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Diamond Bone Breathing

By Master Chia

Master Mantak Chia’s Darkness Practice
Transcribed and Edited by Dennis Huntington

Spinal Cord Breathing:

Let’s do Spinal Cord Breathing first. Spinal Cord Breathing-when you have no time to go to the gym or no money to buy the machines.


Let’s shake the body loose. Shaking is like a poor man’s steak-but you don’t have to eat steak. Shake your testicles loose. Shake your lumbars loose. Shake your whole spinal cord and your neck, your shoulders and your wrists loose. Shake your knee joints and your ankle joints loose.

Gentle Rocking, Joints Open and absorbing Chi into Bones:

Rest. Just very relaxed, loosen your knees and lightly sink down from your kua. Very gentle, sink down and feel your body rocking from the toes to the heels. Very gentle rocking. Now feel your feet very big, very long, and extended down into the ground to the center of the earth. Your armpits lightly open and your hands extended very long down into the ground-very, very long, down into the ground. And the joints are big and open: the chi is absorbing into the joints. This is so important! I want you to realize that. You visualize that and you actualize that because your mind is connected with every part of your body-the energy, the chi and everything are real. You make the visualization into actualization. It is extremely important that you always think that your bones are very big, long, and that the joints are open and the chi is absorbing into the bones. The chi is absorbing into the bones!

Pack and Compress, Fluid Absorption and Tense without Tensing:

Pack and compress the chi into your bones, and pack and compress the chi into the joints. Feel the fluid absorb the chi, and yoo-uu-p-p-p-tense without tensing. Very important feeling: tense without tensing. That means that the fluid becomes expanded, just like in a hydraulic or air brake-air cushions. You know, I’ve seen them lift up some big, heavy things. In America, they have one that has a wheel and a bubble on top; you insert them under a heavy thing, and you pump the air in. That lifts the heavy things up, and you just roll them-that’s all. That is air pressure, the chi pressure.

Now, feel the spinal cord very big, very long and extended to the universe. Your disks are open: breathe the chi into the disks. Feel the disks are soft and moist and filled with chi. Lumbars, thoracics, and cervicals-all the disks in the spine-filled with chi. The joints of the shoulder, the elbows, the wrists, the fingers-all your chi goes into your joints. Very important! The whole thing is, you must feel your joints open-especially your femur joints, knee joints, ankle joints; these are all pressure points. If you don’t have enough fluid and enough chi in the joints, you wear your body down, terribly wear it down.

Joints, Tendons and Ligaments:

Now be aware of the joints, the tendons and the ligaments. Just smiling into the joints, tendons and ligaments in your shoulders, your elbows, and your wrists: feel they are soft like rubber-moist and soft like rubber. Like mud! Like mud, very soft. Like rubber, good rubber-elastic, soft and moist! Your spinal cord tendons: there are so many tendons and ligaments that pull the spine together. Feel them soft and tender like mud: very soft and elastic. Your hip joints-all tendons are loosened. Your femur joints, your knees, your anklebones and your feet! I tell you, if you are willing to pay a little bit of attention in all these tendons and joints, and feel chi absorbing into the bones! Feel your body so big, so big, so big-extending down to the universe and extending up to the universe. You are extending up through the sky and your spine is extending up through the universe!

Absorbing Cosmic Orgasm and Unconditional Love-the Cosmic Compassion:

Now let’s sit down, and be aware of the compassion in your heart. Be aware of the orgasm arousal feeling within you. Just recall the experience that you have had before. Expand this compassion and orgasm into the universe to join and combine with the cosmic orgasm and unconditional love-the cosmic compassion. See these two energies as yin and yang forces combined together to become one energy. Combined to become one energy-love and sex combined to be one energy. Feel your body to be so big, so long again, and the bones are hollow. Feel this cosmic orgasm, unconditional love and compassion energy absorbing into the bones. Absorbing into the bones…pack and compress into the bones…absorb into your bones.

Absorb Infrared Light:

Hair like Hundreds of Thousands of Tiny Antennas; Now smile to the universe, and see the infrared light. Be aware of your hair from your head like one hundred thousand antennas extended to the universe…tiny little antennas extended to the universe. Hook up into the infrared light. Your eyebrows, your eyelids, your nose hair, your facial hair all extended to the left and right universe, hooking up to the universe. Feel the tiny antennas extended to the universe…your armpit hair extended down to the earth and down to the universe below. Your pubic hair extended down to the earth and down to the galaxies below. Breathe to the hair, absorbing all light. Be aware of the whole of your body hair and hair pores open-every hair pore, like a nose and mouth, are breathing. Every hair pore-there are hundreds of thousands in the body-their tiny little nose and mouth are breathing. Their hair is extended to the whole universe: above, below, front, back, left and right. Inhale and exhale; feel like you are drawing the chi into you.

Melt Fat in Bones with Infrared Light-Sacred Water; Absorb Cosmic Compassion and Orgasm; Blend and Create Marrow. Feel the infrared light go into the bones and melt the fat. Melt the fat that is stored in the bones that have no more marrow. Spiral and wrap around, lightly contract and squeeze them into the bones. Be very gentle-very gentle about the muscles. You can work on your arms and your legs first. Because those places are empty now: no more marrow, but are storing fat. Feel that all the hairs are extending to all of the universe, absorbing the cosmic orgasm, cosmic compassion and unconditional love-so beautiful! A very important part is that you have to maintain the feeling in your Tan Tien, maintain the feeling of the orgasm and compassion in your heart and your sexual organs. Feel that the fat is being melted and the cosmic orgasm and cosmic compassion are being absorbed into the holy water that has been melted. Blend them together, creating them into a marrow. …

Spiraling to Crystallize the Bones:

Now very slowly, we are going to crystallize the bones by drawing the cosmic orgasm and compassion energy into the bones, wrapping around the bones-and drawing the infrared light into the bones and wrapping around the bones, absorbing into the bones. When you feel the bones are filled with compassion, orgasm and infrared light, keep on spiraling in the bones.

Squeeze Muscles:

We are going to squeeze the muscles, one by one, from the arms to the legs. Squeeze the muscles so that it feels like cotton wrapped around steel. Compact and compress the chi into the bones.
Breath Out: Suction In. Inhale…exhale: flatten down your stomach, hold your breath out, suck your stomach in and feel your sexual organs sucked in, feel a suction in your muscles, lightly squeeze your muscles into your arm bones and into your legs. Hold it; hold it; hold it. Feel hot; feel hot, and hot into your bones. Keep on spiraling, and compress the infrared light and the cosmic orgasm into your bones. Inhale…and exhale. Keep on breathing-in the cosmic orgasm, compassion and infrared light into the bones. Little by little, feel the bones turn to crystal: now all diamond….

Hipbones and the Spinal Column:

Now, we’re going to go up to the hipbones and the spinal column. Inhale…exhale. Suck in your stomach: inhale without inhaling, pull up the stomach, stop your breath but suck in. Feel your sexual organ and feel the suction in your skin and squeeze the muscles in your arms, your legs, around your hipbones and your whole spinal column. Squeezing more, suck in more. Squeezing more, spiral. Spiral, pack and compress chi into the bones and spinal column. And inhale…exhale. Feel the chi coming out-when you exhale, feel the chi come up to the skin and stop there, not going out through the pores of the skin. Inhale and exhale; inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale, breathing into your bones; smile. Very gentle smile, feel the chi absorbing into your bones. Infrared light and cosmic orgasm into your bones, and crystallize your bones into diamonds.

Ribcage, Sternum and Skull:

Inhale…exhale. Flatten-down your stomach and inhale without inhaling. Sucking in…feel the suction into your bones. When you get the suction in your Tan Tien, the abdomen and your sexual organs suck up-you feel the suction in the throat. Squeeze arms, legs, spinal column, ribcage sternum and your skull. Suck in more…. If you cannot-release a little bit, inhale-suck in more…sqz-z-z-z…sqz-z-z-z…. Feel the chi come out, generate electricity from the bone and a magnetic field come out from the bones, but don’t let it get out from your skin. Just under the skin! Feel the heat and electricity that are generated in the bones. Breathing, very gentle breathing: infrared light, cosmic orgasm, cosmic compassion and unconditional love energy. There is so much abundance of all this energy in the universe, and when we multiply ours with it, we have so much inside us! You must maintain your Tan Tien. You must feel the orgasm and compassion inside you.

Charge Kidneys:

Now cover your kidneys. Be aware of your soles, rub your hands warm and cover your kidneys…feel your soles touching the ground. If you want to lie down, you can lie down. Touch the ground. Smile and relax into your kidneys and your soles. Feel your soles and your toes like twelve branches extended down into the ground and passing down into the galaxy below you. Feel the energy coming up from the earth up to the bubbling spring. Up from the bubbling spring and come up to the bones, up to your kidneys. The more you are aware of your soles, the more you feel your kidneys are being charged.

Pain and Soreness:

Some of you may feel some pain or some soreness in the kidney area. When you are aware of your soles, the energy coming in, the pain and soreness becomes warm. Sometimes when you have pain in the kidneys, it is so painful when you think about the soles of your feet. It’s because the chi, the healing power from the ground, is coming up and pushing through your pain and sickness and healing them. It can be very painful, I tell you. Sometimes you feel that you cannot take it, but when it has pushed through it and the pain is gone, the weakness in the kidneys starts to heal. It’s just amazing, you know.

Kidneys control the Bones;

Pulsing, Breathing and Pressure on the Crown and Mid-Eyebrow: Another indication is that you feel a lot of pulsing and breathing and pressure on the crown and the mid-eyebrow. And your whole brain is actually pulsing, especially the back part of your brain. The fingers of both hands touching your navel-extend your fingers very long back to the kidneys, activating the kidney energy. When you breathe into the kidneys and you feel the bubbling spring from the ground come up to your bubbling springs in soles. More energy comes up into your kidneys and charges up your crown, and starts to go into your bones. The kidneys control the bones.

Clench Teeth:

Let’s clench the teeth: you can do nine to thirty-six times each. On your left side, clench your teeth nine times…middle…right. Continue to feel your kidneys being charged and the chi being absorbed into all the bones.

Sacrum controls Bone Marrow:

Now touch your sacrum and project your sacrum very big, very long. Extend it down to the ground, and the nerves have twelve branches extended to the ground below you. The eight holes of the sacrum have a nose and mouth, and they are breathing chi into your bones. The sacrum controls the bone marrow.

Charge Spinal Cord Fluids:

Temple Bones Pulsing, Third Eye open: Feel the chi running in your spinal cord fluids. Chi actually charges into your spinal cord fluids. Make the spinal cord fluids become more ‘alive’: more active, more vitality. Feel tremendous energy flow in your whole spine, and up into your brain. Feel temple bones breathing and pulsing, and your third eye is open.

Mix Energies in Brain and Brain Fluid:

Create more Spinal Cord Fluid: Your third eye is open. Also feel your fluid in your spinal cord is being charged with chi and energy. Breathe in the infrared light. Feel your third eye open and the infrared light comes in and spreads very fast in your brain. Especially spinning very fast in your crystal room. Smile in the cosmic orgasm, cosmic compassion and unconditional love into the brain and the brain fluid. Let this energy fill them, start mixing and creating more spinal cord fluid, the holy water-melted.

Bones charged by Forces and Energy: Greatest Storage Capacity: The bones: feel the fluid, the bone marrow in the sternum, the ribcage, the spinal column, the hipbones are floating-are charged by forces and energy. Go back to your Tan Tien and collect your energy there. Be aware that your bones also can store a lot of chi and energy. Once your bones are open and activated, you can store so much energy, tremendous energy-more than the Tan Tien. But you need to clean them, and you need to melt them-the fat out.

Rest. … Let’s get up. That is the major part of the bone breathing.

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