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Curse of Meat Eating

by Bob Zuraw

The two brothers, Cain and Abel, represent agonistics habits of cereal eaters and those who ate meat. But which one ate what food? Actually, Cain ate meat and Abel cereals. In the biblical story, Cain is planting cereals and Abel sacrificial meat: because god does not appreciate the offering’s of cereal’s, Cain slew Abel. This story has been reversed completely. Abel was the peace loving vegetarian agriculturist. Cain is the sex retural and animal & human blood sacrifice devotee. The serpent race des change the bible scriptures to fit the Babylonian Tulmid.

These facts on the curse of meat come from natural food scientists-not the serpent scientists.

Meat causes – Rheumatism, Arthritis and Gout (uric acid buildup)
Meat causes – cancer – (liver & kidney breakdown from too much protein)
Meat causes – homosexuality in males. (Excessive testosterone over several generations)
(Meat causes masculine homosexual)
Meat causes – masculinity in women – hair on their arms and legs, deeper voice.
Destroys their true feminists and makes them bossy and stubborn. Many women from the back look like boys.
Meat causes – high blood pressure breaks down the blood vessel’s.
Meat causes – heart problems
Meat causes Colitis – meat contains ……. Factitive bacteria
Meat causes excessive uric acid which leads to arthritis, kidney stones gallstones.
Meat causes headaches & far-sightedness, meat together with excess sugar and too much close work cause nearsightedness.

Genesis 9, verse 4 – “but flesh with the life there of, which is the blood there of, shall we not eat” as there can be no flesh without blood, the prohibition is clear. Somebody, therefore to overcome good law, suggested washing off the blood (all nonsense) Leviticus – 1, verses 22-23 “and the lord spark into Moses, saying, “speak onto the children of Israel, saying we shall eat no manner of fat, of ox, or of sheep or of goat.

Leviticus- 7 – verse 26, “Moreover we shall eat no manner of blood, whether it be, of fowl of beast, in any of your dwellings.” (Daniel ate strictly, he refused the kings rich food and choose to live on vegetables and grains)

Daniel ate strictly. He refused the kinds rich food and chose to live on vegetable and grains.
The serpent scientists are telling vegetarians to eat soy products – another cursed food.

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