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Exercises to Establish Internal Vision

by The Professor

Traveling through the Body

The best way to practice learning internal vision is through deep relaxation exercises that include what is called traveling through the body.
First, lie down and loosen all tight clothing. Deep breathe and relax. Try it again. Now take a deep breath and tense your whole body as tightly as you can. Hold your breath; then breathe out and let all the tension go. Do it again. Now repeat the tension-breath exercise, but tense your body only half as tight, equally all over the body. Breathe out and let go.

Now, take a deep breath, and relax as you let it go. Repeat three tunes without tensing your body. Visualise the tension oozing off your body like thick honey onto the surface beneath you. Feel your heart slow down to a nice, slow, healthy beat.

Now, imagine yourself very tiny, like a point of light, and enter your body wherever you choose. Your tiny self flows to your left shoulder, relaxing all the tension as it goes. Your tiny self flows down your left arm and into your hand relaxing all the tension with a slight tingling sensation, warmth and energy. Your left arm is heavy and warm. Now your tiny self flows back up your left and down into your left leg relaxing all the tension there, then up your left leg into your right leg and back up into your right arm. Your whole body is heavy and warm. Now you begin to explore your body systems with your tiny self. Enter your heart and follow the blood as it is puciped through your body. Does that system look well? Does it feel healthy? Now, travel through your lungs and look at the lung. Go into your digestive organs. Follow the course that food takes as it enters your body. Go from your mouth down your esophagus into your stomach. How does it look? is it getting enough energy? Is it balanced in the amount of digestive enzymes it needs? Now, foflow the food out of your stomach into the lower stomach, then into the small intestine, and then into the large intesine. If there is any place in your body that you are concerned with, send the tiny self into that area with love and energy. Take a good look at that area. If it is lacking in anything, let your tiny self do something about it. If it needs to becleaned out, clean it out. If it needs energy, let the tiny self send it energy.

In Conclusion

When you have satisfied yourself with the exploration and care of your body, allow the tiny self to grow to your normal size and merge with your real self. You can return to this type of self-exploration any time you wish. Bring yourself back to a normal state of awareness, but allow yourself to remain deeply relaxed, self-confident and aware. You have been scanning your own body.

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