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Chi Nei Tsang II

9 August 2019 /


By Master Chia


  1. Inner smile aura practice (palming the organs)
  2. Spinal cord breathing
  3. Open the wind gates by balancing the pulses: one side with the other or neck pulse with navel pulse.
  4. Skin detoxification by use one finger technique & the green color to dissolve toxins.
  5. Intestines (emotional): Upper part (heart) impatience & hatred, Right side (liver) anger, Left side (lung) sadness, Middle (stomach) worry, Lower part (kidney) fear.
  6. Lungs: Skin Brushing, Morning chi breathing, Rocking, Releasing lung pts, Venting & Fanning.
  7. Heart: Thumb or knuckle down the sternum releasing emotions.


Winds: When the world moves it creates wind by the changing the temperatures. Food moving internally creates winds in the body. When the energy that does not move, it become trapped & creates problems. Every 2 hours the winds change in the body. We are born with 4 Physical knots at the navel, 1 Emotions knot at the heart & 1 Spiritual knot at the brain. We must eliminate these knobs before we die.

Elbow Technique:

Important to straighten fingers & twist wrist creating a pocket palm releasing & sending the winds through the elbow and out the fingers.

  1. Leg winds (groin)
  2. Navel (breathe) move in 4 directions (0-180-90-180) – rotate the elbow to open the navel releasing the winds.
  3. Spiral with blue/green energy drawing down & out of the toes using the aura with Cosmos Chi Kung (3x).
  4. Open the 8 Wind Gates at the navel (10x) (more effective than finger technique).
  5. Using Cosmos Chi Kung gather the energy at the navel & burn energy with Red light then heal with violet white light.
  6. Open winds in the small intestine releasing them behind the knees (Check abdomen for tightness).
  7. Winds attack the liver & heart in 5 different ways: Navel (gas & heart burn), Liver (elbow into liver under rib cage)causing belching, Heart (knuckle into the rib cage) (Iron shirt arm with connection to knuckle spiralling from body), Lt arm (work down arm to pinkie fingers (heart meridian), Tongue (working up from heart to throat, chin & tongue).
  8. HEART ATTACK POINT: Use back pakua opposite heart with elbow or knuckle on ribs (laying down or sitting).
  9. HEADACHES: Use elbow at the point above the ear on level of base of the skull (side points), & crown points.
  10. Releasing OLD WINDS with elbow at Lower Abdomen area (main gate for the winds), Hip points, Inner thighs, Lower knee point, Lower ankle point, Behind knee into joint, Pelvis & Sacrum 8 points connecting to the light through the crown.


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