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19 November 2019 /

Chelazone Powerful Blood Cleansing

Chelazone Powerful Blood Cleansing Mantak ChiaThe Powerful blood cleansing machine, called Chelazone. This procedure involves the “mixing” of ozone therapy with chelation.

Chelation and ozone therapies have been in use for a very long time and have a track record of being safe and effective.

Chelazone is the use of ozone therapy immediately followed by the introduction of a chelating agent, usually EDTA.

Because of the increase in various functions of the body, it was discovered that chelation is “improved” in its ability to harness toxins (especially heavy metals) by reducing the excessive free-radical production with detoxification (chelation).

Protocol Recommended:

Chelazone Powerful Blood Cleansing

The clinic recommends that you do Chelazone if you suspect or know of heavy metal toxicities or have high levels of the various heavy metals. Other conditions that have shown to be improved with Chelazone are: cardio-vascular disease, Peripheral artery disease, diabetes and its related-conditions, inflammation of various sources, arthritis and so many more.

You can perform this treatment 3 times per week as per standard protocols. If you feel you need more, please consult with the clinic doctor for further advice.

Initially, you are given 1.5 grams of chelating agent after the ozone therapy. It usually takes about 1 hour to administer this amount. Later, you can increase the chelation up to 3 grams infused over 2 hours.

Prior to doing this treatment, your kidney function will be tested to prevent any side-effect from the chelation agent, as it is mainly processed through kidney filtration. This is a simple blood-draw and sent to a local laboratory. If you have a kidney function test within the last 3 months, we can use that instead.

Make sure you are well hydrated days prior to any therapy to promote the detoxification effects. Usually, 1 liter of “free water” (that is, not combined in other juices or teas) will be enough to provide proper hydration levels.

In Conclusion

If you are currently using blood thinners, please notify the staff of such. Typically, there is very little chance of side-effects, but if you have ever had a negative effect from chelation, please notify the staff. Pregnant and lactating mothers are strictly prohibited from this therapy.

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