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Emotional Wisdom – Compassion and Love

The Smile continues into the Cosmic Six Healing Sounds and they are a key to a loving relationship. Here are added movements, sounds, postures and colors specific to each of the body’s large organs and their associated organs and senses. The practitioner makes contact with the organ’s element by smiling into that organ with gratitude and appreciation and smiling outwardly to the element. These conditions set up a connection between the inner nature and the outer nature. All of the details of movement, sound, etc. are important and perhaps the most important factor is the willingness to “forgive, forget and let go”. Emotional stress can destroy the body’s health. Forgiving, forgetting and letting go are essential in the life long self-healing process. In this way the connective tissue of the organs can settle into a less stressful attitude and the organs are open to receive the renewing energy during a peaceful night’s sleep. If there is a problem with a particular organ, be it physical or emotional, the associated Healing Sound can be applied to great benefit. In bed hug your woman, hug your man. Let there be a loving and sexual atmosphere so that you smile at each other’s Yoni (vagina) and Lingam (penis). And sleep in love so as to wake with a “Good morning her heart” and “Good morning his heart.”

Inner Smile Techniques

The Inner Smile activates the virtues through transformation of the negative emotions such as hatred, resentment, anger, jealousy. The love, kindness, respect, open mind, strength, courage, forgiveness, gentleness, awareness all add up to that greatest human quality, compassion. And this energy is circulated through the Microcosmic Orbit to all the systems of the body. There are specific points along the Orbit’s route and by focusing on these points the energy can be circulated. “Activate the energy, circulate the energy, gather and store the energy” in the tan tien (the corresponding chakra, manipura).

The Smiling Deer begins with the Inner Smile into a self-massage and muscular sexual movement to activate and circulate the sexual energy.  In its benefits this wakes up our libido, and circulates our sex energy through the body’s meridians and channels, helps with ejaculation control and healthy menstruation and menopause and it awakes multi-orgasmic energy for parenthood.  The couple blends their energies heart to heart, sexual organs to sexual organs and mind to mind power. The Smiling Deer is for making our dreams come true. We put our Chi to our determination in our goals, examples: finding our partner, get a good job, to have a beautiful child. Do this 3 times a day to discover your results.

Energy exercises

Chi Kung (energy exercise): rooting, centering and lifting up. This is the foundation practice for strengthening the internal organs and weaving together physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Specific movements and postures promote a strong connection with the earth and the sun, moon, stars (Big Dipper/Ursa Major and North Star). The movements and positions provide fun and pleasure for the couple’s sexual playfulness. She can play on his physical structure and together deepen their trust and openness.

Rebirthing is a technique for visiting one’s birth and healing what needs to be healed around and inside that event. Our conception perhaps is unknown or known to be loving or not. We can rewrite our history creating a scenario of loving, orgasmic conception.

Vivation is an evolution of Rebirthing where the practitioner focusses on making peace with the present moment experience. And enjoying our loving sexuality even more. Increase sensuality.

Thanks to Master Mantak Chia and his Universal Healing Tao System. Marina Dadasheva-Drown is a Spiritual Midwife available for private instruction. Marina teaches the roots of societal healing with great heart and experience. Her Lessons are specialized in instructing those interested in: The Healing Tao – Chi Kung, Healing Love, Fusion. Tantra for singles and couples. Post Birth Teachings – Swimming baby, baby yoga, dynamic gymnastics for baby, Rebirthing for all ages. Breathing Techniques – Holotropic Breathing. Pneumo-catharsis. Colin Drown is Healing Tao Instructor: Meditation, Chi Kung, Healing Love. Tantric Teacher for singles and couples. Vivation & Rebirthing. Available for private sessions.

Marina & Colin also work together for private instruction for couples as well as co- teaching scheduled seminars.

Please join us Sunday mornings for a “bike and hike” to the Lake. Check at Reception.