x).
  4. Gather energy around feet – touch heels and rise the hands up to Door of Life.
  5. Cut the body with fingers back to navel.
  6. Lowers hands to feet connecting with bones and bone marrow (2x).
  7. Gather energy around feet – touch heels and rise up to Door of Life.
  8. Reach hands out to the sides (horizons) and gather chi from the space.
    (Pull up perineum and close the anus and genitals)
  9. Press palms out in from to the mid-eye and connect to the force in front of you.
  10. Lift hands up to the sides and connect to the infinite space above the crown. Pour the energy from above into the crown.
  11. Draw hands down to mid-eye, feel the energy penetrate through to the jade pillow.
  12. Cut with the hands to the top of the ears, and feel the chi pour into the brain.
  13. Move the hands to the jade pillow, and feel the fingers penetrate back to the mid-eye brow point.
  14. Draw hands down to heart and open the heart center.
  15. Move the fingers to the wing point below the armpits, and feel the chi go into the heart.
  16. Move the hands to the point behind the heart (T-5) and feel the chi penetrate back through to the heart.
  17. Draw hands down to navel and open from the navel to the door of life.
  18. Cut through with the fingers to the sides, and open the lower Tan Tien.
  19. Bring the hands to the door of life, and feel the chi penetrate back to the navel.
  20. Draw hands down to heels and raise the sacrum.
  21. Draw hands down to feet and lift the energy back up to the door of life.
  22. Rise to the horizons gathering chi over the crown.
  23. Draw hands down to the crown point connecting to the sole of feet.
    (Hold & project chi to the Energy Body above)
  24. Move hands to mid-eye connecting with the base of the skull.
  25. Move hands to heart connecting with the wing point.
  26. Repeat hands to feet – rise to sacrum (hands on feet) and gather the energy.
  27. Sit down – hands on navel -close genitals open crown.
  28. Soles of feet connecting into the earth – feel hands warm & light into to the navel to the sexual energy (organs).
  29. Hands to heart – Cosmic Inner Smile – Picture love ones creativity sexual energy with warm feeling.
  30. Tongue to palate – press & release (3x).
  31. Expand warm loving feeling – relax & smile.
  32. Hold the Stillness and send the energy down from the empty space to fill the room or the whole class as one Energy Body.
  33. Smile into the Lungs – Spleen – Kidneys – Liver connecting the tongue to the palate feeling the electrical connection.
  34. Hold the Stillness feeling the connection between the Crown, Tongue, and Soles of the Feet, and the Cosmic Forces all around you.
  35. Draw palms at naval & collect energy feeling the naval warming.
  36. Rest – Rub face with Chi charged hands.


  1. Picture Chi Ball at Solar Plexus (Mini Sun).
  2. Sit – Connect with Navel, Crown, Soles of the Feet, Palms spotlighting to the navel warming the Tan Tien to Sexual Organs.
  3. Move Palms to Heart – Cosmic Inner Smile- Picture a Love One using respect or admiration and draw up Orgasmic Energy rocking up the spine feeling the Cosmic Energy all around you in the six directions & smile out into space.
  4. Focus on the room & your body filling them with joy & orgasmic energy into the room & all your organs moving your hands to organs – Lungs (Courage-white), Heart (Joy-red), Spleen (Openness-yellow), Kidneys (Gentleness-blue), Liver (Kindness-green).
  5. Connect with the unlimited energy of the universe which penetrates into the body at all the points and all 3 Tan Tein: Mideye – Jade Pillow, Heart – Wing Point, Navel – Ming Men, Tan Tein – Sacrum with Mind Force (draw in) finally connecting with Chi inside.
  6. Feel your navel warm first & then it will connect with Cosmos. The Mind & Cosmic Energy will merge by mixing them & draw down to Tan Tein to digest & assimilate them healing & balancing the body.


  1. Connect with the Earth – Palms down – Draw down deep into the earth.
  2. Connect with the Cosmic – Palms shoulder high – Scapulars drawing the Energy in.
  3. Connect with Horizons – Palms at sides – Draw out into the empty spaces.
  4. Connect with Crown – Palms over head – Move middle fingers opening the back crown point.
  5. Connect with Mideye – Palms in front of head – Move middle fingers opening Mideye.
  6. Connect with Tan Tein – Palms in front of Tan Tein – Move middle fingers opening Tan Tein.
  7. Open the Sexual Palace -5 minutes – connection with Sacrum.
  8. Open the Perineum – 5 minutes – connection with back Crown Point & Soles of the Feet.
  9. Open the Coccyx -5 minutes – connection with Crown Point & Soles of the Feet.
  10. Open the Sacrum – 5 minutes – connection with Mideye, Forehead & Soles of the Feet.
  11. Open the Door of Life – 5 minutes – connection with Navel & Soles of the Feet.
  12. Open the T-11 – 5 minutes – connection with Solar Plexus.
  13. Open the Wing Point – 5 minutes – connection with Heart.
  14. Open the C-7 -5 minutes – connection with Throat.
  15. Open the Jade Pillow – 5 minutes- connection with Mideye.
  16. Gather energy by rising palms up pouring down into crown to perineum.
  17. Press & relax tongue to roof of mouth (6x).
  18. Smile moving fingers down slowly to navel
  19. Cover, spiral, and collect the energy at the navel.
  20. Chi Self Massage: Cling teeth (9x), Massage gums with tongue, Gather Salvia & Swallow, Rub hands, Rub face, Palm ears & eyes.

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