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Cosmic Nutrition

9 August 2019 /

by Master Chia

Four foods to help digestion, which should be used in the meals: pinneapple, papaya, grapefruit, & oranges. When drinking water while traveling be careful because water has different bacteria in different locations (salads too).
Don’t eat too much salad (too yin) unless you eat a lot of animal products. Combining oxide acid calcium creates kidney stones: Spinach & Tofu or sour & milk (orange juice & milk). Best way to cook food is by steaming or stir fry: STEAMER OR WOK(Flame high for short time). Cooking for browning but food must remain crisp. Never overcook it creates an acidic food. MSG: suppresses heart & brain functions; can create brain tumors & birth deficits in unborn children (retarded). Japanese & Germans invented MSG as a food additive to draw out more favor in food therefore using less food for the price. Normal daily diet: 70%-50% Grains, 30%-20% Veggies, 5%-10% Animal/bean products. Lack of Vitamin B-12 leads to enigma but it takes 10-15 years. Good source of B-12 is tempi, fish or fermented yeast. In India they add spice (yang) to their meal because vegetables alone are too yin. Baby food should have no salt or sugar just natural pure fruits or vegetables. For calcium cook chicken bones in a soup & give to the baby Instead of milk. You can also use meat stock, green leaf veggies or sea weed soups for milk too. Peel or shell fruit & eggs because skin absorbs water & preservatives (drugs) which are used for shelf life up to 3-4yrs. Brown rice should be eaten for weigh loss & cleaning out stagnate foods (cleansing diet). You cannot digest brown rice so do not feed it to children or old people.


  1. Cooking with a loving heart (Cooking attitudes)
  2. Digestion: Fruits-2hrs; Grains-2-4hrs; Animal products-4-8hrs.
  3. Cutting vegetables determines how they are cooked.
  4. Combining certain foods while cooking brings the flavors of the foods.
  5. Olive oil is too heavy for cooking but is good for salads.
  6. Use corn, safflower, or soy oils for cooking because they are lighter.
  7. Heat for cooking: Charcoal-juicy food; Gas-neutral; Electric-dry food.
  8. Cook to the smell for correct timing & adding foods.
  9. When steaming food chop food in bigger pieces & thinner in stir fry.


  1. We all eat too fast. Slowly enjoy your meal.
  2. Emotional state is important. Eat with joy & happiness in a good environment.
  3. Chew slowly tasting each of the 5 elements activating each organ.
  4. BREAKFAST EAT LIKE A KING (9:00AM-10:00AM)(1st meal should be easy to digest)
    LUNCH EAT LIKE A PRINCE (1:00PM-2:00PM) (4hrs in-between each meal)
  5. Morning meal should be hot food; body is slow to start; it needs to warm up with grain soup or cereal
  6. Eating fried foods (oil in metal) hurts.
  7. Overeating: Eat 1/2 stomach level & double your life. It takes too much energy to digest the food.
    Eat normally not too much just enough.
  8. No liquids with food with exception of thick soups.
  9. Drink no iced or cold drinks; drink only herb tea or hot water.
    You need warmth to digest the food. Rice(only) soup stops diarrhea.
  10. Chinese tea draws out oils, fats & mucus of the body, but it can hurt the heart.Oranges activate lungs.


Eat just enough food is medicine to the body.
Eat too much food is poisonous to the body.


  1. Personal History
  2. pH Balance Theory & Concept
  3. Modern Doctors
  4. Interesting Facts (Books)

WEIGH REDUCTION: When mediating place your tongue between your teeth which burns excess weigh up to 5-10 pounds in 2 weeks and also focus on fatty areas.

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