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Certification Codes

15 November 2019 /

Course System

Next to many of the courses in the System Course Chart and in the Course Description section, you will notice a code letter in parentheses.

The code letter indicates that the course is required as part of an UTC instructor and practitioner training. One or more courses may be required for instructor and practitioner certification for the level represented by the letter. A prospective instructor and practitioner must be experienced and competent in the practices taught in the course. An instructor and practitioner candidate must also demonstrate the ability to teach the related contents of the course to the public.

For example: Cosmic Inner Smile, Wisdom Chi Kung, Cosmic Six Healing Sounds, Awaken Cosmic Healing Energy (Microcosmic Orbit), World Link Meditation and Chi Self-Massage each have the “(M)” code letter beside it. This means that these courses are part of the Microcosmic Orbit instructor certification. New instructor candidates must be proficient in each of these courses. Previously certified instructor must update their training to include the more recent modifications in the courses offered.

The following list shows the codes for UTC instructor and practitioner categories.

Universal Tao Four Branch Healing Arts System – Instructor & Practitioner Certification Key


Universal Tao

Level I

Level II

Level III

AI Associate Instructor
AT Simple Tai Chi Chi Kung
M Certified Instructor
I1 Iron Shirt Chi Kung I
HL Healing Love
Y1 Tao Yin 1
CC Cosmic Cleansing I
TT Tan Tien Chi Kung
T1 Tai Chi Chi Kung I
F1 Fusion of Five Elements I
F2 Fusion of Five Elements II
F3 Fusion of Five Elements III
S Senior Instructor
I2 Iron Shirt Chi Kung II
BM Bone Marrow Nei Kung
Y2 Pakua Palm Tao Yin II
T2 Tai Chi Chi Kung II
T3 Tai Chi Chi Kung III (Wu)
T4 Tai Chi Chi Kung Sword
T5 Tai Chi Chi Kung Stick
T6 Tai Chi (36 Movements)
T7 Tai Chi (108 Movements)
G1 Hsing I

Chi Nei Tsang

Cosmic Healing

Immortal Tao

Level I
C1 Practitioner
Level II
C2 Intermediate Practitioner
C3 Assistant Teacher
CT Teacher
Level III
ST Senior Teacher
Level II
H1 Practitioner
Level II
H2 Intermediate Practitioner
H3 Assistant Teacher
HT Teacher
Level III
SH Senior Teacher
Level II
K1 Lesser Kan & Li
K2 Greater Kan & Li
K3 Greatest Kan & Li
Level II
IS Alchemy Senior Instructor
SF Sealing of the Five Senses
HE Congress of Heaven/Earth
HM Reunion of Heaven/Man



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