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Cosmic Channeling

9 August 2019 /

by Master Chia


  1. Rotate Sacrum: Activates Sacrum Pump – problem because we sit on tailbone.
  2. Spinal Cord Breathing: Activates Cranial Pump, Heart, and Thymus by pushing chin back.
  3. Shake the Tailbone: Relaxes & opens up the Sacrum and Tailbone.
  4. Swatting Down Straight: Sink Down to the ground (Grounding) reaching into the space beyond the earth by using the mind.



  1. Touch navel and make the navel warm connecting with Door of Life.
  2. Lower hands and sacrum down to the feet.
  3. Raise sacrum up with hands on feet and lower back to feet (2x).
  4. Gather energy around feet – touch heels and rise up to Door of Life.
  5. Cut body with fingers back to navel.
  6. Lowers hands to feet connecting with bones and bone marrow (2x).
  7. Gather energy around feet – touch heels and rise up to Door of Life.
  8. Reach hands out to the sides (horizons) and gather chi above crown. (Pull up perineum and close the anus and genitals)
  9. Pour energy down into crown.
  10. Draw hands down to mid-eye and jade pillow.
  11. Draw hands down to heart and wing point.
  12. Draw hands down to navel and door of life.
  13. Draw hands down to heels and raise sacrum.
  14. Draw hands down to feet and rise to door of life.
  15. Rise to the horizons gathering chi over the crown.
  16. Draw hands down to the crown point connecting to the sole of feet.(Hold & project chi to the Energy Body above)
  17. Move hands to mid-eye connecting with the base of the skull.
  18. Move hands to heart connecting with the wing point.
  19. Repeat hands to feet – rise to sacrum (hands on feet) and gather the energy.
  20. Sit down – hands on navel -close genitals open crown.
  21. Soles of feet connecting into the earth – feel hands warm & light into to the navel to the sexual energy (organs).
  22. Hands to heart – Cosmic Inner Smile – Picture love ones creativity sexual energy with warm feeling.
  23. Tongue to palate – press & release (3x).
  24. Expand warm loving feeling – relax & smile.
  25. Hold the Stillness and send the energy down from the empty space to fill the room or the whole class as one Energy Body.
  26. Smile into the Lungs – Spleen – Kidneys – Liver connecting the tongue to the palate feeling the electrical connection.
  27. Hold the Stillness feeling the connection between the Crown,Tongue, and Soles of the Feet, and the Cosmic Forces all around you.
  28. Draw palms at naval & collect energy feeling the naval warming.
  29. Rest – Rub face with Chi charged hands.

Questions: Answer problems and share experiences.

Morning Session (1 hour-9:30-10:30) 1st 3 Six Healing Sounds
Slides of Brain with a Hundred Trillium cells in body & every cell is a energy or oxygen cell.

Breathing: Internal breath into brain (pineal gland) creating a feeling of breathing into the body-brain-heart. Use picture image as a flower breathing deep and long smelling the flower which goes into the brain. The image is the key to the connection to the brain using the breath. Religions are very good at this using Jesus, Buddha, Mary etc., or using a picture of your loved one it in the brain.

Heart Theory: Taoist Master have always dreamed of having anatomy books using a model to work with the cells. An example is a Cancer Tumor which has 2 Billion cells but the body has over a Trillion cells, but you never train the body to destroy them. You are too busy listening to church to destroy them with pray & chanting. That does not work, so you go to the doctors and they cut them away along with other vital body parts, but you never learn to direct the body to destroy them naturally.

Heart & Thymus – activate them by laughing & smiling – sadness suppresses them-now we pay people to make us happy-to laugh-Comedian. Pictures – Baby Thymus is every big.

*Key* Good virtues need to grow-negative feelings grow by themselves like you need to do anything & weeds will go. Simplest way to grow virtues is to laugh. (Thinking in heart(organs) – emotion is the feeling of the organ ). Organ Pictures-Baby lungs-Smoking lungs-Spleen-Kidney-Liver-Sexual organs-anatomy book is the best gift. Eye Muscle connecting to Mouth, anus, sexual organ (splinter (ring) muscles) – Explain sexual anatomy- hormones, Menstrual cycle very important to exercise muscles. Breast & Testicle Massage (Multi-Million Dollar Factory) Exercise: Find 1MM pt.-(1MM$ of Gold-Taoist Master comes to teach) & $1pt (show) Masters & Johnson Book-off the mark use Middle Finger but more force with 2 other fingers.

Cosmic Channeling

  1. Picture Chi Ball at Solar Plexus (Mini Sun).
  2. Sit – Connect with Navel, Crown, Feet, Palms spotlighting to navel warming Tan Tien to Sexual Organs.
  3. Move Palms to Heart – Cosmic Inner Smile- Picture a Love One using respect or admiration and draw up Orgasmic Energy rocking up spine feeling Cosmic Energy all around in 6 directions-smile out into space.
  4. Focus on the room & your body filling them with joy & orgasmic energy into the room & all your organs moving your hands to organs – Lungs (Courage-white), Heart (Joy-red), Spleen (Openness-yellow), Kidneys (Gentleness-blue), Liver (Kindness-green).
  5. Connect with the unlimited energy of the universe which penetrates into the body at all the points and all 3 Tan Tein: Mideye – Jade Pillow, Heart – Wing Point, Navel – Ming Men, Tan Tein – Sacrum with Mind Force (draw in) finally connecting with Chi inside.
  6. Feel your navel warm first & then it will connect with Cosmos. The Mind & Cosmic Energy will merge by mixing them & draw down to Tan Tein to digest & assimilate them healing & balancing the body.

Microcosmic Cosmic Channeling Technique:

  1. Connect with the Earth – Palms down – Draw down deep into the earth.
  2. Connect with the Cosmic – Palms shoulder high – Scapulars drawing the Energy in.
  3. Connect with Horizons – Palms at sides – Draw out into the empty spaces.Connect with Crown – Palms over head – Move middle fingers opening the back crown point.
  4. Connect with Mideye – Palms in front of head – Move middle fingers opening Mideye.
  5. Connect with Tan Tein – Palms in front of Tan Tein – Move middle fingers opening Tan Tein.
  6. Open the Sexual Palace – 5 minutes – connection with Sacrum.
  7. Open the Perineum – 5 minutes – connection with back Crown Point & Soles of the Feet.
  8. Open the Coccyx – 5 minutes – connection with Crown Point & Soles of the Feet.
  9. Open the Sacrum – 5 minutes – connection with Mideye, Forehead & Soles of the Feet.
  10. Open the Door of Life – 5 minutes – connection with Navel & Soles of the Feet.
  11. Open the T-11 – 5 minutes – connection with Solar Plexus.
  12. Open the Wing Point – 5 minutes – connection with Heart.
  13. Open the C-7 – 5 minutes – connection with Throat.
  14. Open the Jade Pillow – 5 minutes- connection with Mideye.
  15. Gather energy by rising palms up pouring down into crown to perineum.
  16. Press & relax tongue to roof of mouth (6x).
  17. Smile moving fingers down slowly to navel
  18. Cover, spiral, and collect the energy at the navel.
  19. Chi Self Massage: Cling teeth-Massage gums-Gather Salvia-Swallow, Rub hands & face, Palm ears & eyes.

Healing Garden of the International Healing Tao Cosmic Healing (9/26/96)

5 Pulses-with Primordial Force
Class Room Teaching – Leading or command is very important
Draw energy in to cover the room & spiral the room (9x) connecting everyone together into one energy body.


  1. Open Spine
  2. Belly Laugh
  3. Connect with Earth Energy with Hands at Sides
  4. Connect with Navel with Palms facing Navel
  5. Connect with Heart with Hands Up under Armpits
  6. Connect with Mideye with Palms facing Out Front – Middle Fingers pointing to Mideye
  7. Connect with Crown with Palms over Head connecting Middle Fingers to Crown Point then to Empty Space
  8. Palms at Heart -Do INNER SMILE connecting with Outside Elements with Organs


  1. Pakua connecting to Light from Front, Back, Right, and Left Empty Spaces
  2. Draw energy from Empty Space Pakua to Sides Pakuas to your Center – you become the Center of the Universe
  3. Kidney (Lake & Mountain) – calmness gathering Will Power in a Blue Ball at the Perineum
  4. Heart (Sun) – feel joy & love expanding in a Red Ball at Sternum
  5. Draw Red & Blue Balls into Front Pakua
  6. Liver (Trees & Plants) – generate control and decision making into Green Ball
  7. Lungs (Mountain & Rocks) contract and compress strength into White Ball
  8. Draw Green & White Balls into Front Pakua
  9. Spleen & Pancreas (Earth) center stability & balance into Yellow Ball drawing into Front Pakua
  10. Fill the Front Pakua with the Universal Forces eliminating imbalances of the Body having the heavy energy move by itself in the Orbit by being aware of the Points, Pressing the Tongue and then relaxing it to activate the Orbit
  11. Open Palms at the Solar Plexus connecting with the Sun filling the Solar Plexus with the Sun radiating to all the Organs
  12. Hold the Chi Ball with Left Palm on Top & become aware of the Sun in The Universe & the Sun inside you


  1. Hands and Arms are really an extension of your aura which is an extension of your energy in the front, back, right, left, top & bottom.
  2. In the Fusion Practice the Inner Pakua connects with all 6 Pakuas out into Space, not from the 4 sides but the 6 directions drawing from all 6 directions front ,back, right, left, top(Crown) & bottom(Soles) to the Center in a Golden Pakua connecting with 8 Forces Mountain, Heaven, Earth, Wood, Wind, Thunder, Water & Fire and drawing in the senses and clicking off to the Universal Chi.

(Churches connect only at certain times because the Church building is dead but the Earth is always moving)

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