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Diagnostics Program

Laboratory Tests

Lab tests are available on an individual basis, if advised or necessary, including, routine and disease specific blood tests and ECG evaluation.


Darkfield Live Blood Analysis

Time (Minutes): 10
Price (Baht): 1,900

Blood is taken and viewed “alive” under a specialized microscope. From the darkfield, we can see the following: pH imbalances, possible mineral deficiencies (not the level of deficiencies), oxidative-stress, detoxing burdens and congestion of certain organs. The darkfield is used to assist the doctor in making the best possible diagnoses and recommendations for therapies/diet or lifestyle improvements.


Bio-terrain Assessment

Time (Minutes): 30
Price (Baht): 2,000

Looking for key “bio-markers,” we can determine the state of the fluid not seen with a darkfield analysis of the blood and from the data, and plan a program that will allow you to best improve your health. The fluids tested are urine and saliva, which reflect the state of blood and lymph respectively. We test for conductivity, oxidative stress, surface tension, specific gravity, physiological manifestations of fluid imbalances and sugar.

Aura Bio-electrographic Evaluation

  • Time (Minutes): 30
  • Price (Baht): 1,700

An evaluation of systems, organs and emotional stresses of the body is done through the use of an Aura Camera and a computerized display. You will receive a complete aura picture, a physical & emotional evaluation of the body’s organs and systems, and a chakra diagram showing the distribution of energy in the body’s seven energy centers.


Capno Trainer

  • Time (Minutes): 30
  • Price (Baht): 1,500

This device measures how much CO2 you are breathing out. From this measurement we can determine if you’re breathing optimally and, if not, guide you in the proper breathing techniques. Poor breathing has been linked to hypertension, insomnia, diabetes, muscle stress and many more disease patterns.


Max Pulsewave Analysis (MPA)

  • Time (Minutes): 30
  • Price (Baht): 1,200

The MPA provides information about the arterial wall stiffness and the blood flow condition.

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